Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coco the Chocolate Lab

RIP Coco
 This is my cousin Coco. She is a chocolate lab. I didn't really know her because she and her peeps live in a faraway place called New Mexico. Sounds like it would be down the street from me but that is another story. Anyhow, I have heard about Coco my whole life because my Mommys knew her and loved her like all their other nieces and nephews fur or otherwise. Anyhow, we heard she was not feeling too well last week and that her humans were struggling to get her to eat. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon.

It was hard to hear this since she was so full of life last time the Mommys visited her. But she was kinda old for a chocolate lab - 11, almost 12 years old - and I guess old age just got the better of her.

In her youth she was quite the active dog - always playing and jumping around. She could put a smile on even a non-dog person everytime she walked in the room. She had that kind of affect on others.

So run free Coco, the cousin I didn't really know but wish I did. You can keep an eye on Koda, Kirby, and Raven from up on high.

HAPPY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Remembering those who have passed on keeps them forever in your heart.


Idaho PugRanch said...

Dear Noodles, we are so sorry to hear about cousin COCO. BIG (((PUGHUGS))) to you and family.
Sounds like she had a good life and will always be remembered.
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

stellaroselong said...

Noodles we to are so sorry to hear about your cousin Coco...it sounds like she had the best life, with alot of people who love her much!
stella rose

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the lost of Coco, we go along with your happy thought and add ours. She is at the bridge with no pain and acting like a puppy with furiends. One day we will all join them, and its pawty furever!

The Mad Scots

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

So Sorry to hear this.

Run FREE and FAST Coco.

Casey said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Run free, Coco!

haopee said...

Awww, noodles. Im really sorry that your mommies are sad because of Coco.

Run free, Coco.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Run free sweet Coco
Benny & Lily

Hilary said...

oh noodles, I am so sorry about your friend...

Janice, 2 Pugs, & a Boxer Mix said...

Noodles, we are sorry to hear about CoCo.

Payton's mom said...

Lots of love to your family during this time.

Bunk said...

Sorry to hear about Coco, Noodles! Coco looks like a sweetheart. <3