Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I Like To Challenge Myself and Others #Chewyinfluencer

HEY! Psst!!
I don't want to alarm you BUT something, not the USUAL, is at the door! I am not sure I should open it. It looks all big and BULKY!

Oh! Wait!

Looks like ANOTHER CHEWY.COM 30 day Challenge has found it's way to Casa de Noodles. And I am so excited about it. Generally speaking, I have the best time learning about new (or new to me) products. This time it is all about ME and what I like to eat. Molly has another food she is trying (the usual 2 week trial) and will talk about it next week. Sunshine is ALSO reviewing a new food and she too will be ready to OPINIONIZE the following week.

But for ME here is the TALE. I will be trying 30 days of Honest Kitchen GRAIN-FREE CHICKEN RECIPE.

Honest Kitchen, for those who don't know, is basically a RAW diet but is presented in an easy to use and easy to store dehydrated format. The food is rehydrated as you go along. So it is slightly less convenient than a canned food or kibble BUT a lot more convenient than a standard RAW diet.

Some of the things I am looking for which are characteristic of a RAW diet are:

  • Improved intestinal efficiency - which means less belching
  • Improved FUR - a shinier coat is always a good thing
  • Healthier skin - less itchies as we move into the drier FALL and WINTER seasons
  • Cleaner TEETH - for puggies who struggle to KEEP their teeth clean and healthy, this is a plus
  • Higher energy levels - yeah, right! Not counting on that one
  • Smaller POOPS - I know it will make SOMEONE happy but I pugsonally don't care
Mommy has decided to use HK Chicken Recipe as more of a topper with perhaps an occasional meal. We will see. I expect if it is used as a topper then the benefits would be less. So as of SEPTEMBER 15 2018 I will be eating Honest Kitchen Grain-free Chicken Recipe and we will SEE who has the UPPER PAW come October.

I cannot wait. . .

Monday, September 10, 2018

Dog Days of Summer - Doggone it and Goodbye

My how quickly the SUMMER goes by. Once upon a time we were waiting for the WARM days of Summer to come our way and now. . . THEY ARE GOING BY US in a flash. It is much cooler now and the days are a lot shorter. I find I take fewer and shorter excursions outside. Plus there are NO MORE strawberries to pick.

And on Friday my FURiends, Pablo and Moose, went home. I missed them almost immediately. They are good BOYS and we had a lot of fun together. Molly wasn't having it BUT I was very much enjoying their company. But I know their Maman missed them so much and is happy they are home again.

This coming weekend Mommy #1 returns to university which means Mommy #2 and I will be a DUO instead of a TRIO. That is gonna feel weird. It does every year.

On the BRIGHT SIDE, it is FOOTBALL and nearly HOCKEY season. So it is not ALL bad.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bed Time With Guests

This is Pablo and Moose who are visiting until the weekend. Pablo totally would be on his own bed but it was soiled and needed to be washed. There are times the boys have shared that brown bed. Not this time. Moose settled in the middle leaving no room for Pablo. Finally Pablo gave up and laid on the ground. I am sure he was comfortable enough. With the thick fur he has he was likely a lot cooler sleeping on the floor.

I curled up in my Costco nest bed. No sharing here! It fits me just right and if I have my way, NO PUGGY other than me is allowed to sleep in it. So far only Sunshine the Cat has tried. We are all scared of her so no one argued when she settled in. But she didn't stay long before something else captured her attention and she was OFF.

Molly was upstairs with Cousin C. That is where she normally goes no matter what. She is so unsociable. I think GUESTS need to be coddled some and made to feel welcome. So even though I PREFER to sleep on Mommy #2's bed, I will happily pull up the floor and sleep along with my FURiends.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It's A Whole New World -- And It All Comes Down To LOVE

Mommy 1 and Mommy 2 just got new ears from Disneyland. They have been trying to score a pair (or two) since first hearing about them way back in, I dunno, A LONG TIME. But they are always SOLD OUT online and they were all SOLD OUT everywhere they went in Disneyworld. So what to do? Luckily, Aunt T took a trip down to SOCAL and Disneyland last week and Mommy 2 asked her to be on the lookout for them. She did AND she found them! Omipug my Mommys were so happy.

Why are these important, other than being RAINBOW and awesome? Well these ears are in support of the LGBTQ (etc) community and my Mommys want to show their support of the community. At the end of the day, it is all about LOVE. See the MICKEY GLOVES on the hat? They are symbolizing LOVE. That is really all that matters in this world. Because if there was more of it, there would be less of

  • WARS
  • HATE
You see where I am going with this? So I challenge everypuggy to PICK THE CAUSE OF LOVE and support it wholeheartedly. It can only be a good thing.

Here are my Mommys in their hats

Monday, September 3, 2018

America Honors HER Workers With a DAY

I AM a Yankee Doodle Gal

Happy Labor Day to all of you. Today is a special day at Casa de Noodles - EVERYpuggy is home and it is NOT a weekend. It is Monday but it feels a bit like SUNDAY. I kinda like it because that means there are more LAPS available to snuggle on and extra COOKING being done that I can "help" with.

The only DOWN side of the day (and since it is attached to a weekend, it is an EXTRA day) is the television shows available. Daytime TV is droll. . . I mean really really yuck until about 3pm when "Ellen" comes on. I loves loves loves that show.

This is how I plan to HONOR LABOR and I hope it is exactly what ALL OF YOU are doing as well:


PeeEss: Lulu went home on Saturday. I kinda miss her already. BUT Moose and Pable are coming for a week. I loves when they visit cuz they are funny boys.

This pic is from their LAST visit

Friday, August 31, 2018

ConeLess At Last

I think this picture says it all.
I have SURVIVED the dread Cone of Shame.
My beautiful eye is back to its original luminosity.