Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pug Mug Fun

Found at Marshalls 


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

She's Your MOTHER, After All!

Happy Earth Day 2014. 

I am happy we have made it THIS far despite all of the wear and tear we inflict on Mother Earth. But we shouldn't rest on our laurels, however small they are. Everyday should be Earth Day in honor of this great planet on which we live and thrive. Every day we all need to REDUCE (and not just our waistlines), REUSE (I love hand-me-downs), and RECYCLE ( or better yet, limit the amount of packaging we buy with our goods. Less to recycle.)


At our house we try so hard to adhere to all of these rules. It is hard, though, because we were born into a consumer society and CONSUME we do. So we have too much stuff - like my BIN of toys and CLOSET of clothes I seldom wear. But instead of throwing out the old stuff, we look for ways to recycle them - donate to charity, hold garage sales, and rework into something new (like a old wagon into a planter).

In this DROUGHT year, it is easy to keep water conservation in the forefront of our thoughts. But this is NOT the way it should be. We should ALWAYS be concerned with how much water we are using. If it is more than we need, we are WASTING it. That is just not right.So we try to trim usage down to a minimum needed for health and happiness. I PUGSONALLY volunteered to STOP ALL BATHS in an effort to conserve water resources. Of course, this was met with resounding NOs and P.U.s. So I guess I will still be enduring a bath now and again - just not once a week or anything,

We have not ONE but TWO compost bins. All of our food scraps go in there and since my Mommys are vegheads, that means it is all veggie waste anyhow. When the scraps breakdown nice and neat (the worms LOVE our bins and they are a major reason the resulting soil is so rich), Auntie T spreads it around the yard to make our flowers and vegetable garden very happy. We have a family of 6 humans, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds and yet we use the smallest waste bin offered by the garbage company. We do our best to keep waste to a minimum.

Finally, we try to limit our fuel consumption by taking the train or other public transportation when we can. My Mommy #2 spends over 3 hours a day commuting to and from her job because she takes the train and shuttle to and from work. She used to take light rail to the train station but that made her daily commute even longer so it made no sense. But as gas prices sky rocket (up over $0.80 in the past month) she may return to her VTA to train pattern to cut back. And when at home, we try to make sure only the necessary electricity is used. Lights are limited, the heater is set low, air conditioning high or off, and appliances are unplugged when not in use.

If EVERYONE contributes to change, even just a little, it can make a BIG difference in how Mother Earth survives. Let's make EVERY DAY EARTH DAY and help her THRIVE.

Happy Thing #54: Helping Mother Earth LIVE

Monday, April 21, 2014

Noodles - The PEEVED PUG

The EASTER BUNNY made his opinion of my request LOUD AND CLEAR

Note: There are CAT toys and treats as well

So THAT means all offers are OFF the table and I may behave as I SEE FIT! Look out household!!!

Noodles, the PEEVED PUG

Human Gatherings (there is no END to the amount of FOODABLES dropped!!!!)

Friday, April 18, 2014

An Open Letter to the Easter Bunny

This is our SHARED haul from last year

Dear Mr. Bunny (or Ms. Bunny, if that is the case);
I just want you to know that I love and respect you. And I hope this year the weather is kind to you so you can get your job done quickly and efficiently.
While we are on the topic of your job, can I ask a small favor? Can I have MY OWN Easter Basket this year - like I used to pre-Molly? I am not really being selfish or anything. It is just that I now share my beds (granted, I have more than one); and I share all of my toys (okay. even though most are the ones I no longer care about); and my food (treats and kibble. . .sigh). Isn't it enough? Can't I have one thing that is MINE, Property of Noodles the Pug?
I promise I will do my best to achieve the following
  • quit air-licking for twenty minutes at a time.
  • quit nipping at the ankles of someone who makes me do something I don't want to do
  • quit charging after someone who stops me from doing something I want to do
  • quit behaving like a land shark around Molly's food bowl. It is HER food
  • quit rubbing my eye goop on unsuspecting Mommys
Whew! That is a long list. This is about as much as I can handle, Mr. (or Ms.) Easter Bunny. But I promise if I have a basket of GOODIES just for me, that I will do my best to adhere to it.
Your DEVOTED fan,
Noodles the Pug



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sittin' Pretty

I love being a model. I will sit and pose and act anyway I need to for the camera BECAUSE the camera means TREATS - and lots of them.

Here are some of my most recent PHOTO SESSIONS:

Me and my Sisteroids. This took a lot of PATIENCE!

This was at the dog park. It is one of my best.

SEE! I'll do almost anything for a treat.

HAPPY THING #51: Sitting for Pictures which EQUALS Treats!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny Blog Hoppin' Wednesday


Today is Blog Hop Wednesday. Join me in BUNNY hopping around the Blogosphere.

HAPPY THING #50: Blog Hopping on Wednesdays because I meet so many new FURiends that way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chit Chat

HI Noodles, how're you doing today?

That's how Mommy always starts our conversations. And then she waits for me to answer her. . . and answer her honestly. Because my Mommy is like that. When she asks how you are, she really really wants to know.

So tell me about your day, did you play with Molly or just sleep the day away?

This is the follow up to how I am. And again, she expects an answer to the question. So I tell her about snoozing until 10am and then tossing a few toys around with Molly. Then we play a vicious game of Bitey Face, I tell her, and then we nap until you get home.

Doesn't sound like too much fun, she tells me. . . ah, but it IS Mommy, I tell her back.

What would you like for dinner today?

This always gets my ears bouncing, my step steppin' and my tail/butt wagging. Did you just say FOOD, I ask? Why I would like a bowl of delicious kibble, please. And if you still have those frozen haricots verte I would like those as well. Maybe cut them a little smaller so I can savor them longer.

Noodles, are you my GOOD girl?

I wouldn't have it any other way, Mommy. Not for the world.

HAPPY THING #49: Chit Chatting with my Mommys