Friday, February 7, 2014

Bro Code

I was reminded of something last night in regards to my post about SISTERS - Brothers are special too. I don't have any brothers, so I don't have any firsthand experience here. But I KNOW some brothers who are pretty special to their sisters. So today I am saluting BROTHERS, my 6th HAPPY THING.

Noodle, Mochi's Bro. He is a SNAPPY dresser.

Baloo, Hanna's Bro. Handsome and athletic.

Pablo, Bro to two humans. He speaks FRENCH! Suave.

Riley, Chloe's step-Bro. Something about
those Gingers!

Draego, my BFF Bellatrix's Bro. He is COOL,
for a young'un. I love his pug spirit.

HAPPY THINGS #6: Brothers


Mary Ann said...

That is a VERY VERY happy thing!

Mary Ann said...

That is a VERY VERY happy thing!

Team Beaglebratz said...

Diva Shasta here - yep, this place around here wood git furry much quiet an'lonely when mom goez tue werk if it wuzn't fer my bruther Shiloh. We iz best buddiez, me'an'him. He helpz put the fun in tug o'war an'bitey face.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OKAY.... we talked it over... A LOT fur like 87 minutes.. and we KINDA HAFTA agree that SOMETIMES brothers are a GOOD thingy.
We took turns and were BOTH able to list a couple of times that we were HAPPY to have each other as brothers. Naturally ERNIE had a MUCH LONGER List than I (Frankie Furter) did. Just sayin. hehhehe

Two French Bulldogs said...

Brothers are good to bite their ears

Idaho PugRanch said...

WE love our brother, even though he gets a little grouchy sometimes. And if he wants the spot we are in he just moves himself right in! Thanks for the picture of Bellatrix and Dreago, boy he has grown up!
Greta & Hazel

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Yup, we like this happiness too!

Noodle said...

Mochi here!
Having Noodle for a brother is okay. He smells funny and cries a lot, but he always reassures me when things get scary (vet) and keeps me company when the people are gone. Yeah, I guess it's a good thing. (Just don't tell him I said that!)

Casey said...

I can't really comment because I don't have any brothers. But I'm sure my sissy Cinderella would agree that brothers are the BEST thing EVER!! Or at least HERS is!