Monday, May 13, 2019

I'm Just Sitting Here

                               Watching The Wheels
by John Lennon
People say I'm crazy Doing what I'm doing
Well, they give me all kinds of warnings
To save me from ruin
When I say that I'm okay, well they look at me kinda strange "Surely, you're not happy now, you no longer play the game" People say I'm lazy
Dreaming my life away
Well they give me all kinds of advice
Designed to enlighten me
When I tell them that I'm doing fine watching shadows on the wall
"Don't you miss the big time boy, you're no longer on the ball?"

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round I just had to let it go  Ah, people ask me questions Lost in confusion Well, I tell      them there's no problem Only solutions

Friday, May 10, 2019

NOT Gonna Be Home ALONE!!!!

"HOME all alone while everyone else is traveling? Hahahahahhahahaha - what were you thinking?" Mommy Hamilton

Honestly, I thought I was gonna be left to fend for myself and I was just a little upset. So I sassed Mommy and ignored her a little. But she kept getting in my face and asking what was wrong. So finally, I blurted out that I was upset she was leaving me home alone (well, with Sunshine, Molly and Jade) while she traipses off to a wedding! I mean . . . harrrrumph!

Internet search result -
Couldn't find the copyright. 
Yeah, Mommy thought THAT was hilarious. She said something to the effect of

AS IF!!!!

It turns out my salvation is my Aunt T's friend C's sister S who so happens to be

That's right - Lulu's mom, is gonna be HOUSE AND PET sitting HERE!!! And Lulu is gonna be here too. I am so excited. You know how much we love having Lulu as a guest here. She is almost like a COUSIN. So I am not mad any more. The casa is gonna be hopping with DOG ENERGY and regular meals.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Sweet 16 - Again?

Yesterday was Sunshine's 16th BIRTHDAY. That's kind of a big deal in CAT years. It's a big deal in DOG years as well. To Sunshine, it was no big deal. WHY? Who knows. She is secretive like that.

I have a theory about that. I think we have LOST TRACK of Sunshine's age and keep celebrating her 16th. Or maybe it is more like the "I'm only 39" thing that SOME people use - over and over and over again.

In any case, we celebrated. Well, SHE celebrated. Only Sunshine got a special meal with a candle in it. Only Sunshine got to eat at a special time. We just ran around yipping "Happy Birthday" and expecting a CAKE that never came.

I do want to add - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (no matter what number it really is) Sunshine the CAT! You are the best sisteroid in the WORLD.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday To-Doing

I am kind of thinking I am in a rut. I pretty much do the same thing day in and day out and the only change lately was last week with PABLO and MOOSE spending a few days.

And this is kind of what we did MOST of the time. Not ALL the time, but most of it. Then, of course, there were meal times to break up the napping. And there was TOY playing - a lot.Normally our toys stay in the basket neat and untouched.

I am thinking this might be a good day to do some exploring. There are many SMELLS circulating and I must figure them out.

I heard a rumor that the 'rents and cousins are TRAVELING far away next week to some as-yet-undisclosed-to-me-location. I am a little miffed that I was neither included or informed. Tonight, while we snuggle and wind down from the days events, I think I will discuss it with Mommy.


But what can I do to get out of this RUT. Maybe I should MIX it UP with another meal? That'd be cool. Or perhaps it is time to change where my BED is located? Or maybe, MAYBE, I could just spend the weekend at Mommy #2's suite. I think that will go a long way toward propelling me out of my RUT.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday is SO Full of Potential

Do you what I like about FRIDAY? Well, basically EVERYTHING! It has so much potential:

  1. Everypuggy is HOME so cuddles and snuggles multiply
  2. No need to wake up early and grumble about going to WORK
  3. Special meals which take too long to make on a WORKDAY
  4. New and different adventure - like a leisurely walk IN THE PARK
  5. FURiends who drop by for a visit
  6. Baseball, Playoff Basketball, and Playoff Hockey - enough said

I can think of so many more but I will leave it with that. Here's to a grrrrrrEAT (get it? g-r-e-a-t) weekend one and all.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cookin' Up Some Fun

This is FLASHBACK to when I was 2 years old and I learned to make DOGGIE Biscuits. It was fun as anything. I was helping my FURiend PUGLET with his project: a dog treat cookbook. It was so much fun.

I kind of miss those days and my FURiend Puglet.

Every once in a while Mommy involves me in her cooking. This past weekend we made LEMON CURD and I helped "TEST" the Meyer lemons to make sure they tasted right. I actually like lemon and that particular kind of lemon is a little sweet anyhow.

This is the end product of our COOKING -

Speaking of fun, it continues with Pablo and Moose. They are goofy boys. Mommy pulled out our basket of toys and they are constantly putting their noses in it and pulling out something new (to them). And Moose walks around with a toy in his mouth! It is so funny, but Mommy has not been able to capture it on her phone. You can imagine, though.

As you can tell by this photo, Pablo feel right at home in Casa de Noodles.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Lost a Day BUT Gained Some FUN - Pablo and Moose are Visiting

Hi Everypuggy. It's me NOODLES. So on Monday, Mommy took off in her car. She was gone FOREVER and FOREVER and when she returned, she had

PABLO AND MOOSE with her. It is true. She drove all the way to their
house to pick them up and bring to our house for a week. It is a pretty short
visit, but at least it is something!

I think you all know how much we love having Pablo and Moose over. And it has been a awful long time since they visited.

We immediately fell into our FURiendship mode and wandered here and there and back here again. And we went out to the backyard AT LEAST a dozen times. It was MAGICAL. And FUN. I love Molly and all but we don't do a lot of fun stuff.

