Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mommys' SoCal Sojourn

As you all know, Mommy #1 and #2 - along with Aunt B, Cousin C and Cousin E joined our good friends from Sacramento on a Thanksgiving trip to Southern California. They headed out very early in the morning. . . before the sun said HELLO to the Santa Clara Valley. And look at that sunrise! Isn't that simply beautiful? I think they were 30 minutes south in Morgan Hill by the time this happened. Mommy took this picture through the car window but had put the glass down to capture the colors. Don't worry! She was not driving. Unless you count BACKSEAT driving, LOL!

First stop was the familiar and fun city of ANAHEIM - the city Disneyland calls home. I think it is physically impossible for my Mommys to go within 50 miles of Disneyland and NOT stop by for a visit. They say it makes them happy to just walk into the park.

They checked into the hotel first and then wandered to the park and Pizza Port for a tasty late lunch. They timed it perfectly for the Christmas Fantasy Parade. That was really all Mommy #1 wanted to do - catch shows and parades. A little later, after it was dark, they found THE PERFECT SPOT on Main Street USA to watch the electrical parade - Paint The Night.

This was the view across Main Street from where they were sitting. What a magical sight. This is one of the things my Mommys love best about Disneyland - the care and craftsmanship of the decorations. So wonderful and festive. This really puts them in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

The next morning they got up a little later (Yay for sleeping in!!!) and headed south to San Diego and Coronado Island. They stayed in the Navy Lodge on the NAS base on the island. They had a kitchen and a patio and big beds. The only thing missing was ME. I missed them and they missed me - but only service dogs are allowed in the hotel so that excluded me.

You've see this picture but I like it so . . . there!

The next 5 days they spent at the Navy Lodge. Most of the time the weather was nice, like in this photo. A couple of days it rained but that was okay. It was more like short-lived showers sprinkled with sunlight.

A couple of times My Mommys took nice long walks on the beach looking for special sea shells. They found a lot and had good talks and lotsa laughs at the same time.

Thanksgiving was a grand celebration where both families gathered together for a composite meal. There were 12 of them in a small cottage. It was absolutely filled with laughter and happiness and good friends sharing a special meal. I wish I was there but I understand. I had a quiet Thanksgiving supper (Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner which I will review in a few days) with Aunt T and a couple of her friends.

I am so happy they had a good time but I am SURE HAPPY they came back to me.


Julie said...

Its good to have Mommy back home again butt look at the amazing places she got to visit!!!!! The Land of Mouse and that gorgeous beach...WOW!!!! My Mum is green wiv jellyness as its -6° here this morning....Brrrr
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx
(who is having her morning walkies a bit later when it warms up!)

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great trip. We can't believe they visited the mouse rat without you
Lily & Edward