Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Frenzy


Christmas is almost here and I have NOT done my shopping yet! I made my list. I checked it twice. I guess the only thing left is to head out to the MALL and face the music.

Wish me luck - I think I am gonna NEED it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughtful Throwback Thursday

My first Christmas with Molly
Look at the size difference!

My third Christmas with Molly
My how she has changed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday

New Record - we have topped all historical recorded totals for December rain
New Data - we are more than halfway to a normal year
FACT - we are still in a drought until the reservoirs are full

Okay, I lied. There are a few words here

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Which One is the PERP, Ma'am?

The 'rents decided LAST NIGHT was a good night to FINALLY pose for our Christmas Cards. Little did they know what they were in for. First of all, only TWO of THREE could be wrangles into costume, a-hem. Then there was the ATTENTION problem of one little BLONDE (Hint: Not Me). I will not show the finished product, but here are the OUTTAKES -

We DID get a decent shot - but it took a LOT of patience and TREATS.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chatting With The SANTA Man

"Hi Santa," I said as I climbed up onto his lap. "My name is Noodles (the Pug) and I am here to talk with you about this year.
You see, Santa, this has been a tough one for a lot of people and pups. I cannot begin to list everything that went awry, or everypuppy and everykitty who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Besides, I think you know already. You know EVERYTHING, Santa. But I just want you to know that I CARE. I really really care what happened to others. I really really miss my FURiends who were too sick or hurt to stay in this world with me. And I really really need to know that next year won't be quite so hard."
Santa smiled down at me in his MOST benevolent way and said, "Noodles, you KNOW I cannot make predictions and promises like that. Bad things happen all the time and there is no way you can stop that from being true. And believe me, although it does not seem like it, there is a reason for the bad - it balances out the good.
But I will tell you that if you continue to be a good puggy AND continue to CARE for others like you do . . . well, I am sure that good behavior will make the next peep or pup do the same. . . and the next . . . and the NEXT . . . and so on. Before you know it, there will be so much GOOD WILL that you will see the BRIGHTER side of everything. The world will SEEM a happier place to be because you will no longer be seeing the bad."
"So Santa," I whispered. "Does that mean I should IGNORE the bad stuff and pretend to not see it?"
"No, no, Noodles," Santa said, chuckling as he said it. " My dear sweet Noodles. You cannot live in ignorance in order to be happy. Instead, be aware of the bad stuff and strive to overcome it. In the long run, it will make you happier."
"Oh Santa!!!" I said. "You are the WISEST peep I know! Thanks. I will try very hard to make people and pets smile a little more. . . and think about others a LOT more. . . and well, I guess I will do the same."
"Merry Christmas, Noodles!"
"Merry Christmas, Santa!"

Friday, December 12, 2014

And Then What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Folks - we got a lot of rain yesterday. Over 3 inches in a 24 hour period. I know some of you will scoff at this piddly amount. But you must understand that normally we get MAYBE 15 inches of rain in a year. And the December normal is under 3 inches for the whole month. We got that in one day. It was a little unsettling because the roads were flooding, the creeks were rising, and my back yard was squishy and wet. Every time I came indoors from doing my bidness, I had to endure a total TOWELING. I put it right up there with WATERBOARDING for torture devices! Awful.

But then this morning I walked outside to do my THING and know what? The air smelled so clean and fresh. It tickled my whiskers and made my lungs so happy. And when the sun came up, through the clouds which are hanging around and threatening more rain - I saw the RAINBOW. It was so lovely and magical. So we were a little inconvenienced by some rain (to hear the television stations talk it was nearly Armageddon). If I could wake up to this beauty every day . . . I'll suffer through it.


Happy Weekend EveryPuggy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Answer, My FURiend, is Blowin' in the Wind. . .

I keep checking the sky for the answer but I haven't found it, yet.

We gots some stormy clouds outside today. We need the rain, true. But with water puddling up and creeks overflowing (I live near a couple of creek crossings and one river), the roads are just not safe. That's okay cuz my Mommy #2 is working from home today. That means she is safe and I get lots of cuddles.