Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 6 and It's National Noodle Day

Hey EveryPUGGY!!! It's National Noodle Day. I think that applies to NOODLES as well (snicker. . . snicker). I am pretty excited about having ANOTHER day when the whole country celebrates


My first Halloween Costume - a Bowl of Noodles

There is just so much GOOD when it comes to Noodles. Did you know the word noodle is derived from the German work nudel which means.  . . . . . . um. . . . noodles. So, moving on, noodles are generally small pieces of dough that are pressed or stretched oftentimes into long thin strips. Then they are boiled, fried, steamed, and so on, covered with a variety of sauces and foods, and served as a main meal. Yummy.

However this NOODLES is characterized by fawn colored fur, a black mask, velvety rectangular ears, a curly-like-a-cinnamon-roll tail, and large brown liquidy eyes.

Noodles have been recorded as being a food staple for 1600 years; however, a 4000 year old noodle was supposedly found preserved in SOMETHING along the Yangtze River in China. That is truly amazing.

This Noodle(s), though has only been around for 6 years and I originate from Sunny Northern California.

So grab a bowl of your favorite noodles and Celebrate in honor of this humble food and this NOT SO humble PUG.


stellaroselong said...

we love noodles, and mashed potatoes, and chicken, and green beans....oh I am so sorry I am digressing...anyway we love noodles...............stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

Mom had noodles yesterday in her lunch - guess she was a day early for Noodle day
Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

Two French Bulldogs said...

That's what I'm talking about! Noodles
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

Happy Noodles Day! Yes, it IS all about you.
Daisy and Scooter Pugman

MilitaryPugWife said...

We love noodles! And you!

Julie said...

I finks evfurryday should be a NOODLES day!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Casey said...

We loves noodles, but not as much as we loves Noodle!

Pug Slope said...

HIYA Noodles! Your tail looks so magnificently curly in that photo! I don't know about you, but I'd definitely eat a 4000-year-old noodle.