Thursday, May 26, 2016

Four Years in the Making . . .Twenty-Five Years in the Making - Yesterday was PRETTY Big!

Last night my Mommy #1 graduated from high school. It seems like only yesterday that she graduated from elementary to middle school and here she is, on the cusp of her college years. She has worked so hard and the commitment totally paid off. Her grades are stellar and she got into all of the colleges she applied to (waitlisted for one). 
I am very very very proud of my Mommy. I keep telling her so, too.
We are having a party on Saturday and close to 50 people will be attending. I don't know if they will all come at once. I plan to be on my best behavior since some of these people have never met me. Most have, though.

At the same time as my Mommy #1 was graduating, the San Jose Sharks were playing the St. Louis Blues in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. If the Sharks could win, they would move on to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in their 25 year history. In fact, up until this year they hadn't made it THIS FAR! So I stayed home from the graduation ceremonies to watch the game. It was exciting from the first puck drop. And guess what - THE SHARKS WON!!!! OmiPUG! The rest of the family got home in time to watch the last quarter and let me tell you, there was a LOT of celebrating in our home!!!!

With all this excitement around me you'd think I'd be a bundle of nerves, huh? Nope. This is what I am doing today and what I hope to do tomorrow while the rest of the household cleans and preps

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Song of My People

Noodles: Molly what the HAY?

I sing for my people
I sing for me
I sing for that stranger
Looking at me

Noodles: I wish she'd stop already

Little girl across the street
I sing for you
Man walking to his own beat
I sing for you

Noodles: Maybe no one will see me here

Hey you in the red car
Listen to me
I'm singing a song
That's just about me

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dress up for Whitley

I am joining Blogville and dressing up for sweet Whitley. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 5 and we are honoring her memory with fancy dress. As you know, I do this a lot.

So I rummaged through my closet for my BEST LOOKS and this is what I came up with.

For Whitley

Friday, May 20, 2016

It's a Whale of a Tale

Gather around children and let me tell you a tale of the Great Blue Whale that was seen right off the coast of MONTEREY. This is a rare sighting - it is unusual for these shy cetaceans to stay on the surface so long - plus they tend to hang out in deeper water. But this year is a special year all along the Pacific coastline, thanks to El Niño. Warmer water has meant an explosion in krill and anchovies and this is exactly what marine life like whales, dolphins, and seals eat. Lately the news has been filled with video of Orcas stalking and dining on seals, dolphins and baby whales. There has been video of dolphin pods racing through Monterey and Half Moon Bays. And last week there were a couple of PODS of humpback whales INSIDE the San Francisco Bay. . . on MY SIDE of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is rare rare RARE as Humpbacks are normally much further out to sea.
But I think NOTHING compares to the sight of a BLUE WHALE. It looks like there are two whales feeding BUT look again - it is ALL ONE whale.
Enjoy this video of the spectacular Blue Whale.
Happy Weekend everypuggy!

Thanks you and Noodle and Mochi's Mom for sharing this incredible video.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just Call Me Fluffy

Can you see how Fluffy I am?

Two days ago Mommy said "Noodles you smell like pee." I looked at her like she was outta her human mind because (1) I am way past pee-episodes and (2) I smelled like a regular dog to me. I sniffed the AIR around me just to make sure. But she was busy so it was quickly forgotten.

Later that night I caught Mommy sniffing the Air around ME! "Noodles," she said while wrinkling her nose like a rabbit, "You smell YEASTY, like bread RISING." I do? I said back at her. . . and you know, I think she was kinda right this time cuz my tummy had been grumbling and singing about being HUNGRY. And I had just eaten. And I had been thinking of asking for some nice freshly baked bread. . . "Well this can't be a good thing," she said. "I'll make sure to give you a bath in the morning and see of we can stop what ever is brewing in those 3 layers of fur."

Fast forward to the next day (yesterday) and Mommy is stuck at her computer working until NEARLY DINNER time. I didn't dare look her in the eye for fear of triggering a BATH memory. I just was not in the mood, you know.

Well after dinner guess what? She remembered and called me to follow her upstairs to the BATH. I did it because I am a good puggy. Then she starts the water running and drops the shower head down to pug-LEVEL. We have one of those flexible showers that can be a head or hand shower. For cleaning PUGs, especially during a drought, it is prime. No need to fill a tub of water.

She thoroughly WETTED me with the nice warm water and then turned the water off. I thought I was done and started to do my GOOD DOGGY thing and climb out. "No you don't, little girl," Mommy said. "you still need soap." So she soaped me. . .  soaped me good. . . soaped me thoroughly and completely until every NOOK and CRANNY was dripping with thick white suds. Then she turned the water back on and rinsed me off until the water not only STOPPED looking black with dirt, but also stopped showing suds. And then she rinsed me once more.

Then she stopped the water again and told me to shake (she closed the shower door on me). FINALLY she let me jump out into the big fluffy towel she had waiting. She did what she could - at best she got the DRIPPING to stop. Then she SET LOOSE THE BEAST - me. I ran like a crazy PUG throughout the house upstairs and downstairs.

Sometime later I was dry but when I looked in the mirror to inspect my shiny COAT, I noticed something else. I was FLUFFY. Like. . .  Molly fluffy without the curl! I am thinking perhaps Mommy should have added CONDITIONER to the rinse?

Hopefully the wild fur is NOT here to stay. Until then, just call me FLUFFY.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Second Verse, the Same as the First - Only THIS Time for Dogs

The box referred to in Monday's post contained two kinds of foods - the afore-reviewed Cat Food (Now Fresh Senior formula) and a box of weird shaped containers of Natural Balance LID (more on that later). This was from the MAY NEWSLETTER that we get from Ms. Sydney each month. It is filled with wonderful choices of products to review and we spend MINUTES poring over them and choosing.

