Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TWO DAYS REMAINING!!!!! And By The Way, Mommy's Home

REMINDER - All Contest Photos are due by
Midnight FRIDAY, October 21, 2017

So I was so HAPPY Yesterday because my Mommy came home from San Diego. She shared some PHOTOS with me so I am sharing them with you.

********************************Dateline Wednesday *******************************

This is the MAP Mommy showed me of her walking route. The bottom right, where it says Hil and Park Blvd, THAT'S where Mommy started every day. The Hilton Bayside is where she stayed. Today she walked along Harbor where the Convention Center is. Then she cut to the promenade along the Bay.

This was the front of the convention center AND Mommy's shadow! It doesn't look so long but IT IS. This is letter F and Mommy started at letter H. She was heading to A way way way down the street. On the Map this roughly corresponds to the Gaslamp District which was across Harbor, the railroad tracks, and the lightrail tracks from the Convention Center.

When Mommy got closer to these twin towers she thought it was a pretty picture - especially with the palm trees lining the roadway. She remembers when San Diego only had a couple of tall buildings like this. That was a long long time ago.

Mommy walked up to Sea Port Village and then crossed back to the bay side. She walked a third of the way around the park right in front of Sea Port Village. She had planned to do it all but was running out of time. 

 That is the Coronado Bridge in the background. It is iconic and it links San Diego with Coronado Island. Remember Mommy had lunch on Coronado Island yesterday? Well she crossed that bridge to do so.

Before she knew it, it was time to get her and Aunt B's luggage and check out of the hotel. They waited a while at the airport because the flight was delayed over 45 minutes!! She was reading a good book so she said time just FLEW! Haha, Mommy. The above photo is of San Diego by Seaworld. This was the last they saw of San Diego as they flew away.

At Last!!!!! SAN JOSE! Do you know the way to San Jose? I sure don't. I live here and I would get lost trying to get here. Mommy says it is really easy, though. One loooooong highway ride.

See the shadow of the plane on the freeway? Isn't that a cool shot? Aunt B took it.

I am so happy my Mommy is home that I CAN'T STOP grinning! I hope Mommy does not go ANYWHERE for a good long while. I miss her too much when she does.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stopping to Smell the . . . Stuff!

Because Mommy is away from her "office", she feels she can get out and explore during part of her day. Don't worry. Her boss thinks she is not working AT ALL even though she told him otherwise. So she walks. The first day she and Aunt B walked about 5 miles and yesterday Mommy figures she did at LEAST that much. There are a lot of neat-o things for her to see. One of the things she likes to do is check out the local flora. In San Diego it is not too different from NorCal - except for the more desert-y places outside of SD. We don't have those so much in the North. These are some pictures of some FLORA she saw on her walk this morning.

This is the view from her "office" for the next couple of days. Not too bad, eh? She is going to take a walk later and see some more of the downtown area. She might even head over to the mall, Horton Plaza but she is not much of a shopper so maybe not. She is also going to lunch over on Coronado Island so that will be fun. She is meeting a friend from UNIVERSITY and that means she has known this person for DECADES!!! Remember, I am talking Mommy #2 not Mommy #1. Mommy #1 is at UNIVERSITY right now. Mommy said it is quite warm in San Diego (kinda like here at home) so she is not wandering a lot in the middle of the day.
She is thinking she MIGHT even break tradition and sit by the pool reading. She has not done something like that in a long long time.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mom's Away and I'm So Blue

Mommy #2 took off again! This time she and Aunt B went to San Diego. For Aunt B it is work - for Mommy there is no good reason. She wanted to go because she always wants to go with Aunt B when she goes to convention BUT Mommy cannot usually afford it. This time it was close(ish) to home. Plus Mommy loves San Diego and likes to take any opportunity she can to visit. She sent me some photos of what she is up to so I thought I'd share with you.

This is the view from the promenade in front of her hotel. You
are looking at Coronado Island here

Downtown San Diego. She was just past
 Sea Port Village down in the Marina 

This is a statue of the famous WWII photo called
The Kiss. It stands next to the Midway, a Navy
carrier now a museum

This is a view of the Naval Station on Coronado Island. That
is the Aft portion of the Midway on the right and a modern
carrier on the left in the distance at Coronado

Mommy and Aunt B took a tour of the Midway and really enjoyed it. There were a lot of Naval veterans who were docents at the ship and they told a lot of stories and gave background information about the running of the ship and what it was like to be in the OCEAN on the ship. She said it was very fascinating. Her favorite part was being on the flight deck and seeing all of the planes and helicopters. While they were there, she and Aunt B got to see the Disney Wonder take off for Mexico. If you have never been on a Disney Cruise or seen it take off, you gotta. It is the most festive and fun thing ever. Or she she told me because dogs other than PLUTO are not allowed on the cruise.

This is the inside of a deli Mommy walked to. It is downtown
but close to the convention center. It has wall are dedicated to
the world famous San Diego Comic Con
In the background of a walking bridge. It looks like a sail.
It connects from Mommy's hotel and Petco Park (you can see an
edge of the park on the left side of the picture)

This is Mommy's hotel. It is surrounded by the
train yard/docks on the left, Petco behind, the
Convention Center to the right and the San Diego
Bay/Coronado from the front.

I'd say she has it pretty good there in San Diego. Once she returns, I am going to let her know how much I appreciate her having fun and leaving me at home!

In the meantime, KEEP those costume photos rolling in AND pass the word. The more the merrier! I will post them on Thursday and Friday. And remember, you have until MIDNIGHT Saturday October 21, 2017!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Like I Said - Let's Have a Contest

Mom! Quit using this picture! Yes, it's cute
and all. . . but STOP!

