Friday, September 19, 2014

All Right in the END

Can you believe this costume did not even place at the annual Halloween party? I and my Mommys were shocked as were everypuggy in our whole group. The problem? I am a GIRL pug and the judges felt that only BOY pugs should be STORMTROOPERS. I digress, though.

I know many of you were worried about ME from swallowing the BULLY stick whole. Well, I am fine. Other than that MASSIVE belch, I had no other symptoms. Lesson learned?


I still eat my kibble with complete ABANDON and gulp TREATS whole.

So this is FRIDAY and for once my MOMMY#2 does not have to work late and does not have to work over the weekend. I am anticipating a lot of snuggle time.

I am also going to tap into my inner-Scottie and snuggle with Mommy #2 as she watches her new favorite tv
show - "Outlander" on Starz.

Noodles of Clan Fraser
This is gonna be an EPIC weekend.
Have a good one EVERYPUGGY!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

And That's SOME BULL

I got in so much trouble last night. I didn't mean to. In fact, up until THEN I was having a pretty good evening. You see, I got to go bye-bye with my Mommys. Then, while Mommy #1 was in ballet class, I hung out IN THE CAR with Mommy #2 while she read.

It is a pretty good set up, really. We were parked in the shade so even though it was a warm early evening, it was comfortable in the car. I had a bowl of water and a carpeted surface all to myself - and Mommy #2's lap if I wanted. I was looking for someplace to relax when Mommy #2 pulled out the BEST TREAT KNOWN TO PUGDOM - the BULLY stick.

We do not get them very often because I tend to leave them all over the floor for the peeps to step on.
Nothing like a cold gushy bully stick to ruin your early morning pee run, I have been told. Anyhoo. . .Also since the adoption of Molly, many many fights have resulted from "That's mine. . ."No! That's Mine!. . ." and so on. So we don't get them. But this Summer when our goodie box arrived, there was one and that is what Mommy brought.

Oh what JOY!

So I settled down on the floor right under Mommy (and the steering wheel) and started enjoying that most tasty of CHEWS. I chewed and chewed, softening it up JUST RIGHT. Then, I don't know what possessed me. . . but I swallowed it. . . whole. . . just like that. I looked up at Mommy, panting a little but smiling.

She took one look at me. . . one look at the empty floor. . . and flew into what can only be described as a TIZZY! Not to be confused with a TIFFY, who is one of my BFFs. An all out-just this side of panicked- TIZZY is what we had. She quickly stowed her iPad, closed up the car, grabbed my leash and escorted me outside. She reasoned walking may make the BLOB settle and pass quicker.

I don't know if it did- I only peed once or twice. But I know I felt a lot better just trotting along. It was a nice evening, after all. After a time, we went back to the car to read some more. I sat on the car floor, still panting. I drank some water, decided it tasted good, and drank some more.

Suddenly I BURPED! Really loud. And really smelly. But you know what? I felt better. Well, that is my TUMMY felt better. Mommy let me have it verbally about swallowing BIG things whole, about Bully Sticks (I will NEVER get one again), and about vet BILLS (uh. . .).

Lesson learned - until the next time, I'M SURE!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Upward Tilt

Mommy's been taking a lot of these kinds of photos. Why? I beg of you, please tell me why? It is not really the best way to show off my recent return to a slim figure. It isn't the best way to show off my lovely tightly curled tail. It isn't even the best way to show off my gait. It IS the best way to show off my adorable expression, don't you think?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Freaking Out It's Friday

This has been one whirlwind of a week. I am completely discombobulated and stuff. 
How did it happen that I never even FOUND the internet yesterday?

SO let's sum up the week. . .

  • Monday I wanted to go to the BEACH so I posted a picture from a past trip. Mommy #1 was at school and Mommy #2 was at work so I couldn't really go to the beach
  • Tuesday word came down that sweet Greta of Idaho Pug Ranch had eaten a poisonous mushromm and consequently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am still reeling from that
  • Wednesday was a Wordless Wednesday and Blog Hop, so I did
  • Thursday got lost somewhere in the remembrances of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and a crazy busy work schedule by Mommy #2. I have not seen much of her or Mommy #1 all week
  • Friday, that goodness it's. . . 
I am gonna try and recoup some time with my Mommys this weekend. I also need to write my tribute to GRETA for Sunday. Maybe by Monday NOODLES'S WORLD will be back to normal, whatever that may be.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Remembering Greta - She was a GREAT GAMER

Dear FURiends
We are tearing up so much we can hardly write this.
Our Dear FURiend Greta ate a BAD mushroom
And has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Greta was a frequent contributor to the contests on A Bowl of Noodles.
She could always be counted on to show
an enormous sense of fun and humor.
We will miss her very very much.

Run Free Sweet Greta!
I miss you.
Love Noodles