Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Air Pug

TOMORROW is the big day - V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!!!!
I am packed. . .
I am bathed. . .

This Air Pug flight PU1 ready for Take-Off
Have any of you every flown in an airplane (I mean, JET) before? I haven't. Never. The only traveling I do is where my little feet and Pugsley the car take me. That isn't too far. But you CAN'T get to the islands via paw and car so I must FLY.

I am told I get my own seat. We'll see.

See you in the ISLANDS.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Way More Fun Than Packing

Yesterday was our FURiend Phoebe's 10th birthday. Isn't she lovely?

Photo collage by her HUMOM Susie

Mommys and I drove a ZILLION miles to San Francisco to hang out with Phoebe, Zoey, and assorted Peeps and Pugs. I tell you, it was ALL worth it. The weather was nearly perfect - only occasional wind gusts blowing down the decorations marred the sunny and mild temps. For pugs, it was divine. 

I dressed in my PARTY FINERY and made sure I had a good nap before we got there

We ran around, mostly off leash, enjoying the company of each other as well as the assorted smells everywhere. In attendance were:

Phoebe, Zoey, Me, Tiffy, Bellatrix, Noodle, Mochi, Hanna, Baloo, Gerty, Olive, Ellie, and Angel (a chihuahua)

I am telling you - these are all my favorite PUGS. And best of all, they all brought along MY FAVE PEEPS, their 'rents. I am telling you, it was grand.

Table decor and we each got one of those little

What do your do at parties? Well you stand or sit around and chat, a lot.

And then you EAT!
The humans ate and ate and made yummy sounds BUT we pugs were confined to this

At one point there were 9 of us in the pen with 3 lucky ones wandering. I heard something about begging. Well, I NEVER. . .

Before you knew it, it was time to help clean and head home. It was a long drive, I am told. I slept the whole way.

Happy Birthday Phoebe and many many more.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thinking About Packing

I am sitting around today THINKING about what to pack for my upcoming VACATION. Oh? I didn't tell you? The family is taking a BIG vacation this year in celebration of some major events (16, 18, 21 birthdays; graduation from high school and in 2015 college; and the beginning of university for another. . .) Pretty exciting stuff, HUH?

So I am NOT going to say where we are going because a picture is WORTH a zillion words. So here goes.

*Please see note below

So as you can see, I have a lot to do between NOW and WEDNESDAY. Suffice it to say I am MEGA-excited.

* No, Noodles is not going to Hawaii, but her Mommys are. Hawaii has a quarantine for dogs PLUS it is too hot for her. Her tales will be fantasy - as IF she was actually there. Instead she will be home with a pugsitter getting all kinds of attention AND probably too much food.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

So While Molly Was Leaping and Climbing. . .

I was visiting VENDORS and talking to folks about their products and services. I really had a lot of fun doing so AND BEST OF ALL, I got lots and lots of treats. As you know, I have been BANNED from treats for a while now due to excessive weight. I lost a fair amount when I was sick a few weeks back BUT THAT NEVER seems to be enough. I am still on a TREAT ban. So here was the best opportunity I would ever have to score treats without out Mommy being able to do much about it. After all, she didn't want to be rude and tell people NO, MY PUG IS FAT. How uncool would THAT be? 

Here is my M.O. for scoring vendor treats -

  1. Trot don't walk - enthusiasm wins
  2. Flash those ORBS - if ya got it flaunt it
  3. Sit and wait - be polite. Jumping gets you nothing
  4. Tilt your head when talked to - looking interested is a surefire way to score

Works for me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The FUN Continues

The baseball game was so FUN and EXHAUSTING; but that didn't stop us from heading out on a new adventure the next day.

This time it was Cousin E with Molly and Mommy #2 and me. We met our FURiends Zoey and Phoebe (remember them??) at the Niles Community Dog Show. Niles is a really cool community that dates back almost to the Gold Rush. It is nestled in the hills behind Fremont.

This DOG SHOW is not really a show at all but more of a DOG themed faire. There were vendors there handing out all kinds of cool stuff, like the bandana I am wearing here. It was warm so Mommy put water on this bandana to cool me off.

There were food trucks and Adoption vans. It was really varied and interesting. They had some contests for best costume, prettiest, most unique, and so on. We did not enter any contests, though. They had demonstrations of police dogs at work and athletic dogs catching balls and frisbees. There was a water park for dogs with a zillion pools and sprinklers just to cool down. Yes, I partook of that one with GLEE.

Most intriguing, though, was the agility course where dogs of all skill levels (or none) could test their mettle. Molly and I tried it with some success. Molly did the whole thing which surprised all of us. I did part of it but walked off when faced with going through a tunnel.

Here is Molly doing the in/out -

Zoey and Phoebe are old timers at the Show and they lent their wisdom to me. They said the best strategy is to find a cool spot in the shade and just watch the action. They were so right.

So we settled down with a bowl of water (see that cool collapsible bowl? That was from the baseball game! Cool, huh?) and watched the events from the shade of a big tree.

We stayed there for a few hours enjoying the fun and sun/shade. It was a really marvelous outing.

PeeEss: I did NOT get a hot dog nor a beer at the baseball game. I DID get to sample one of the free treats we received.