Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Molly Goes to the Vet - MY Vet - and the Outcome

This is a Cone of Shame which looks like a
flower. This one is too big for Molly 

Molly has been acting a little under the weather for a while now. Not anything alarming, but not her normal good-girl self. You see. . . she was . . . peeing in the house! This is not her normal thing at all. But at the beginning of summer, it was becoming more so. She IS getting older so the huMOMs thought perhaps it was just a middle age thing. So when Mommy made the order, she included poochie panties for incontinence. Those are also known as DIAPERS.

But THEN my Mommy #2 noticed her pee was darker than it should be. WAY TOO dark. So she told Molly's Mommy (Aunt B) that perhaps she needed to see the dogter. They suspected a UTI even though Molly had been checked a couple of times for the same thing. But it was a few days later that Molly started panting and wandering around like she was in some pain and couldn't get comfortable. That was very worrying behavior and so she went to see her VET the next day.

Molly nervously waiting to see the dogter

The dogter felt around her tummy and went "Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm" and then she said they needed to do an Xray on her tummy. That TRAN$LATE$ into major funding. But her Mommy said "go for it" and they waited for the results. The results were not good - Molly had a significant amount of STONES in her bladder. I am so puzzled by this because (1) Molly NEVER eats stones and (2) how'd they get THERE??? That has not yet been answered, btw.

The dogter said she needed surgery but they don't do it at her vet hospital. They gave Molly's mommy some names of vets who do. But I raised my PAW really high and suggested MY VET. I know they do surgeries because they have done one on ME! Remember my nose growth and fold reconstruction? Yep. they did it and it looks great - SEE

My Mommy called the vet and made arrangements to take Molly in for consultation the SAME DAY! How cool is that. MY DOGTER came to the same conclusion and felt the surgery should be sooner the better as she was already in some pain. He had a traveling surgeon coming in that day and PERHAPS he could do it the same day. The PLUS was the kind of surgery she needed was his specialty. IF NOT, the surgery could still be done there but the next morning when the other dogter was in as he is the surgeon.

WELL - the traveling surgeon was able to take her and she had the surgery Monday afternoon. By Monday evening, she was home, groggy but otherwise fine. She is doing okay, moving slowly and occasionally whining. She had more than a DOZEN stones in her bladder - a few were about 1" in diameter! Poor thing! They sent the stones out to be analyzed so they have a clearer idea of the cause. In the meantime she is on some yucky prescription food. You know it is bad if I say it is YUCKY. I'd still eat it, mind you; but I do think it YUCKY.


Her convalescence is about 3 weeks long since this was major surgery. She will likely be up and running way before then and the stitches come out in 14 days. But she will definitely recover 100% from this adventure.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Beach Babe Returns

My NEW Box Bed

AS you all know, my huMom #1 abandoned me ALL WEEKEND for the beach. She went with Auntie B and they are both Beach Babes. They cannot get enough of the coastline. Mommy says it is so relaxing and beautiful there. And the smell of the salt air is intoxicating. I can see that. It is a magnificent place.

They stayed in a small cottage located a small ways from the beach itself. Mommy and Auntie B love this place because for them the location is perfect! Walking distance to the beach AND the ice cream store.

They took it easy A LOT which is unusual for them as they go-go-go all day every day. They especially made sure they took some time out to watch the sunset. The weather was perfect all weekend, Mommy said.

Sunset first night - this day was hot which shows
in the bright reds of sky

Look at the waves here! Awesome

There are 2 "birds" in this shot. One on the rail and one made
of clouds
They also attend the Capitola Art and Wine festival which is world renown. It was very crowded and quite warm. They saw everything there was to see and really enjoyed it. Mommy said there were a lot of dogs there and she sort of felt guilty not having me there as well. But since it was hot, she knows I could not have handled it so well.

I was quite happy at home with Mommy #1. She spent a lot of time with me because she is still not feeling 100% (she has a cold) and that meant a lot of cuddle time for me. When we were not cuddling, though, I sat guard at the front door waiting for Mommy #2 to return. It seemed like forever before she did.

Come home soon, Mommy

Friday, September 13, 2019

HALF Abandoned

Look at this adorable PUG MUG. Would you EVER abandon it? EVER? Well, it is about to get abandoned by HALF of my Mommys this weekend. It's true and I can hardly believe it.

I was suspicious when Mommy #2 did ALL of her laundry MID-WEEK. She normally waits until Friday when her laundry bag is burgeoning. The ONLY time she ever does a small load is when she is going somewhere OVERNIGHT and AWAY from home. That was CLUE #1.

Then I overheard her talking with Aunts T and B about weekend plans and she WON'T be here to make dinner and watch for packages. . . that kind of mundane stuff she does all day, every day.

Then this morning, Mommy #2 pulled out her BEACH CHAIR and umbrella. She also got a bag for keeping food chilled. Now I know where she is going

It is her favorite place - the beach. She and Auntie B are going for TWO nights. Unfortunately, the place they are renting does not allow pets. If they did, I would TOTALLY be going because we all know I love love love the BEACH.

I understand and I will miss her a lot. BUT it is only for 2 nights and it will give me that much MORE time with Mommy #1 before she heads off to university at the end of next week. It has happened all too fast, you know. I got so used to spending my evenings with her while Mommy #1 worked. Sigh.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The MOST Important Thing to ME

Ummm - is that MY foot sticking out of that
pillow, and why does it look so unconnected?

I have been thinking. 
I have been thinking long.
I have been thinking HARD.

I realize.
There are some things Important to me.
There are some things that AREN'T.
There are somethings I need.
There are somethings I WANT.

So what do I do about it?

Well . . .
I bark when I need to go out.
I bark when I want to eat.
I bark when I am scared.
I bark when I am playing.
I bark when I tell my story.

It seems to me. . .
My HUMANS do NOT understand what I want. They do not hear the NUANCES in my bark. I totally know how GROOT feels.

Therefore, here are things that are important to me so my huMOMMYS kinda know - or have a ballpark idea - of what I need

  • Regular meals
  • Regular Cuddles
  • Scheduled bidness breaks
  • To feel safe

I am pretty sure TREATS will cover all situations.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I've Got a Pocket, a Pocketful of Sunshine . . .

My Pocket of Sunshine

Natasha Bedingfield was on the Today Show this morning. Mommy says her hit song is not an EAR WORM. Not sure what that is but is sounds painful. Since Mommy is a BIG SHARER, you are welcome. It is now YOUR ear worm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I Am On Top of it NOW - Tongue Out Tuesday, Y'all!

Guess what happened? Mommy was able to do TWO never been done before - or at least seldom done so - 

ONE - She captured photos of MY TONGUE making an appearance. And they are pretty clear, although a little over exposed.

TWO - If you look hard you will see my never been seen before TEETH. I am very effective at hiding them but there they are for all to see.

I gotta admit, I look pretty cute with my wonderfully curly tongue peaking out of my smile. It is a well known fact that my smile is amazing.

Here is another angle and another shape. My TONGUE looks like an M or a seagull. It is one of my very special talents.

I think every tongue ESSAY needs a PROFILE photo as well. Here is mine with a charming couple of visible teeth on the right.

It has been my immense pleasure to join in TONGUE OUT TUESDAY and to let you in on the little secret called MY TEETH.

Monday, September 9, 2019


 TGIF!!! Thank DOG It's Friday!

Wait! What? Is isn't Friday anymore? It's MONDAY? Wha'? I just laid down for a small nap and . . .

Seems a whole weekend went by and I was unaware of it. What to do. What to do?

It seems I need to regroup and revisit my plans for today. I'll get backatcha.

Really? It's Monday???