Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doody Duty Thinking

I was outside on Doody Duty (watching my new sister Molly while she did her bidness) yesterday and it got me to thinking. Not about Doody. . .  but about what kind of DOODY we would all be in if we lost the privelege of voting. Yeah, gonna tread the testy waters of politics here.

If we had no say so in what that big HUGE thing called GOVERNMENT did, we would have no freedom to DOODY where we want to . . . get treats when we want them. . . or even LIVE with who we want to.

And that would be no good at all. I am a pampered PRINCESS PUG and I am used to not only EXPRESSING my free will ALL over the place; but also used to having my laundry list of demands met on a continuing basis. MY FREEDOM depends on everyone in the USA's freedom and I do not want to lose it.

So take some time out of your day and VOTE. It doesn't matter who you vote for because at least you are doing the one thing that is important - FREEly choosing who you believe will do the best for this country.

The SOAPBOX is now stored for another 4 years.

OH!!! And tomorrow I PROMISE that Mommy will be back on track and announce the MADLIBS winner (or is it winners????)


Sabrina PugTails said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see who wins. Although we may be a Canadian family who have no say in this election, American politics and America's future still effects us.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Noodles for President!

Scarlet & Meredith

A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Thank goodness that we live in a time and a country that allows us to be the divas/divos that we demand to be! :-D Get out there and Vote today!!

A Day in the Life of Pugs said...

Mama told us we aren't old enough to vote but she did. Even though you vote - your "guy" doesn't always win ...

We agree with Scarlet & Meredith ... NOODLES FOR PRESIDENT!

Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

Idaho PugRanch said...

Yes! Yes!! Noodles for President!
Is it too late for a write in candidate??

Bailey, Hazel & Greta

stellaroselong said...

I agree with you wholeheartly....voting is a privalage.....
stella rose

Flea said...

I voted! Come to my blog and vote for a treat?

Anonymous said...

Noodles, thanks for you insite, we are on board with you. We think the world would be a lot better off if the Dogd & cats ran it and the peeps just did what we wanted.


Your Furiend
Susie & Bites

Two French Bulldogs said...

great insight!! Momma said if her person doesn't win she will say "Doody."
Benny & Lily

Molly The Wally said...

Don't store the soapbox away Noodles you never know when you might need it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

I agree - Noodles for President!

Mason The Big Stinky Dog said...

you got a new sisfur??


Venus Newby said...

Was noodles a write in? Sorry I missed voting for you.