Thursday, February 12, 2015


No. I am not a VEGETARIAN. But I do enjoy my vegetables WITH my non-vegetarian kibble.
Mommy says it is also a good way to fill me up since I get such a small amount of kibble each meal.
I like pretty much everything although I am not really keen on fresh uncooked spinach. I like SPINACH in things like treats, souffles, and so on.

According to Petmd these are the best vegetables for dogs:

Apples - without seeds or core (apple seeds contain chemical compounds that are poisonous to animals)
Watermelon - without seeds
Frozen bananas
Green beans
Carrots - raw or cooked
Sweet potato – cooked, cubed or mashed without butter or seasoning; regular potatoes are also good, but in limited amounts since they are high in sugar and can increase weight
Squash, zucchini
Popcorn - unsalted and unbuttered
Catnip or cat grass

What kind of veggies do you like?


Julie said...

Popcorn! Pawfect, so my TV nights are healthy nights as well! Thanks Noodles!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Casey said...

I like your celery as a fashion accessory! You look like the Fifth Doctor. :D

Idaho PugRanch said...

We love popcorn so much that mom & dad quit fixing it cause we get tooo excited about it. But the rest of those veggies all are good too!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

Two French Bulldogs said...

Very good to know. I wonder if i like vegetarian stuff
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

Oh! We can have popcorn? Mom's gonna love that. We don't like raw veggies except carrots, but we eat 'em cooked. Apples!

Daisy and Scooter Pugman said...

Uh, you've got something on your face there, Noodles. :)

Veggies and fruits are good! I love carrots, green beans, apple slices, blueberries, raspberries. I've even enjoyed eating orange slices before!