Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Went and Did It Again

Hmmmmmm - so the day went and did it AGAIN! It became Monday WAY too soon and WAY too fast. Oh, excuse me. That is redundant. I can't help it.

It is Monday.

So I started it like any other day with a pee and my breakfast IN THAT ORDER but exclusive of each other. I like routine. It keeps me sane.

BUT then it got all weirded out when Mommy #1 came down dressed in a strange outfit (something about Spirit Week) and Mommy #2 was up and dressed early with KEYS in hand. That was when I realized. . .

It isn't the WEEKEND anymore, Noodles!

I am trying to regain my bearings right now with a PILLOW and a serious NAP on the horizon. Perhaps when I awake the day will be TUESDAY and I will be reassured that a normal day will ensue.


Pet Portraits By Becky said...

don't we all have those Monday blues! My pups are always looking to see if their daddy is going out of town.

The Daily Pip said...

I am right there with you, Noodles. No fun when the humans leave for work and school.

MilitaryPugWife said...

Ha I hear you! I was so mad my daddy left this morning!
Xxoo MaddiethePug

stellaroselong said...

Mom has HBO words for Monday, we cannot say them. We are sleeping on dads lap at least. stella rose

Julie said...

Why oh why does it keep doing this to us Noodles, eh???? Monday just sneaks up when you least expect it, *sigh*
Good plan though, lets NAP our way through Monday…ZZzzzzzz!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Monday should be renamed to MEANday..

Hey Noodles... we have stopped Bleeding Followers and in FACT actually GAINED one.

Idaho PugRanch said...

Mom says only about one more year and everyday will be a weekend day cause she will be retired!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

LBJ said...

Your Mommies are brave for facing Monday without that extra nap. I hope Mom #1 has fun today.

Abby Lab

Murphy said...

We don't really have Mondays at our house.

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Two French Bulldogs said...

When you wake up hopefully the mommas will be home and dressed normal
Lily & Edward

Hilary said...

what is wrong with those mommies of yours - the nerve having to go to work.. UGH!

Casey said...

Oh Monday. You know how to ruin the best weekend!