Monday, January 26, 2015

Spinning . . . for . . . PRIZES

Unrelated to POST topic
But I like this picture of me

At the Bay Area Pet Expo, there were all kind of raffles and contests and ways to win products. Most of these I don't even bother with BECAUSE I am not known for being particularly adept at these things. Once in a while, though, I take a chance and get lucky.

Such was the occasion at the SPINNING WHEEL. This particular vendor was collecting money for rescues - I think it was for large dogs, like Pit Bulls or GSD. I like all dogs so thought - why not? My cousin C, who is nine years old and human, helped me out. Her first spin was not too good and the pin stopped kind of in-between prizes. So the nice LADY running the spinning wheel let her try again. This time she SPINNED. . .SPUN . . . whatever. . . it really good and I won a COLLAR!

I have a lot of collars; but you know - they are like shoes and a GIRL just cannot have enough collars. I have some to coordinate with most of my outfits. Anyhow, I was very excited when I won a collar and chose red.

Well, look at the collar compared with the sample food.
Those samples are 3 meals worth of kibble! And that
Milk Bone on the right is the biggest one sold.
Well, I am not sure if this Lady actually LOOKED at me because the collar she handed to me was GIGANTIC! If you can gauge just how large it is from this picture. . . It was B-I-G!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it because. . . although it is super cute and red and has little Scottie dogs on it. . . there was no adjusting it to fit me. Plus, it was so heavy I think it easily weighed about half of me and that is a lot of weight for a PUG!

So what was I to do with such a collar? Well, I thought of having a contest. But, I thought, what if a small dog wins? Then what? Then I thought. . . who is going to trust me after it took 5 months to send prizes from the LAST contest I ran?

The solution struck me as I was sitting in the dining room enjoying a ray of sun. . . I can give it to my FURiend who I have NEVER met but whose brotheroid, Louie, once greeted me so exuberantly that I ended up in his MOUTH. . . SUNSHINE!!!!

Anyhow - that is just what I did.

Here is a picture of Sunshine, my FURiend, in her new collar. It looks absolutely lovely with her naturally RED fur. I am so pleased that I thought of her.

Friday, January 23, 2015

More EXPOsure, for sure

And so we continue with our story about Bay Area Pet Expo. . .

I want to apologize for Mommy's lousy photography.
So many fuzzy fotos.

Our next stop was in the main exposition hall. Now that place was BUZZING with activity! So many people - so many pups! And there were all sizes of dogs from pocket sized to gigantic. It was so wonderful and exhilarating.

Table ONE was our new FURends from Woodrow Wear who make the non-slip socks called Power
Paws. Ms. Lorraine was NOT there which was a real bummer. We like her a lot. We did get a chance to meet some of her employees (but shame on me for not getting a name) and I liked them a lot.

I dashed behind their table to get some ME TIME with them. In the meantime, Mommy was checking out their newest socks which have a fortified FOOT. They protect in wet, cold, hot, weird and so on weather! Yet they feel and wear like regular (good fitting) socks! Love Them! You should go on the website and check them out. There is also a list of vendors who sell them. Maybe there is one in your town?

Doggie chic
We walked around the corner and spied some really cool looking LEATHER CLOTHES for pets. The
booth was really busy and I didn't want to wait in a line just to ask a question (i.e. "Can I take a PIC with you?") so I kept on walking.

We saw some booths for doggie doors and training and then we spotted LuAnne (I hope I spelled your HERE.
name right) at DOGS on Deployment. She wasn't selling anything and didn't have any samples to give us. But we were curious about her mission at EXPO. So we asked. Well, she said, we are collecting money so we can provide boarding and other things for the pets of servicemen being deployed. Hmmmm. That sounded interesting. WHY? Well, she explained that often servicemen (and women) are forced to sell their dogs or give them up at the shelters because they have no where to leave the dog when they are deployed overseas. Donations to DOGS helps provide an alternative so the servicemen (and women) don't have to give up their beloved pet. I like that thought. To check them out and maybe donate, go to their website

After LuAnne's booth, we watched musical chairs (pets and humans) and checked out another row of vendors. There were A LOT of dog food vendors and I wanted to try them all. But I am a PUG and I like pretty much every EATABLE that crosses my teeth and gums. Mommy asked about ingredients, possible food allergies, PORTIONS, and so on. Things I NEVER worry about because for me FOOD is food and I will eat whatever is put in front of me. A couple of these foods were standouts, though -

Grandma Lucy's dehydrated meals AND cookies. All of their food is human grade and, in the case of the cookies, human agreeable as well. Mommy has EATEN one of the Grandma Lucy's cookies before
I am smiling ear to ear
and declared it GOOD EATS! Well, she talked some more about pugs and their weight issues and MOLLY and her picky eating and. . . in the end we got samples to try out for ME AND MOLLY as well as for SUNSHINE (yes, they make dehydrated KITTY food). We thought it great fun to talk to the Grandma Lucy's rep (again, we forgot to ask names, my bad) and I loved loved loved the way she skritched my back and gave me snuggles and kisses. I cannot wait to try their all-natural food. You can find out all about them HERE.

