Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wild about Wildflowers

I realized that I HAD NOT used this photo before. It was from
my walk in the park on Sunday. See the blue wildflowers?

Sunday was a beautiful Northern California Winter Day - mixed sun and clouds with sun dominating. . . mild temps and delicious light breezes. It was scrumptious! Mommy said she was finally beginning to feel human again after suffering with the Cold-of-the-Century for NINE WHOLE days so she said
"Hey Noodles! Wanna go for a walk in the park?!"

Like I'm gonna pass THAT up?

So Mommy, Aunt B, Cousin Lil One, Molly and me all piled into Pugsley (Mommy's car) and headed for the park. It was so great to be there after a long long time. Last time we went, the grass was mostly brown and the pond drying up. The pond is still drying up and stunk of decay and algae - but the grass had returned and was peppered everywhere with an amazing array of wildflowers. The flowers in the picture above are Wild Blue Flax and are native to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Don't we look super happy? There's a strange shadow on the left.
Some stranger approaching - maybe?

 More Wild Blue Flax
NorCal Buttercups with Wild Blue Flax

Scarlet Pimpernel 

Miniature Daisy and Dandelion

Funny story - Mommy was taking a picture of a beautiful bunch of daisies. So I went to look at them and decided to "mark" them for future exploration. I "marked" them right as Mommy took the picture so all you could see was my incredible curly tail and adorable butt.

This is a tree - most likely a flowering plum
of some sort.

We had the ABSOLUTE best time on our walk. It's supposed to rain a lot toward the end of this week and into next week. I hope so because it means the NEXT nice day will be a WALK DAY. It also means there will be MORE wildflowers to see and smell and - a-hem - pee on.


MilitaryPugWife said...

Ah the flowers are so pretty!!

Julie said...

You FOUND the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!!! Well done Noodles, I hear peeps haf been seeking here and seeking there and couldn't find him ANYWHERE!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

What fun. We are starting to see wildflowers here too
Lily & Edward

Murphy said...

We don't pee on flowers, just bushes. BUTT maybe I will try peeing on a flower to see if it is good. Thanks for the tip!

Keep Calm & Bark On Cuz It's Less Than 100 days until B*A*R*!!

Murphy & Stanley

Casey said...

What pretty flowers!

Pug Slope said...

I love that first photo of you, Noodles! Looks like you are in heaven romping among those flowers. I can't believe how many different specimens you were able to see (and sniff)!