Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I Have a Computerache!

I realize I have been missing in action since before the Fourth of July, which we all know was MY BIRTHDAY. It was great, thanks for all the well wishes! Well, the reason for my absence is our computer, the lifeblood of my blog, went BELLY UP! It just quit working and we don't get know why. So Mommy is trying to GET something out to you all via her Kindle Fire. It is slow going compared to typing on a full keyboard. Not only that, but all of the BIRTHDAY pix are still residing in phones, cameras, and in emails and this Fire does not have the memory to down!glad them. So while the Roomba roads in the distance, I decided to do a quick update for you to let you know

I'm STILL here
I'm still your NUMBER ONE fan

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

SPICY But Mild

I Got your attention, didn't I? I notice when someone says S-P-I-C-Y that folks ears' perk up and they pay more attention. Maybe it is that prurient delight received when somepuggy else burns their tongue on very SPICY food? I dunno. I am simply playing with you because I am gonna talk weather with you.

I know some of my peeps are sweltering in unbearably HOT weather like it was here a month ago. And I also know some peeps have had RAIN and even some COLD weather (like that weird hail storm in Guadalajara, Mexico). I feel for you, I really really do. But I gotta say, my NORCAL weather is nothing short of perfect these past 3-4 weeks. Mommy #1 says it reminds her a lot of her childhood when the weather was a little cooler and they would MAYBE have a heatwave once or twice in late August or mid September. And that "heatwave" was with temperatures in the NINETIES and not the triple digits of my lifetime.

Back then Summer days were high seventies with cool sea breezes in the afternoons as the fog moved into the coastal areas. And THAT is exactly the kind weather we have been having in June and now July. And I gotta say . . . it is so wonderful for me, a PUG. I can go outside any time of the day and it is comfortable for me to wander around and take in the smells. I am not panting a lot even in AC like I do on really HOT days. So I really just wanted to BRAG about that. Is it wrong? Am I creating wicked KARMA for myself bragging when I know you all are SUFFERING?

I can't help it.

I just think I am ONE LUCKY PUGGY.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Welcome New FURiends and We Had a Photo Session!

Hello FURiends. I have lately noticed a small up-ticking in my FURiends List. It has been a while since this has happened and I gotta say, I am jumping for JOY because of it. You see, I love BLOGVILLE and the community it has grown. It has been very distressing to see my followers numbers tick down (mostly due to Blogger shenanigans) or stay stagnant. WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME?

Because, I loves loves loves my followers and FURiends. So thank you all for following me. And if I don't often comment on your blogs, please forgive my MOMMY. It is all her fault for prioritizing her JOB over her PUG. As if there really should be a choice.

Anyhow, on Lulu's LAST day at Casa de Noodles my Cousin E decided to take some photos of us. I loves when she does this because (1) I am so cute and (2) she ENCOURAGES us with ample treats. I will literally do anything for a treat. So she took us outback because she says OUTSIDE has the best light. And right now, our yard is filled with so much beauty from the flowers to the garden to the fruit trees. . . it is perfect and this is the proof

Noodles "Lady Liberty"



Didn't she CAPTURE us completely? I mean, could I look MORE GORGEOUS or Molly more angelic? And Lulu really beams in her photo. Good job Cousin E.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday! Oh How I Have Waited For You

I just love the WEEKEND, don't you? I get to spend time with my Mommys (especially right now that university is done for the summer) and sleep in. There are lots of goodies growing in the backyard, too, and when Aunt T is tilling the soil and watering, she shares ripe fruits and veggies with me. I am the official TESTER.

And NorCal weather has been PERFECT PUG weather this week! It's been mildly warm with a cool ocean breeze. I can go outside and wander and NOT ONCE do I get over heated. It is magical.

The only thing about this weekend is we say GOODBYE to our houseguest, Lulu. Her family returns from Palm Springs tomorrow and she will be going home with them. I know she will be so happy to see them, so that makes me HAPPY. But we like Lulu in Casa de Noodles and I am always a little sad when she has to leave.