Of COURSE I checked out the PUG PROS booth and all the PEEPS in the booth gave me lots of lovin' and took pictures of me. I was not too cooperative, I admit, cuz they had some TASTY TREATS on the table and all I could think of was I WANT A TREAT! Sorry Pug Pros people. But you deal with PUGS, you KNOW how food obsessive we are. They have a BOWLING event coming up - Bowling for Pugs in Livermore. I think I will have to check that out AND maybe talk Tiffy into joining me. She lives in Livermore, after all.

We also visited a MAGAZINE booth - Animal Wellness magazine - and chatted with their Social Media person. She was very nice and full of all kinds of information about the magazine and Animal Wellness Market, their new online Natural Health Store for pets. I glanced through the brochure and found a couple of items I am going to buy with my Christmas money. Just sayin'. Mommy said she is gonna give the magazine a try as she is tired of the Family Circle and Rachel Ray magazines we have been getting.

A couple more noteworthy FOODABLES that we visited (and NOT just for the FREE samples):

Jake Treats are a BAY AREA bakery that makes SMALL batches of treats everyday so they are FRESH
and TASTY! They call them "...people food for dogs..." and I can tell you THEY ARE SO TASTY!!!! I tried one. . . or two and I give them a HIGH PAW UP for taste and crunch and taste and. . . okay. . . they are just plain Yummy. The baker ladies posed with me and gave me hugs and never ONCE mentioned my weight or anything. They must know PUGS.

Elektras Dog Treats were really tasty and UNIQUE. The owners have a GREEK bakery (family business) and decided to try their hand at dog treats using the same flavors and some of the same ingredients used in Greek baking. It was a hard decision but I finally chose the Spinach and Feta snacks. OMP!!! I cannot stop eating them! They are so tasty and crunchy and superb. If you are at all interested you gotta try them out. Just click HERE to go to their website.

Tuscan Natural dog food and treats captured our attention because we were wondering WHY? What sets them apart from every other dog food? Well the nice man at the booth was very happy to answer that question - it is all in the OLIVE OIL! That's right. Along with their human grade ingredients, they add olive oil to aid in protein absorption, maximize metabolism and energy, introduce natural antioxidants into the die, and to promote healthy skin and fur. He let me taste a nibble and I gotta tell you. . . YUM does not begin to describe this food.

We wandered around checking out the pets up for adoption and wished them well. We also SPUN a wheel for prizes (for a dollar donation). Molly won HAND SANITIZER for her Mommie and I won a gorgeous red collar. . . . which would be cool except they ONLY HAD BUT DOG SIZES! No way will
it ever fit me. I think I might pass it on to my pal Max - if he likes red, that is. While we were checking out some of the booths, I heard someone call "Honor Marie!" I turned around and there was my FURiend Honor and her humom Laurie! You might recall them from my past posts about going to the ballgame. They are awesome.

Some of my other FURiends - Fezzik, Bellatrix and Draego - were at the Pet Expo but I never caught up with them. Oh well. I am sure they had as much fun as I did.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dog Expo and PUGS Were Invited, TOO!!!!

Last weekend was the Bay Area Pet Expo at our Fairgrounds.It was billed as "The Ultimate Pet Party" so, of course, I HAD to go. I asked Molly if she wanted to go adventuring with me and she said YEAH! So we packed up the Mommys and Molly's stroller and headed to the Fairgrounds.

Once there we parked, walked across this really BIG street and into the Expo. Of the sights and sounds and smells! It was so exciting. We went to the small exposition hall to register and we got our first goodie bag. It was empty, which was a bummer but we quickly filled it with a FREE POOP BAG from one of the sponsors - Doody Calls. Doody didn't call to me all during our visit - but it did to Molly so we were glad to have a poop bag handy.

We glanced around and decided we wanted to INTERVIEW some of the vendors and get a feel for their businesses. If they were local, all the better.

The first table we stopped at was Pet Portraits With Love. Miss Luz had some really neat portraits on display (I forgave her for NOT having a PUG) and a lot of keen spiritual sayings and 
Pet Portraits With Love
stuff as well. She said she could do a portrait from a sitting at her studio in Santa Cruz or from a photograph. I thought  that was pretty cool. She was a very nice lady so I asked if I could get my picture taken with her. She said SURE! Check out her work at

The next table I stopped at was for veterinary services at Pinnacle Animal Hospital. Now, I don't know why I was drawn to a VET table. I have nothing against vets. . . in fact I kinda like my DOGter.
Dr. Moore
Miss Desiree
And the ladies at the table were NOT plying me with TREATS, either! I did eventually GET a small treat (or two) but not at first. BUT, you know how sometimes you just LIKE CERTAIN PEEPS? Well this is how I felt about them. And if I lived closer to them, they would totally be my dogters. They are located on the OTHER side of the valley near my Mommy #1's dance studio. So we are gonna totally chat them up to EVERYONE at the studio because we liked them THAT MUCH.

