Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Flowery Time of Year

I really don't have any current pictures of me and FLOWERS. I do have this picture of me and Fancy from our walk a couple of weekends ago. It was a warm day and the smells were intoxicating - both the stinky and the SWEET. I remember walking by this bush of tiny white flowers that smelled sweet and sassy - like me only better because I actually smell like a DOG. Mommy said the bush was Alyssum. They looked like this

I don't have any photos of me with the Alyssum bush - but imagine if I did?

OmiPUG! Why didn't I pose when Mommy suggested it? I look totally cute and I can still remember the smells. 

Me aside, Mommy took some pictures of wildflowers on Bainbridge Island. As you know, she loves wildflowers. So here are some 

Other than the Fern, she does not know the names of any of these plants (okay, not ALL are wild).

Spring is such a magical time. I loves loves loves it for the Flowers and the promise of WARMER days.

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