Is there a REASON for you interrupting my nap?

Mommy, you are 1 step away from a full-on

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Wrapping Up Lulu's Visit - Two More Days

As I am writing this, Lulu and Molly have brought their playtime inside. They were in the backyard running back and forth and barking at birds. They were having a lot of fun. Then THEY asked to come inside and wouldn't you know it? THEY KEPT PLAYING. Up the stairs, down the hall, down the stairs, and so on. I don't know where they get all that energy. I play sometimes. I run sometimes. But you can count to 10 and I will be DONE.

It is hard to believe that Lulu's time with us is almost up. We really enjoy having her here. She pretty much hangs out with Aunt T and sleeps with her. So each of us dogs have a dedicated HUMAN sleep companion and that gives Sunshine the rest of the house for her MIDNIGHT wanderings. Or whatever she does after we all go to bed. She makes a real show of settling down and yawning and play-sleeping just before bedtime. BUT then I hear her lurking around in the wee hours and I know she is only pretending to join the household in night-night time.

ANYHOW, Lulu loves Molly and waits for her to get up in the am so they can play and chit chat. They spend a lot of time near each other. We all do, as a matter of fact - even tho in the photo below Molly is missing.

I can't even think of any downside of a Lulu visit! We get extra companionship and that's fun. And as a bonus, the "Mommy's gone and I am sad behavior" bribery of the first couple of days means we all get extra treats. And believe me, that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Lulu's huMOM returns on Saturday and I know she cannot wait.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Healthier Than SOME Horses

This is ME waiting for the DOGTOR. I was just weighed and my temperature taken. As you can tell, I am NOT HAPPY about having to do those two things. My weight was good - slightly up from all the land sharking I have been doing to Lulu's dish. Nonetheless, my weight is right where the DOGTOR likes to see it and HE was very happy about that.

So then the DOGTOR and Mommy talked about my general well being and things that perhaps were worrying Mommy. Nothing, she said, because I am perfect. But she HAD to mention to the DOGTOR that she, Mommy, was pretty sure it was TIME for a DENTAL - especially since my breaths have been a little stinky lately.

So he checked my chart and SURE ENOUGH I am due for a dental. So that meant BLOOD WORK just to make sure all systems are go for anesthesia. WHATTHA??? I was already going to get some shots and now THIS?

This is me "SMILING" because I was done. BUT not really as I had to still get the BLOODWORK and the shots. And down the road there is that dental. . .

But the good news is I am very very healthy and the DOGTOR agreed that I do not look or act like I am almost 10 years old. But I am. I know this because I was BORN in 2009 on the FOURTH of JULY.  

And this is me SMILING for reals because after the DOGTOR we went shopping for PAWTY supplies for my upcoming TENTH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's That Time of Year of Year Again - DOGTOR Time

This is the face of a NOT-so-happy PUG. Yes, I said it. I am not particularly happy about having to go to the DOGTOR again. It isn't that I dislike MY vet. On the contrary, I kinda like the dude (Dogtor Mundh is sooooo friendly). Nah, I just don't like being weighed (what girl does?) and poked at. And getting shots has NEVER been my favorite thing although I am a good pug when they prick me. Everyone at the office is always so friendly and ACT like they are really happy to see me. In a way, I am happy to see them to because they keep me healthy.

This is a routine visit only but I am pretty sure there will be follow-up. I am overdue for a dental, for one. They will have to put me out for that. While I am under, they will also remove and test a couple of skin tags I have AND cut my claws. Mommy does this regularly so they are not too long but who's gonna turn down a pawdicure? Especially when one is UNDER anesthesia?

So think good thoughts for me. Molly just had hers and she came out of it fine.

Oh, and by the way, there is a MAJOR CELEBRATION coming up next week. More on that later.