This is what we mostly do

I am so happy they are here and I am gonna enjoy each and every moment. So far it has been a lot of napping.

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Great Northwest Could Not Keep Mommy

Me waiting by the front door

Mommy #2 was gone for FIVE whole days I was so sure she might be gone for good. But I waited. .  . and waited . . . and WAITED! I was almost to the point of despair and then - she walked in the door.
She said she had a super time but missed me a lot. She wished I could go and experience the smells of a completely different place. She said weather-wise it was very suited for pugs.

View from yard toward Suquamish

Mommy said 3 of 5 days were overcast

Coupeville, Whidbey Island

Mommy and Auntie D did some walking around on Wednesday at the Bloedel Reserve which was very close to the house they were staying at. It is a mix of natural flora and fauna and cultured gardens. She said it was really beautiful and relaxing. And on that day, the weather was FANTASTIC! It was sunny and mild and for one day, Mommy was not cold.

What are these?

A reflection spot

Behind the Great House was a view of Puget Sound

She said the other days were mostly driving around and seeing places they did not see last time they went to Washington. They went north to Port Townsend, Whidbey Island and then south to Silverdale, Bremerton and Vashon Island. There were so many differences in the various places. Mommy specifically liked Langley. Whidbey Island AND Poulsbo in Kitsap County (actually across the bridge from Bainbridge Island where they stayed).

The Olympic mountain range as seen from Silverdale

TULIP Langley, Whidbey Island

Pretty bench in downtown Langley, Whidbey Island

Tribute to the Suquamish Indians, Kitsap County

I have said this many many times before, but my Mommy #2 is a wildflower FANATIC. Truly! She cannot help herself when she is around them as she wants to capture the perfect photo AND THEN identify what kind of wildflower it is. This was not easy to do at Bloedel Reserve as they had guide books for BIRDS, CONIFERS and ANIMALS but not any at all for wildflowers. She has been poring through online resources to identify the flowers.

She bought this expensive book at the reserve.
It is inadequate for identifying more than 3
kinds of wildflowers

Here are some she was able to capture on film AND identify

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Day Four of Noodle's SOLO Posts, Thumbless Version

As you can tell, I am searching my PHOTO archives for photos . I really like this one even though you cannot see my adorable face. And all you see of Mommy is her leg showing her STAR WARS socks.

This reminds me of something - I really like Star Wars, do you? I get so excited when I hear the opening theme music. I run through the house and settle RIGHT NEXT TO Mommy and watch, enthralled.

I like to imagine I am a brave soldier of the REBEL ALLIANCE, something like Han Solo. I know, I am a girl. But you know it is MY imagination and I can therefore be anything I want. Like HANNA SOLO, perhaps.

I can see it now - ME zooming into the fray in the Millennium Falcon doing the unexpected and unimaginable.

And we win the day for the Rebel Alliance.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wordless Wednesday - Day Three of Mommy's on Vacation

Mommy I sure miss you
When you're home I kiss you
I'll give you a cuddle
Because I know you missed me too

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

DAY TWO, Post by Noodles

I am hitting the ground running with my BLOG posts. As you can tell, I am totally ready for the TRACK. I like to run but no longer run a lot. I am almost TEN YEARS OLD now, after all.

So, Day Two without Mommy. I got up as usual (maybe a little earlier because I usually cuddle in the morning a little longer with Mommy) and did my morning BIDNESS. Then I QUICKLY ate my morning kibble and promptly stationed myself next to Aunt T while she makes her breakfast and lunch. She always "accidentally" drops a bit of apple or banana my way. It is a YUMMY way to start my day.

What shall I do with myself? I am thinking I will settle in my NEST bed and snooze a while. Aunt B and Cousin C are home this week because it is SPRING break from school. Thank goodness because I don't know how I will manage my potty schedule with no one home.

The weather person has predicted WARM weather this week so I am sure I will be inside a lot of the time.

I checked on the weather in SEATTLE and (no surprise) it is

Monday, April 22, 2019

She's Packed Her Bags and is Ready to Go . . .

Mommy is leaving for a ONE WEEK vacation with Auntie D. They are going to Seattle, again. It makes me very very sad and you KNOW I will be sitting by the door waiting for her. But I do understand that sometimes Mommy needs to explore new places. She would totally take me if she could, I know this.

I have been helping pack as only I can. I have a unique way of pushing everything down so she can more easily close her suitcase.

I advised her to take warm clothes BUT not worry about taking a lot. It is more important that she remembers her BUG REPELLENT and SHAMPOO than an extra pair of socks. LOL!

While she is gone, I am going to try and keep up with the blog ON MY OWN. Please bear with me as typing without thumbs is kinda difficult.

Sigh. I miss her already.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

But What About ME, Mommy?

So as I mentioned, My Mommy #2 has a SOMETIMES short memory. Why do I say this? Well, right after she apologized for NOT taking me hiking AND telling me how sorry she was, she went and did the SAME THING on the very next day.

Not the same place. This time she went to Half Moon Bay to visit her friend Auntie L and my FURiends, Pablo and Moose. Yes, you heard me right. She went to visit MY FURiends. Without me.

(Mommy's note: One of the reasons Noodles was not included in these excursions was she was not at home. She spent the whole weekend and all of Monday with her Mommy #1. That's right, she was livin' the vida COED)

Mommy took the train up the peninsula really really early in the morning. Auntie L picked her up in San Mateo and then drove over the hill to HMB. It was still sunny and mild at that point. It would cloud over and start to rain by early afternoon. BUT not before they had a nice LONG walk on the coast with the boys.

Here's the proof:

Pablo smiling

Moose posing

Ahhhh, all those negative ions feel so good

I think walking all that way means I get a treat