Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A LOT of THIS and Some of THAT

How was your MEMORIAL DAY? Mine was busy busy busy preparing for that big day we have approaching so very soon. . . GRADUATION DAY for Cousin E. She is graduating high school, as I believe I have mentioned a couple of times now. This is really something. She is the first of the household kids to graduate from high school although we have numerous puppy school and kindergarten graduates.

So the whole family was busy all WEEKEND doing stuff like cleaning out the garage and putting stuff away that we took out for holiday DECORATION and such. Molly and I were out there helping as well - we are very good at talking to the neighbors, warning everyone that the postman was approaching, and so on. Then after a solid 15 minutes of barking at one thing or another, we were thrown SENT  to the backyard to HELP Auntie T with weeding and assorted yard prep for the grad day BARBECUE. I made sure she put things in the right place. I am good at that. Molly just lazed in the shade.

I am just a busy busy PUGGY, what can I say?

I also went to the DOG PARK for about an hour and that was fun. There was a black pug there but he paid me no nevermind. However, there was this other small dog - I could not conclude a specific breed, though - and he followed me around EVERYWHERE!! I did not play, though. I was too busy scoping the field and making sure I knew where Cousin E was at all times.

HAPPY THING #78: Long Holiday Weekends

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

THAT is super. You have a lot going on fur sure.