Look Ma! Itsa PUG!
I am not sure why I stopped by the Arctic Wolf Designs booth because they were ALL about the BIG dog. Really! Everything on the table and in the display was BIG! But I really thought the metal work was cool and I am still working on a plot to bring one into my life! So I asked the nice lady if she had anything smaller than a WOLF? She rummaged around and sure enough - she found this PUG!!!!
Yes, I said, that is perfect. Now to figure out what I want to use it for. Check out what else they have on their FACEBOOK page. It is linked above.

I saw many many many more things at the EXPO! Check back tomorrow for more tales of my and Molly's adventures.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Where did I get all this?
Tell you tomorrow

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And So The Story Goes. . .

Hello Young Jedi. . .

So it seems some of you are intimidated by the idea of randomly putting words into a STORY. But DON'T be! It is so much fun and you can be as serious or as silly as you want! Don't try to second-guess the story. . . just put some words down and go with the flow.

Some definitions FIRST:

Noun - person, place or thing --------------------------------------------------------------DOG
Adjective - describes the person, place or thing ------------------------------------------CUTE 
Verb - action word --------------------------------------------------------------------------TROTS
Adverb - describes the action --------------------------------------------------------------HAPPILY 

Cute dog trots happily.

Here are the word choices I made for the Mad Lib I posted yesterday. I am also including one from Molly . . . . . . . . .


Noun ___Frisbee_____________
Adjective ___Blue__________
Adjective __Strong___________
Adverb __Fiercely_____________
Person in Room _Molly_______
Adjective __Fragile___________
Plural Noun _Squirrels__________
Noun __Tire______________
Noun ___Pine Cone_____________
Plural Noun __Squeakies__________
Noun __Toy______________
Verb __Jump______________
Adverb ___Slowly____________
Adverb _Lowly______________
Plural Noun __Ears__________
Verb __Saunter_______________
Adverb __Briskly_____________

AND THE STORY GOES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Want to become a Jedi FRISBEE? Follow these BLUE steps: 1) Find a Jedi Master: In order to become a STRONG Jedi, a young Padawan, or Jedi Apprentice, needs to learn from someone who has FIERCELY mastered his or her training. Perhaps Master MOLLY is available. 2) Study the ways of the Force: It takes a lot of FRAGILE patience and belief in the SQUIRRELS around you, but a Padawan must understand the Force before he or she can really practice the ways of a Jedi TIRE. 3) Make your own light-PINECONE: Find special SQUEAKIES to place in your lightsaber's TOY. Then, commune with the Force to make it JUMP. 4) Listen SLOWLY: Finally, and most LOWLY, do as the older and wiser Jedi EARS tell you - even if they want you to SAUNTER BRISKLY!


Noun ___Bow_____________
Adjective ___Pink__________
Adjective __Pretty___________
Adverb ___Slowly____________
Person in Room _Sunshine_______
Adjective __Sneaky___________
Plural Noun __Claws_________
Noun ___Dish_____________
Noun ____Water Bowl____________
Plural Noun __Pillows__________
Noun ___Dress_____________
Verb ___Hop_____________
Adverb __Daintily_____________
Adverb _Cheerily______________
Plural Noun __Socks__________
Verb __Run_______________
Adverb __Down_____________

AND THE STORY GOES: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Want to become a Jedi BOW? Follow these PINK steps: 1) Find a Jedi Master: In order to become a PRETTY Jedi, a young Padawan, or Jedi Apprentice, needs to learn from someone who has SLOWLY mastered his or her training. Perhaps Master SUNSHINE is available. 2) Study the ways of the Force: It takes a lot of SNEAKY patience and belief in the CLAWS around you, but a Padawan must understand the Force before he or she can really practice the ways of a Jedi DISH. 3) Make your own light-WATER BOWL: Find special PILLOWS to place in your lightsaber's DRESS. Then, commune with the Force to make it HOP. 4) Listen DAINTILY: Finally, and most CHEERILY, do as the older and wiser Jedi SOCKS tell you - even if they want you to RUN DOWN!

I see some of you took the challenge!!! Click here to view YOUR story!

See how much FUN that is?

NOW if you want to join in the fun, just enter your answers in the

comment section OR send me an email at

Monday, January 19, 2015

Star Wars Mad Lib

I thought today was a good day for a MAD LIB. But what kind? Well, I am in a STAR WAR-sy MOOD. How about a Star Wars Mad Lib?

Guest artist - Tiffy


Noun ________________
Adjective _____________
Adjective _____________
Adverb _______________
Person in Room ________
Adjective _____________
Plural Noun ___________
Noun ________________
Noun ________________
Plural Noun ____________
Noun ________________
Verb ________________
Adverb _______________
Adverb _______________
Plural Noun ____________
Verb _________________
Adverb _______________

Just fill in the blanks (put your answers into COMMENTS) and TOMORROW I will put them into the story. I am sure we will have some very clever answers. 

And May The Force Be With You

* Mad Lib courtesy of Lucasfilm LTD and Price Stern Sloan, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nursing Around

Mommy #1 is sick. She stayed home from school almost ALL WEEK and was confined to BED. Being the good NURSES that we are, Molly and I have been sticking to her like glue. I hope she feels better real soon - although I am certainly enjoying my days as a NURSE.