Friday, July 31, 2015

The Color of Grass

California is in the midst of a four year DROUGHT. We have had so little water that all cities now have rationing. My town is no exception. So gone is the luscious green grass of yesteryear. I have to do my bidness in the CRUNCHY dry remains of our lawn rather than on the soft cool GREEN-ness of before.

This is our lawn - or what remains of it. Notice the color is almost FAWN. I am a FAWN PUG. This morning I was outside doing my usual. Mommy looked out the window and GUESS WHAT!?! She couldn't FIND me! But I was right in front of her eyes. She couldn't see me because I was PERFECTLY CAMOUFLAGED!!

Where does the GRASS end and I BEGIN? 
Who would have imagined that the COLOR of a PUG could be likened to the COLOR OF GRASS?

It was when I moved to the last remaining tufts of GREEN GRASS that Mommy could really see me. We had quite a laugh when I came inside.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's in the Box?

American Journey Beef AND Turkey Jerky
AND Beef Straps

So I went to the DOGTER and I have lost .25 of a pound so far. I was distressed until I realized I had been DEPRIVED of treats and on LOW rations for only 2-3 weeks! So that was pretty good in hindsight. As a reward for doing so well, he said I could have 1 quality treat.

Mommy gave me a beef strap thinking it would take me a while to chew through it. NO way JOSE! I had that thing DONE in under 10 minutes (she actually TIMED me!!!). So no more of those for Noodles the Pug. It was good though. . . based on the puddle of drool I ALSO left on the couch along with a bunch of BEEF STRAP BITS I couldn't quite clean up.
I give these FOUR PAWS UP. 
Mommy gives then 1.5.

As my ONE TREAT a day since, Mommy has been giving me HALF of a jerky treat, beef or turkey. Oh My PUG!!! You gotta try these. I am NOT talking about that reconstituted pressed and artificially colored stuff they sell at Wal----. Nope! I am talking real HUNKS of meat dried to perfection. No preservatives needed. No coloring needed. PERFECTION. I could eat these all day every day but then I wouldn't LOSE those TWO pounds I need to lose. . . well 1.75 now.

I am recommending you THROW OUT any other jerky treats you have lying around. They are just taking up space in your treat cabinet. And then go online to and BUY some of the American Journey jerky. Any will do. They will all be yummy.

I am giving these 99 Gazillion Paws Up. II am drooling just thinking about them.

Almost forgot - we are not paid for this opinion. Nor does anypuggy dare tell us what to say. sent us the items to sample and write an honest review. And honest we are.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Freedom for Beagles - The Third to the Last Booth at Niles Dog Show

We visited ALL of the booths at the dog show. They were pretty much everything we expected them to be - lots of vets and lots of people selling dog-centric stuff.

But then we happened upon the THIRD BOOTH FROM THE END and we were stopped in our tracks. The sign said "Beagle Freedom" and we thought. . . FROM WHAT? It was news to us that a Beagle would need liberating. . .we hadn't heard they were oppressed pups or anything.

So we asked - What's up with this?

The nice lady at the booth told us quite succinctly - freedom from being used as TEST ANIMALS! She went on to explain that some of the leading companies are STILL using animal testing for their products. It is cruel to do so - I think we can pretty much all agree to that!

BUT WHY BEAGLES? I asked. Simply put, she explained, they are docile and sweet tempered animals and that is what makes them good test animals. That does not make sense to me, I said. But it is so true. To prove it she gave us the URL for a BEAGLE rights group - She said she even ADOPTED a former test BEAGLE and it is the best dog in the world! I believe her, too.

So I did some ONLINE EXPLORATION and know what? She is right. In 2010 the Beagle Freedom project was launched to highlight the plight of these dogs and test animals in general. Some people BREED dogs for the sole purpose of selling them to labs!!!! Is that insane? These animals are subjected to horrible things, some that kill, some that maim, and some that just hurt. There are alternatives to testing on animals but they COST MORE to do so companies do not do them. Countries around the world are banning animal testing. Why can't the USA do the same?

Using animals as test subjects is the same mindset as thinking a pet is disposable.

I told the nice lady at the booth that I would do my part to let others know about this problem. I mean, I am a pretty educated PUG and if I did not know about BEAGLE TESTING then I am pretty sure some of you might not have heard of it either.

And while we are at it, if all of us STOP using products from these companies who test on animals, then perhaps THEY WILL STOP doing so....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Doggone Duo

Back at the Niles Dog Show. . . .

Meet Joyce and Gail
and their furbabies Brutus and Ginger

So the VENDORS at the show were very friendly and giving of their time as well as their goodies. We got all kinds of stuff, especially from the VETERINARIAN booths. Stuff like FRISBEES, LEASHES, TOOTHBRUSHES AND PASTE, and so on. I loves that stuff and Mommy puts a lot of it to use, too. Our travel bag is filled with goodies which make us feel at home when we travel and a lot of it came from dog shows and baseball games.

TWO of our most favorite vendors were The DOGGONE DUO. We initially stopped because we could not make any sense out of what their business was. There was this TINY dog house with a stuffed dog in it - but that said nothing about their business. So we stopped to chat and find out why they were at a dog show.

Well much to our surprise, they are local REALTORS! But as we all know, to be successful a business needs a HOOK - something to draw the audience in. Well their HOOK is DOGS! Pets, really. Joyce and Gail donate part of each and every one of their commissions to non-kill shelters and rescues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area! Isn't that cool? You and I both know how much money it takes to run a shelter - to feed and care for the hundreds (dare I say it, Thousands) of rejected and abandoned dogs, cats, pocket pets, and so on. 

Not only are they putting their MONEY where their MOUTH is (are???), but they also incorporate pet awareness in everything they do. When they are selling a house, they provide boarding for pets so they won't get lost or upset by all of the strangers around. As they told me -  “Our priority is making sure it’s a smooth transition for everyone involved—both two and four-legged!” These are the ladies we got the Pet Owner Ten Commandments from.

Isn't that just wonderful? I liked them so much I kept going behind the table to "talk" to them. They were very very nice. They encouraged Mommy to enter their hourly drawing where they were giving away gift cards to Petco and Petsmart. Guess what! Mommy WON! What a hoot! She never wins ANYTHING!

Look them up - especially if you live in the area and are buying or selling a house. I guarantee you will like them and all they do.

After we left the DOGGONE DUO, we managed to score some food, some TREATS (of which I get NONE) and even a couple of bandannas. We stopped at this one booth where the people were selling SUNGLASSES holders for dogs. Guaranteed to keep sunglasses in place. So I thought, why not(?) and I tried them on. Well, the makers of the holder did not take SNOUTLESS pups into account when making their device and so it was less than successful on me. As you can see, the glasses are askew on my face. And if you look closely you will see the glasses were actually resting ABOVE my eyes. EPIC FAIL!

We chatted to ALL of the dog boarding, day care, walker, trainer vendors. They were pretty nice and gave Mommy all kinds of ideas. No, she is not thinking of going ANYWHERE and boarding me. But it is nice to know where the places are and how the owners run their businesses.

There is one more table I want to talk about but I will leave that for tomorrow. In the meantime, get a load of THIS - our LOOT from the Niles Dog Show