Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ring My Bells

Not long ago I was approached by the fine folk at POOCHIEBELLS to use and review their product. Me, being a curious PUG decided I was up for the challenge and said yes. I am so glad I did because this has turned into a really fun and really successful project.

Again, this is NOT me
For those of you who might not have heard, POOCHIEBELLS are used as a communication tool between pets and their 'rents. They come in several styles from the colored grosgrain ribbon kind to the stylish and lovely leather kind. We have the grosgrain ribbon kind, just like in the photo to the left. Needless to say, they look darn good decorating our door.

The bells came with a set of instructions on how to train your pet. Mommy #2 also printed out the guide and taped it on the glass doors the bells are hung on. She KNEW that some peoples would NOT remember a things she said about training on the POOCHIEBELLS.

One of the main reasons Mommy and I agreed to review POOCHIEBELLS was for Molly. She was pretty good on potty training  BUT she was not pretty good at communicating when she needed to go out; AND that led to more accidents than the humans could tolerate. So we NEEDED some way for her to let us know she needs to go outside. Mommy #2 had been thinking of introducing bells in the door anyhow

It only took THREE DAYS for me to respond to the ringing bells. I DO NOT ring the bells myself as I am very capable of communicating when I need to go outside and do my bidness. So instead I run as fast as my PUGGY legs will take me TO the door when someone ELSE rings the POOCHIEBELLS.

It took Molly almost TWO WEEKS before she was hitting the bells to go out. She GETS IT!!!! She really really gets it!

Here is the process, as paraphrased by me, that the nice people at recommended:

  1. Hang the PoochieBells on or next to the door your PUG or dog uses to go OUTSIDE.
  2. EVERYTIME you take your PUG or dog (I don't think they work on cats but then. . . what does?) outside to do their BIDNESS, let them sniff the bells, then say the BIDNESS command you usually use and then ring the bells. After you ring the bells, repeat the command and take them outside. It is not recommended you give them a treat as they will then associate the bells with treats and not the real purpose which is BIDNESS! Instead, just give them lots and lots of praise.
  3. Be consistent by using the bells AND saying your BIDNESS command everytime the PUGS and dogs go outside. Heap praise on them when they cooperate.
  4. Repeat the method until the dog (PUGS will get it right away, after all) begins to use the POOCHIEBELLS on their own.
And if SILLY MOLLY gets it, I am sure almost any dog will do likewise. It just takes time - that's all.

I have to say I loved, loved, loved dealing with the POOCHIEBELLS humans and NOT just because they said I, Noodles the Pug, was BEAUTIFUL. I mean, duh! But they were also quick to answer all of my questions and gave me tons and tons of information. In addition, the company is environmentally and community conscientious, and its product is more than just a gimmick.

Take time to look at more of their products and CHECK OUT THE SAVING SPOT page, especially. I will write more about that later. I am also going to review ANOTHER product POOCHIEBELLS sent me that has only a remote connection to doing BIDNESS.
Saving Spot


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OK.... so the Bells RING and you TINKLE. Got it.

Molly The Wally said...

Ditto say no more. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Molly The Wally said...

Ditto say no more. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

stellaroselong said...

We are gonna check that page out cos maggie is not understanding it so well, but in her defense mom and dad are not always on the same page!!
stella rose

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Noodles, nice to meet ya. We popped over from Stella Rose's blog. Those bells sound like a good idea. We just pound on the door with our foot when we want to go out. When you see the size of Rory, you will understand why our door is pretty wobbly hehehehe. See ya soon mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Mary Ann said...

Hey, this sounds like a great idea, and thanks for telling us about it! said...

I want a bell I can ring when I want a treat! I mean, currently I have to do like 20 things (sneeze, trot around on tiptoes, stare, growl, etc.) just to get some attention around here. The bell would simplify things.


Two French Bulldogs said...

you can ring it to open the door too
Benny & Lily

Casey said...

Saving Spot is PAWSOME!! Do you know who their rescue beneficiary for February and March is? It's LBR!!

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