Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Case of the NEW Case

The other day a BIG box came for my Mommy #1. I didn't know what it was and Mommy #2 said it was not for her or me. It clearly was not a box from because there was no delicious FOOD-LIKE smell emanating from it. But I admit, I was very curious about it.

When Mommy #1 came home from university to spend the weekend, she opened the box. It was a present from Mommy #2  who KNEW all the time what it was. It was a SUITCASE! A new more grown-up suitcase for #1 since she is now NOT A CHILD. Gone is the Princess suitcase that lights up.

AND I know what a suitcase means. It means SHE and possibly THEY are soon going on a trip - quite possibly without me. I hear things, you know. And more than once I have heard D-I-S-N-E-Y batted around. And as we all know, only service dogs are allowed in the Land of Mouse.

So I decided I wanted to go along on whatever adventure they were planning and therefore I jumped INTO the suitcase and made myself comfortable. That way, I figured, they would HAVE to take me.

Take that HUMANS, I teased! You can't get me outta here and I am quite comfortable. You can pack around me and no one will be the wiser. You know I love Dland. You KNOW I love M-i-c-k-e-y MOUSE. You know I HAVE to go with you. 

This is the look I gave when they told me any planned trip is A MONTH away and did I really want to LIVE in a suitcase for a full month? I thought about it and decided maybe that was not the WISEST thing to do, so I hopped out.

Just in case, I pulled these little beauties out of the HAT BOX. Hey Guys! I am ready when you are.

Just saying . . .

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