Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gimme More and Make Them Sturdy

What Keeps You Happy When You Are SAD?  ------------------------> TOYS
What Makes Your Personal Space More YOU? ------------------------>  TOYS
WHAT Do We All Want More Of? ------------------------------------->  TOYS

I guess you can tell I like my TOYS. I have a lot, too. I get them for holidays and birthdays. I get them for special occasions and for being a super PUG. Sometimes I just get them because they are on sale. And I am very very careful with my toys. I seldom rip them up or disembowel them. When my Mommys are gone during the day, the toys come out. Molly and I have been known to play "catch" with them. More often than not we play Tug-o-War with them. I admit, I am a wuss and most of the time Molly ends up with the toy.

Happy Thing #27: TOYS
Shared, spared, or special - you can't go wrong with toys


stellaroselong said...

Oh I agree 100% wif you Noodles, wesa loves our toys also, and usually we don't tear them up although we do play tug of war wif them a lot, we also do not share well wif stellie rose......just saying.
Angus McConnell

Casey said...

Oh, I love my toys! I have this pawesome dragon that squeaks all down his body, and a grreat big floppy frog and puppy. Those are my favorites of all.

Anonymous said...

Well I am not a toy pupper, but Bites is a tennis ball freak, gots like 50 of them now, and they sure make him happy. As for Me stealing red rags from Dads shop and tearing them up is my happy time.

The Mad Scots

Two French Bulldogs said...

I'm still trying to figure out where your body is
Lily & Edward

Hilary said...

I love toys... Usually I play more with Lucy's toys than she does- she likes to stare at me rather than play too

Frank The Tank said...

Toys are great, My Mum just got me this big Lemon cuddly stuffie that is fun to play with (and hump) and I really like to take care of my toys, it is very rear that I de-stuff them and only occasionally do they have to go to the toy hospital to get their eyes or noses sewn, I love my Kong toys the best because they get stuffed with Food TREATS!!!!!!!!!
Love and licks from your snuggle puggy Frank xxxxxxx

PugSlope.com said...

BOL! My bed looks just like Molly's. My dad wonders how I manage to sleep on top of my stash of select toys that I store in my bed.

I also take good care of my toys which is why I have so many. The collection just keeps growing! :)