Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy PUGGY Halloween!

May the PUG Force be with you

Mrs. Noodles Chewbacca and Miss Tiffy Princess Leia

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goody, Goody, Goody, GOODIES

Tiffy Tippy Toes, Guest Blogger

Like I said in previous posts, Noodles has a BOUNTY of treats around her house. She has been MORE THAN generous by sharing said treats with ME, TIFFY. (She told me to write that in exchange for blog privileges.) The household treat choices often are - CARROTS, SWEET POTATO, PUMPKIN, ASSORTED ORGANIC DOG COOKIES, AND THEIR CHEWY.COM PICK OF THE MONTH!

Her human takes care to only give me the ones she knows my system can handle - like no chicken, no wheat, etc. She is pretty good about that.

This month Noodles and Molly are trying these interesting treats from called SOLID GOLD JERKY TREATS. Noodles wanted to try them because they are JERKY. Molly thought they were made of gold and that intrigued her. Their huMOM said she wanted to try them (ahem, have the DOG and PUGS try them) because the brand, SOLD GOLD, is generally thought to be a very good one.

Here are the FOOD STUFFS these treats are made of:
LAMB, Brown Rice, Oats, Lamb Meal, Tapioca Starch, Lamb Liver, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Salt, Garlic Powder,Cinnamon, Rosemary. Noodles's HUMOM is not too pleased by the Molasses (tasty but unnecessary sugar added) but at least it is a natural sugar with some nutritive value. The rest are A-ONE!

Here are the NOT-so-FOOD-stuffs: Glycerine (would be better if it was natural glycerine otherwise could be synthetic), Natural Smoke Flavor, Phosphoric Acid (emulsifier and color enhancer which is often used to cover up inferior foods), Potassium SorbatePotassium (A preservative. Most preservatives are better left out of food and Potassium Sorbate is no exception), Mixed Tocopherols, while being natural ingredients are nonetheless BY-PRODUCTS of vegetable oil production. That said, Mixed Tocopherols are a NATURAL anti-oxidant preservative.

According to Whole Dog Journal, top quality pet foods should NOT contain these and I am inclined to agree. We pugs have enough health issues without our treats adding to them!

I am surprised that SOLID GOLD, which has a holistic health care mission statement, would include the less than good ingredients. But they are low on the list so maybe it was a lesser of evil thing? I would feel better buying more in the future should these ingredients come out of the recipe.

But we liked them. . . . a lot.

NOODLES'S HUMOM has a few words to add -
The pugs especially liked this treat. The cat liked the treat. Molly the non-pug liked it just okay. BUT I did not like the feel of this treat (soft and pliable, like a rubber band) nor the smell (not quite natural). In very limited quantities I would serve this one. But that is about all. There are some other treats I would not hesitate to give to the girls; but this is not one of them.

*Not one of us were paid for our opinions. Nor were we FED specific opinions to include in this review. We were FED these treats, provided free of charge to us by for the SOLE purpose of gaining our honest opinion. This is our opinion and only our opinion.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rockin' the Homework Song - Lyrics by Tiffy

(sung to the tune of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll")

I saw her walking in with her homework bag
I knew she needed help by the way she sag'd
Calc and Chem and Comp
Hey Homework, watch me chomp
And I could tell her it won't be long till we're done, yeah
And I could tell her it won't be long till we're done, yeah, yeah

Singing, I ROCK homework style
So grab another book from the pile, baby
I rock HOMEWORK style
So come, grab your 'puter and study with me

( repeat as needed)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Tiffy! Wanna Play Dress-Up?

It was FUN at first. Then Noodles pulled out this rack of a ZILLION different costumes and my Sweet Tiffy Mouth hit the floor! I couldn't decide if I was in HEAVEN or not. . . .

All of a sudden, after the 10th costume or so. . . it seemed more like PURGATORY than HEAVEN.

It COMPLETELY disintegrated from there

So Noodles. . . WHY do I always have to be the ELF?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

California Groovin' With Tiffy

California Dreaming. . . .

Hi all. Tiffy, again.
This is the life! There is always so much todoing around this place that I am never bored and never starved for company. I miss my 'rents and my own home, don't get me wrong - but aside from all that, a vacation at Casa de Noodles is really a treat.

Speaking of treats, I have had some good ones. Sid, you are SOOOOO right about Noodles having a bunch of DELISH treats at her house. The variety is amazing. Not that we get a lot of treats because, as any regular reader knows, Noodles is always watching her waistline. I savor those times we do get treats because they are amazing. Last night we had steamed sweet potato. It was still a little hard, not crunchy, though. Oh so sweet. I could have eaten it all. Then there are these JERKY TREATS that Noodles and Molly are testing for . . well they can't beat my DAD'S homemade jerky but they are mighty fine eating.

Yesterday was so lovely and warm that we spent a lot of time outside. I like to sun and there were ample places I could recline and shine. Noodles also likes to sit in the sun but she is much less obvious about it than I am.

I triple dog dare you to find me

Molly, being the somewhat free-spirit that she is, was no where to be found (by the camera). Truthfully she was also reclined, under the magnolia tree. It was just that kind of day where outside was the place to be.

When it was time to go inside, I had some difficulty finding the door. See, my eyes do not adjust to the change from light to dark too well and I was totally flummoxed as to where the door opening was. I stood there for a minute trying not to panic when out of the door comes Molly. She walked up to me and nudged me a little with her nose. I looked at her like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MOLLY? Well, she walked around to my backside and nudged me again - very gently, mind. She did that a couple of more times until I found myself in front of the door! That, dear readers, is a real FURiend.

This is Noodles but you can
easily imagine it is me