Friday, November 20, 2015

Sunshine is All Like. . . I'm THE Cat in the House

Taken last week when it rained

Most of the time I like Sunshine the Cat. She is a good cuddle companion - sometimes. She is not obtrusive - usually. And she -mostly- does not INTRUDE on my TREATS.

Well that changed this month when SHE received the monthly REVIEW package from You all KNOW how much I love the TREATS sends to me. And I share with Molly WITHOUT complaint (sorta). But due to some WEIGHT FLUCTUATIONS and the approaching holidays, Mommy convinced me to ALLOW Sunshine to review this month's treat. There were some AWESOME Cat selections: Natural Balance Perfect Bites; Johnny Cat Litter Box Liners (NOT edible);Orijen Original; and Purina Pro Plan True Nature Cat Treats. Admit it! Those are some wonderful choices.

Sunshine chose Orijen Original Cat treats as she knows that Orijen is a great company (from Canada) that really cares for pets and the environment. She reminded me that long ago she actually tried and reviewed their CAT FOOD. I had forgotten. She also bragged that Orijen only uses locally grown and captured food sources which makes their CARBON FOOTPRINT very low AND their control over quality HIGH. I can't argue with that logic. . . I just can't. If you would like more information about the company, and I highly encourage you to do so, CLICK HERE

Orijen treats are "Biologically appropriate" and in the case of FELINES, this means high in proteins. . . MEATS. Not pea protein. . . not other vegetable proteins. . . not peanut butter. . . REAL MEAT and REAL FISH is where the protein for Orijen food and treats comes from. Because Sunshine prefers Chicken to Fish, we chose the chicken treats. NOTE - I DID NOT say Flavored treats. That's because the flavor in these treats is from the MEAT AND FISH and not a flavor additive.

Orijen Original Cat treats are 100 PERCENT meat which is freeze dried. Period. No preservatives. . . no fillers. . . just high quality locally raised CHICKEN. 

Most importantly, how does Sunshine the Cat like Orijen Original treats? Well, let her tell you in her own words:
"I insist that from now on THIS CAT will no longer consider Orijen Original Cat treats a -TREAT! Instead, I decree that a few delicious pieces of freeze dried chicken be added to my meal EVERY TIME as an integral part of my meal."

She talks all snooty like that, you know.

So in summation, this is how Sunshine scored Orijen Original Cat treats:
  • Flavor - Four dainty cat paws
  • Appearance - Four dainty cat paws
  • Nutrition - Four dainty cat paws
  • Not having to SHARE with Pug and Dog - EIGHT dainty cat paws
Do yourself a favor - if you, the DOG of the house has a CAT also sharing space, do not. . . I repeat DO NOT let them know about Orijen Original Cat treats. They will only LORD it over you like, FOREVER. 

* We received (and very swiftly, I might add) one package of Orijen Original free of charge for the sole purpose of trying the product and reviewing it. We were not not have we ever been paid for our opinions. 


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Mr Chewy has some mighty good stuff!

Samantha said...

Great review!!

Frank The Tank said...

I wish that we had Mr Chewy in the UK he delivers so much good stuff to you all, it's a great review, I must admit I have never tried cat food but after reading that I may just give it a go! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

Anonymous said...

Give a cat an inch an they will take 500 miles. Don't let another installment of Cat Month happen. Take action. Block the mailman from coming to your door! Or, sneak those cat treats. You can eat 100% chicken treats! They can't have that many calories. Lobby, lobby, lobby.

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Julie said...

I agree wiv cousin Frank, I do so wish Chewy delivered to the UK and I would certainly be up fur trying Push-T-Cat treats !
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx