Thursday, August 4, 2011

This not That SPOT

I ponder from this spot
It isn't cold or hot
I like that it is near
The food I find so dear

I ponder 'bout the day
I ponder where to play
I ponder what to eat
And I ponder about my seat

I ponder from the floor
Making sure to clear the door
And away from sliding chairs
Which might pinch my fawny hairs

I ponder from this spot
And more likely than not
I will find myself a treat
Somewhere near my feet


Payton said...

I think that poem is definitely treat worthy! I like to sit against the oven in the kitchen while my mom is cooking in hopes I get a drop of something.

Barbara said...

Very nice poem, Noodles! I hope you get something for it!

Marlene said...

Does this mean if I just simply sit (& pretend to ponder) that a treatable will appear at my feet?!
Love, Marlene said...

I like waiting by the fridge, too. My food bin is on top (sadly, out of reach) so about an hour before dinner-time, I sit and STARE at my parents and breathe heavy until they look down at me. Then I glance up at the food bin and then back at them. They just don't get the hint! Well, maybe I'll have to try this pondering thing - it seems to work for you. Now what to ponder...hmmmm... -Love, Sid.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

We love pondering Noodles and we ponder many of the same things.

Scarlet's favorite pondering spot is the window over the driveway on her groovy flowered pillow.

Meredith & Scarlet