So like I promised, here is the contest details. I hope I did not leave anything out. Oh wait! I did. All entries must be in by Midnight October 21, 2017 to qualify for the prize.

Sorry for the SHORT entry time. I want to get the PRIZE PACKAGE out as soon as possible due to its theme.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

As Fall Carries On, Costumes Come Out Of Storage

It is THAT time of the year - when costumes start coming out of storage and onto unsuspecting PETS. You have already seen my PINK HAIR which I totally ROCK! I actually love how it falls across my shoulders and tickles my nose. I can wear it all day and FEEL GOOD about myself.

Molly is compliant for a lot of costumes but she does not really like hats. She is not really standing still in this picture but luckily Cousin E is an awesome photographer and captured her perfectly.

Only Cousin E can put costumes on Sunshine the Cat. And Sunshine will tolerate it for quite a while before it HAS to come off. No one else can do that to her. And yes, there is always a retaliation of some sort.

Me? I'm the easy one. Just flash a treat at me and I will wear almost anything. And as the BIG DAY gets closer, Mommy starts prepping new costumes or primping old ones. All I do is answer the door in them . . I used to Trick or Treat when Mommy #1 was a young girl.

Tiffy, Molly and Me 2 years ago

So How about you? Do you like costumes? I am having a contest and I think it will have to do with COSTUMES. Stay tuned for more information.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Noodles, The Gifted Pug #ChewyGoodyBox

A Beauty and a Scholar
  1. having exceptional talent or natural ability.

Oh! What's that? There is another meaning to GIFTED? You mean I am NOT the smartest pug in town? Oh. . . I see. I may STILL be SMART but you meant I have RECEIVED GIFTS! I see. Hmmm. That kind of changes what I was going to write. Gimme a minute to collect my THOUGHTS.

Well, yes! I have certainly received a bumper crop of GIFTS over my 8 years. I am a very fortunate pooch. 

Here is the proof - the new CHEWY GOODY BOX: Tiny But Mighty. That sorta describes me, huh? Anyhoo, this all came about when Ms. Natalie from contacted me about RECEIVING and REVIEWING their newest product, right in time for the HOLIDAYS, the GOODY Box. Well you know me - I said SURE.

There were THREE (3) to choose from:

  1. Bone Appe-treat (A surprise dog treat selection)
  2. Meow Your Talking (A surprise cat toy and treat selection)
  3. Tiny But Mighty (A surprise dog toy and treat selection)

Now I WANTED to choose a box FULL of treats but SOMEhuman made me choose the "activity" box with a toy. She pointed out my treat restrictive meal plan as proof the Bone Appe-treat was a BAD IDEA. Also, she was afraid the Bone Appe-treat might be for bigger dogs which is cool for me, a BIG dog in a small package, but not Molly the petite princess pup.

Doing my research and based on other GIFT BOXES I have received over the years, I knew the Chewy Goody Box was priced comparably and offered about the same in terms of what it might include. WHAT I didn't know was how much and what kind of STUFF would be used to create the GOODY BOX.

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Bear with me while I chronicle one of the BEST DAYS of my life -

Is This for US?

Look Noodles, there is something in the BOX

Whattha? It's a box in a box! That isn't fun.
But it is a CUTE box, right? How did those
Goldfish crackers get on there?
This is what we found inside. HOLD onto your KENNELS! This you will NOT believe!

Is that AMAZING? There are ONE, TWO, THREE Treats, One Two Three cans of ULTRA food, and a SQUEAKY TOY. Excuse me while I HIDE the toy for my pugsonal stash.

Think about it. Top quality treats. . . and some SNACKS. . . and a toy. That is some serious GIFTAGE. I can really see how this is the best idea for PET GIFTS. I have already started my list of FURiends who will be the lucky recipients of one of these. 

If I can add one suggestion for CHEWY.COM regarding these Goody Boxes, include somewhere the gifter can indicate allergies of the giftee and have some allergy-free snacks ready to substitute. That way NO PUGGY gets left out of the joy being as GIFTED as I am.

Thank you for sending me one goody box free of charge so I can try EVERYTHING and then give you my unbiased opinion* of such. 

*All opinions are mine and I do not get paid for them

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

To Distract From the Bad I Need . . .

I don't know about you, but I need a distraction from all the bad things happening right now. I mean, look at what has gone on in the last two MONTHs-

  • Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria, Nate and now Ophelia. The first 3 were Category 3+
  • HUGE 7.1 Earthquake in Mexico 
  • Raging wildfires in North and South California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Colombia
So I decided I wanted . . . NO I NEEDED some cookies. But not just any cookies. Nope, I wanted HALLOWEEN sugar cookies. So I got this

Yes! The perfect FAST way to satisfy a cookie CRAVING. And for that craving, they did the trick. Yes, I know sugar is not good for PUGS. It's not good for HUMANS either, but I don't see them stopping from eating it. And yes, SUGAR is insidious and shows up in the strangest places.

But there was something other than SUGAR which made this package of Pillsbury cookie dough particularly insidious. Something so underhanded and scary. . . I uh . . . can't quite get my HEAD around it . . .

Yes, you guessed it - the package contained a MASK for Halloween Trick or Treating. I should have noticed the CLUE: Note Mr. Pillsbury Dough Boy. 

See what he is wearing? Cousin E spotted it investigated it. Turns out the package included a MASK.

She cut it out. Next thing I know, she is putting it ON ME and PLYING me with treats. TREATS!!! How can I resist? I totally fell into that COOKIE TRAP.

Still, you gotta admit - I am totally ROCKING the mask!

And KNOW WHAT? I actually do feel better. But just to be safe, I think I need another cookie/