Friday, June 15, 2018

Power On! (A Non-Chewy Review)

This is my Auntie Lorraine. She is not my real Aunt. That is what I call older FURiends. She developed a special sock for dogs having mobility issues called Power Paws. I reviewed her product some time back (here's the link to the original post) and I loved them then. If you look on my sidebar you will see a link to her website as well. 

I don't have a real NEED for Power Paws, I have no mobility issues. But I do occasionally drag my knuckles when I walk and I have worn them raw before. So Mommy thought the Power Paws might help keep FUR on the tops of my TOES. Since Mommy and I like to promote local businesses on this here blog, we approached Auntie Lorraine about her product. We have been FURiends ever since.

Auntie Lorraine has a new product designed to AID humans in putting socks onto dogs. In the past, it has taken TWO humans to put socks on dogs because canine feet are clawed AND canines are wiggly. And for humans with hand issues (like arthritis) this is an especially difficult process.

Except for me. I am pretty easy to sock. But Molly . . .

Power On! is Auntie Lorraine's answer to the problem and she let ME test the tool before adding it to her product list. Mommy bought me some PINK Power Paws to use for trial (I admit I trashed my previous pair (like I said, I drag my feet)). The following is a pictorial essay of my trial.

I "loaded" the Power On! tool prior to this photo

Loaded, locked, and ready

Clear, concise instructions are included

Success on the FIRST try

Sock it to ME in less than 10 seconds

Molly's furry limbs and excess energy made
SOCKING it slower - it took 15 seconds to do
her feet
So as you can see, this is a really really GOOD idea that Auntie Lorraine came up with. Coupled with the Power Paws, it is a win win solution for disabled dogs of all sizes. Power On! tool and Power Paws come in all sizes for all dogs - because as you know, SOCKS like dogs do NOT fit all.

We learned a few tricks during our TESTING phase; like

  1. Load all four socks before attempting to SOCK it to your pet
  2. Use the LOGO as a guide for where the top of the sock is from the bottom
  3. Push the Power On! tool all the way up to make sure the sock is FULLY on the foot, especially the toe
We are even BIGGER fans of Power Paws now that there is NO struggle to put them on. We wore them ALL day after the last experiment even though it was HOT outside. 

For me, POWER PAWS is a fashion statement. A WIN-WIN fashion statement.

**I received a set of Power On! tools from Woodrow Wear free of charge for the sole purpose of testing the product. All opinions in this blog are mine alone and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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