Monday, August 8, 2016

Toughing It Out

My Monday Pose

I hurt my paw some how. I am not sure what happened nor when, even. I just started limping and falling on my face when I got up from my bed. Clearly my foot is hurting me but not to the point of yelping. Mommy even pressed on the bones to see if maybe there was something stuck in my food OR a broken bone. She figured there were no broken bones because I did not react at all when she pressed on it.

I managed to get into a bit of mischief yesterday. The FIRST totally was not my fault. I was lounging on Mommy's lap when she said her knee was starting to hurt and I would have to get down. I looked at her like she was a loon so she put down her knitting and lifted me up. Well, I MIGHT have squirmed some because she lost her grip on me and dropped me from about 2 feet up. We both gasped about it and she promptly picked me up to check for injuries. I was fine, though, just a little caught off-guard. We laughed at our silliness.

Then I jumped off the kitchen level rather than take the 2 steps and MIGHT have jarred my foot. I was more concerned with the noggin knock I got when I careened into the wall. But I was fine, nothing hurt, nothing broken.

Later on, while Mommy and Aunt B were making dinner, I was doing my usual VELCRO-PUG routine and stuck close to their legs in hopes of catching a scrap or two. I MIGHT have accidentally tripped Aunt B one or two times, I can't recall. But I still showed no signs of an owie. It was not until much much later that Mommy noticed I was not putting any weight on my left paw. We put our heads together and could not come up with a single incident where I could have been injured.

She is keeping an eye on me and if she doesn't see any improvement soon, we will be heading to the vet to get it checked out. Pugsonally I think it is nothing to worry about. It improved overnight and I am not in any obvious pain. But that is a worry too since loss of limb function is frequently a sign of a brain disorder.

I feel fine, though, and I think there is nothing to worry about. I'll let you know what happens.


Louis the Blogging Dog said...

Noodles, just rest your paw and it will pawbably get better.
Your Furriend in Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Christmas & Robin said...

Get plenty of rest, my love. Sending lots of good thoughts!

Julie said...

Oh take care of your poor paw dear Noodles, maybe give the Mom tripping routine a miss tonight
Sending you lots of healing licky kisses
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

stellaroselong said...

You did have a lot of tripping and falling incidents noodles, we often trip our mom and we expect one day she will knock her head against the counter top and that will turn into a whole nother story, we sure hope your paw is better by tomorrow. stella rose

Murphy said...

We hope it is just one of those things and it just goes away as quickly as it appeared!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thats a lot of possibilities Noodles.
I hope your better soon.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my dawg!!! Since I'm top heavy, mom picked me up we were close to the ground but she dropped me and I did a flip
Edward (& Lily)

Pug Slope said...

I've tried the ol' "injured paw" routine on my dad once to try and get some sympathy treats. It definitely works, but just don't do it for too long or else you may end up at the VET! Eep!

If you actually are injured, though, I hope for a speedy recovery little lady! I'm sending the good pug juju your way.