Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Game of Treats - A Summons to Act

Our Panel of Illustrious Judges

Judge Sunshine the Cat

Judge Noodles the Pug

Judge Molly Ragmuffin

Walking along the wall known as The Shoji Screen, that barrier between the wild North Den and the Kitchen Table, Sunshine the Cat Surveyed the playing field. Today the trials were set to begin. There will be several challenges the competitors must overcome.

Edibleness: Is this treat worthy of a nosh - or does it only earn a lick or two?

Sit and Waitness: Is this fair treat worthy of the patience and calmness it takes to WAIT for a nibble?

Smellgoodableness: Does the treat intrigue one to eat or does it clear the room with its unwholesome stench?

Trickworthiness: Will one do ANYTHING to acquire the treat?

Sunshine the cat snickered to herself. "As if any treat will accomplish all of the above," she thought. Their naivete will be their undoing, she went on. No treat had ever survived all four tests. No treat has ever proven truly trickworthy. That would require something more than a handshake or even a play dead. No, to be truly trickworthy, a treat must elicit an UP and TURN. Sunshine the Cat continued on her way to the arena. She shivered a little as the chill wind whipped past her. Yes, she thought. . . winter is nigh.

Skittering up the wall, a spider cast a prediction for the DAY - Four will play, only one will stay.

End of Chapter Two
Check back tomorrow for the conclusion to
A Game of Treats

Today is Wednesday - don't forget to HOP.


stellaroselong said...

we loved that picture of noodles on the trike! good chapter.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

Love the trike picture!! I think I should learn to do that.
Bailey & Hazel too

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

NOODLES... you have your OWN Motorless Cycle??? THAT is sooooo Cool.

Can't wait fur tomorrow's installment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this Game of Treats looks like it has already worn Molly Ragmuffin Out!

The Mad Scots

Studio Kaufmann said...

What an adorable menangerie you have! they must amuse you all day long. I am especially impressed by Noodles doing his Cirque de Soleil tricks on that tricycle. Saying hi from Wordless Wednesday.

Deanna Watson said...

WOW good tricks! Very smart pets there.
My blogpaws ww entry is #110. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?

Tweedles -- that's me said...

the kitty cat is soooo fluffy and pretty!
tweedles said...

This is getting intense! At least you have the best judges assigned to the task. Although I imagine a treat must be pretty good to make Noodles hop up on a tricycle and take a ride. LOL!


Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL don't drive fast for treats