Friday, June 1, 2018

EveryPUGGY's Getting One So I HAD To!!!

I had been seeing everyPUGGY getting these new NEST BEDS from Costco and I pondered long and hard on DO I NEED IT? I mean, my STAR TREK bed is my absolute FAVE bed and I really only need it during the day (cuz I have maneuvered my way on to Mommy's bed); and not really even then. We have, hmmmm let's see, a brown pillow bed, Star Trek pillow bed from PITK, round red snuggle bed, blue Martha Stewart bed, a Shark bed, and a purple cocoon bed. We all take turns sleeping in all of the beds, depending on mood and room (they are not all in the same room. Sometimes we fight over the bed and then we get in TROUBLE. But you see, other than the Star Trek bed, all of the other beds belong to MOLLY (and the purple cocoon is Sunshine's). So at any given time, I can be BOOTED from a bed because it is NOT mine. And Mommy did not feel right putting any of those beds in her room for when we are just hanging out. So we put our heads together and took a look at the Costco NEST BED.

The thing about the NEST BED is the size. It is PERFECT PUG size. Molly, too, but she can actually fit anywhere, like a weasel (oh! That was not nice. Bad Noodles). Unlike me. I need a little more space to maneuver. But the NEST BED was a little pricey compared to all of our other beds. Even the Martha Stewart ones because we got them on CLOSE OUT. But Mommy prevailed and said I deserved a nice bed once in a while. And so she went ahead and ordered it.

It arrived yesterday and HONESTLY, I didn't know what it was. It is TALL. It is ROUND. It is unlike all of the other beds - the red one being the closest.

Mommy got tired of me looking at it and not climbing in it. She picked me up and placed me in the bed. I felt myself being enveloped in incredible softness like I have never felt before. It was HEAVEN!

This is where I slept ALL NIGHT. Not in any other bed, including Mommy's. For the first time in about 7 years I slept on the floor, off Mommy's bed, and ALL NIGHT LONG.

It is safe to say I LOVE MY NEW BED.

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Idaho PugRanch said...

That looks like an interesting bed. It must be really comfortable for you to sleep in it all night long. I think Hazel would like it if she could get in and out of it!
Hazel & Mabel