Monday, August 10, 2015

Chewy Challenge - OR What's Over There

Remember last week when I posted profiles of Molly and Me gazing off into the distance? Some of you guessed correctly, which I find amazing. We received a LARGE box from!!! See it here on our doorstep?

We had received an email from Ms. Sydney at asking if we were interested in doing a 30 day challenge. She asked if we would try SOLID GOLD food for ONE ENTIRE MONTH  . . . Of course, I was jumping up and down yelling YES! YES! YES!

For me, this is NOT a CHALLENGE at all. I see FOOD. I EAT food. I LOVE the food. Just like that. There are some I like more than others - but generally, I am easy to please and always pleased to EAT. 

Molly is another story. She is not big on the EATING game. She eats. She begs. She guards her dish. BUT left to her own devices, she would pick at her food ALL DAY; and maybe not even that if she decided she doesn't like the SMELL or the TASTE. She is so picky.

It was driving me crazy! So I trained her by PRETENDING to be a LAND shark and whenever she walked away from her dish - I SHARKED AND SNARFED her dish!!! I got fat and she got mad. Now she tends to stand at her dish and finish it within 10 minutes.

Ms. Sydney asked up to PICK A FLAVOR to try and we spent half an hour or more perusing the selections. We finally decided on Buck Wild™ Venison, Potato& Pumpkin Recipe. Doesn't that sound YUMMY???? And we don't EVER get venison so it sounded like a TREAT!!!! In a day or two (Believe it!!! It was fast), our chosen flavor arrived.

Molly was more excited than I have ever seen her. She guarded the box and YELLED at me if I came near it!!! And she kept sniffing it and trying to figure out how to open it. One time I walked around the corner and she started LICKING HER CHOPS as if she had eaten something yummy! I got MAD because I wasn't seeing ANY food around. So I challenged her. I hate to admit it, but we got a little loud with our yelling and - I don't remember but I think ONE of us CHARGED the other. It was bad and we BOTH were sent to our BIG ROOM (pen) for a cooling off period. The box with the food disappeared from the foyer.

The CHALLENGE is starting now. . . actually last night. . . mostly because we found our food bear looking like this

I was near tears thinking we had NO MORE FOOD and I, Noodles the Pug, would starve to skin and bones! Bad enough I am on a D-I-E-T!!!

Mommy went out to the garage and came back in carrying THE BOX. She made me pose on it all the while I am WILTING from hunger. Once she RELEASED me from my pose, I jumped down and started "Helping" her open the box. 

Inside was the most gloriously decorated bag of some incredibly fragrant food. How the smell oozed from that luscious bag I will never know.

Thank you!

*We are not being paid for this challenge nor for any of our opinions regarding Solid Gold food. We have received a bag of food free of charge in order to participate in this challenge. All opinions belong to Noodles, Molly, Sunshine and occasionally the huMoms.


MilitaryPugWife said...

Aww that is awesome!

Idaho PugRanch said...

We will be very interested to hear how you like this food Noodles, we know you really liked the Natures Variety Instinct. Mom says she wonders about the cost too. We like NVI but we are trying something else that is not as expensive. We have not had it long enough to really tell anything yet.
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woofs to Chewy and Solid Gold, Enjoy. Golden Woofs

The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like a yummy and fun challenge! Have fun!

The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like a yummy and fun challenge! Have fun!

Casey said...

Mmm, venison potato & pumpkin sounds DELISH! I can't wait for the full report.

stellaroselong said...

We are wondering how you will like it also and the cost. stella rose