Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Foughts

We're Sharks. . . as in Hockey

I had a lot of exciting blogs planned for this week but they did not happen. Besides the Showcase ZAPPING all of our energies, there was a lot of other stuff that trumped what I prepared. Hopefully I will have time to pull it together next week and do some reviews and thinkings and stuffs.

I have some good news to report about Bailey. It seems she is perking up and responding to her environment. She isn't completely out of the woods yet because her brain is still swollen and her back boo-booed. So keep those POTP and JUJUs going. It appears that they are working.

Blogville is amazing, isn't it?

Speaking of which, I just heard about the Blogville THANKS-athon happening on Thursday (Thanksgiving. . . get it?). Go to Frankie Furter and Ernie's blog OR Sarge's page for more information.

I'm gonna be holding down the fort while the 'rents go traveling SOUTH to see a MOUSE. So I need to sign off now and set up the computer in my pen.

Have a great weekend and we will chat next week.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BAILEY Needs Blogville's HELP!!!!

POTP Please

Hello everypuggy
I just found out that our dear dear FURiend Bailey, from Bailey Unleashed is in a very POOR way after suffering a fall. She is still in the ICU and is only marginally responsive.

She NEEDS our POTP right now and some JUJU Fairy dust too.
And her 'rents need to know we are all there to send them LOVE and HUGS over the INTERNET.

Keep Bailey in your thoughts. . .


Internet Injury Keeps Noodles From Posting

We had no INTERNET yesterday. Ummmm, let me clarify. . . WE had internet at Casa de Noodles but those at home are not able to use it. The one who could, Mommy #2 was at work with a BROKEN internet.

So I am posting a Wordless Wednesday today since I couldn't do it yesterday. I am all discombobulated now.

Mommy #1 didn't want this pic to be about her

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And The Show Went ON. . .

I decided I needed to involve myself with the show my Mommys were in. I went down to the THEATER (I took light rail as it is really really close to my house and stops right at the theater).

I entered the backstage door and walked right up to the stage. I looked around but could not see anyone . . . just an empty stage with a spotlight shining on the center.

Then the curtain raised.

I trotted over to the LIGHT and I felt the warmth of the light on my head. Hmmm, I thought. WHY NOT? So I put on my most intense face and I started to DANCE - I danced with all my heart and all my soul.

Not Noodles. I found this doing a Google search and it was
from a Pinterest pin. I couldn't find the origin so THANK YOU
to whoever took this pic and I hope it is okay I used it.

Then I sneezed, farted, and woke myself up.

Mommy's performance went really really well and both Mommys were pleased with the weekend of effort that went into the Showcase. They were both so exhausted, though. So they stayed home yesterday to recover from the intense activity. We spent a lot of time curled up on the sofa watching tv shows we had missed. Then Mommy #2 made soup for dinner so the house smelled all nice and vegetably. It was a good day.

Cue Curtain. . .

Friday, November 14, 2014

No Bidness Like SHOW Bidness

This is the weekend I dread most out of the whole year - more than shots weekend - more than running outta food weekend - more than ANYTHING!

This is Show weekend. Beginning today the Mommys are building sets, fixing costumes, and performing ballet. They come home for short bursts of sleep. Yes. I get cuddles. But I am sorely lacking in Mommy+ ME time. 

It's gonna be a long long weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dusting Off My Tutu

This here TUTU has gotten a lot of work lately. This is one of my JUJU TUTUs and today I am donning it for my FURiend Phoebe.

You see, Phoebe has NOT been herself for a while. Long enough to worry her MOMMY who, believe me, has enough on her plate these days with SCHOOL WORK. And the program she is in, the MOMMY, that is, is very very demanding and time-consuming.

Anyhow there is talk of scary stuff like Pancreatitis and Addison's disease. NEITHER of these are something I want to happen to my dear PHOEBs.

So help me help my dear FURiend and her MOMMY (who is ONE of my favorite humans) by send out all the extra JUJU you have laying around the house. They can use it right now.