We had a hard time limiting ourselves to one item but Mommy insisted she cannot juggle too many reviews so we picked the LID. Why? Because the LID stands for Limited Ingredient Diet and is especially for (1) dogs with dietary restrictions; (2) dogs with allergies; and (3) picky Molly-type eaters. Sounded like a good challenge so we ACCEPTED it.

Because I am not too keen on fish (I will eat it but just not as excitedly as chicken) we chose the Chicken and Sweet Potato one. It sounded like a win-win to me. Here is what it contains straight from the horse's (in this case mouth:

Chicken, chicken broth, sweet potato canola oil

That's four but WHO'S COUNTING? Well. . . then there was a bunch of other things listed

guar gum, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavor, salt, calcium sulfate, potassium chloride, minerals (zinc glycine complex, iron glycine complex, copper glycine complex, manganese glycine complex, sodium selenite, potassium iodide), vitamins (vitamin e supplement, niacin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin a supplement, riboflavin supplement, vitamin d3 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, beta-carotene, vitamin b12 supplement), choline chloride, carrageenan

Some of these are thickeners, some are minerals and vitamins and maybe one is a naturally occurring preservative (vitamin e acts as a natural preservative). So even though that is technically more than THREE INGREDIENTS, the truth is the bulk of this food is REAL MEAT PROTEIN and REAL SWEET POTATO. That is really really special.

The package arrived pretty close to dinner time so we got to try it RIGHT AWAY! I was happy dancing all over the kitchen and then Molly joined in and we got a CONGA LINE going. Sunshine was the last to join us but she completed the line and we danced and danced until our bowls were filled (that's a metaphor because our bowls are NEVER full! One-fourth of a cup does not fill any bowls big enough for our heads).

Then we got to FINALLY eat the Natural Balance LID Chicken and Sweet Potato. One tub was split THREE WAYS because we never eat just canned food. Why, you ask, was it split THREE ways when one of the THREE is a CAT? Simply because it is high protein and REAL MEAT. That means it is good for cats as well as dogs because CATS need higher protein than dogs. So when we get REAL MEAT, Mommy always includes Sunshine when doling out toppings. She's be a ROYAL pain in the butt, otherwise. Molly prefers soft food probably because her teeth are so week (a Maltese trait). I prefer a little CRUNCH, myself. The next time we tried the food, though. Mommy gave us our portion of Natural Balance LID alone and then gave us all our kibble. We thought we got an after dinner treat! That was exciting. You guessed it - we loved it just as much.

In summary, we'd like to tell the COURT that we loved the food. We all quickly ate the food. We all begged for MORE of the food. So this COUNSELOR concludes that SAID food is of fine quality and flavorful demeanor and is worthy of consideration of a FOUR PAWS UP times THREE.

*We were not paid for this review. That is not to imply that ANYONE is negligent in their accounts payable, that is. We did not ASK for nor were we given any moneys for this review. All of the opinions are our own without suggestion nor prompting from anyone save Mommys #1 and #2. We did receive a quantity of the product sufficient enough for us to taste, test and develop and opinion of it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feeling Frisky and by THAT I Don't Mean Friskies®


Good day FURiends. It is I, Sunshine the Cat, here to fill you in on some FOOD I have recently tested. It came from our friends at, so we already can surmise that it is some pretty good STUFF.

Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food provides the special nutrients and proteins that cats of a mature nature, like myself, need. According to the website, NEW FRESH provides

  • Grain and gluten-free recipe
  • Balanced proteins and fats to promote an active lifestyle
  • Omega oils to promote skin and coat health
  • Pre and probiotics to support healthy digestion
  • Added taurine to support vision and heart function
  • Antioxidants to support increased immunity

This is all well and good but what does it mean ingredient-wise? Well the antioxidants can be found in berries, fruits and veggies such as peas, spinach, cranberries, pumpkin, blackberries, alfalfa sprouts, kelp, lentils and carrots. Antioxidants are important because they boost the body's natural immune system. It keeps me healthy and moving - two important things for an older feline such as myself.

The protein comes from 100% fresh turkey, salmon and duck - no byproducts or "meal" to fluff up the protein count without really adding to the nutrition of the food.

Finally, coconut and canola oils contribute Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are important to maintaining a healthy coat and strong joints.

But, FURiends, the proof of all this is in the food itself. Is it tasty so finicky ME won't reject it after 2 days? Is it easy to serve and easy to eat? Does it digest well (poop test, ahem)? Does it improve the overall appearance of the pet? 


Well, YES, it most certainly did and does. I love the texture of the small round kibble bits. They are easy to scoop out and eat (my patented method for eating). They stay sufficiently fresh over the course of my morning so that I do not HAVE to finish my meal in one sitting. I do admit I am downstairs at the stroke of 5pm for my evening meal, but not before as I have in the past. And according to the humans cleaning my facilities, it passes the poop test for whatever those silly humans are looking for! I don't GET that one at all.

I may still walk a little slower and I still don't jump as well as when I was a kitten, but I DO think it has helped loosen up the stiffness a little. And my FUR is amazing! I honestly look 5 years younger because the color and shine make my coat vibrant and healthy.

So if you are an older FELINE, I suggest you try the NOW FRESH senior formula. It is a quality product and will really contribute to your overall sense of well-being. I hear there is a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT formula as well for those of us (NOT me) who tend to the pudgy.

Click this link to BUY your bag of NOW FRESH today.

*Note: We were not paid for this review. We received free of charge a sufficient quantity of food to test the product. All opinions expressed in this review are ours and ours alone.