Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I’m Still Here Just . . .

I have been doing more than my share of lounging lately. It’s almost become laughable. But it isn’t. It’s because my Mommy’s new job keeps her from helping me  regularly chatting with you. That’s right. It’s HER fault.

My typical day is something like this

  • Wake up before the dawn and LICK until my Mommy gets aggravated enough to get up
  • Run outside to do my bidness
  • Run into the house and straight to my DISH which better be FULL
  • Plop down in my box bed and wait for Aunt T to make her lunch
  • Enjoy the constantly dropping foodables Aunt T drops for me
  • Return to my bed box while everyone finishes dressing
  • Go outside for a post meal jaunt
  • Bark like crazy when Mommy gets ready to leave
  • Wait for Aunt T to gimme a treat when she leaves
  • Go back to my box bed and sleep until a human comes home to FEED ME
That’s what I do everyday - basically just waiting for Mommy to return home from work. That’s long after dinner and long long after the sun has gone down. She comes home - we cuddle and hour and then it is bedtime.

And THAT is why the blog has not been regular lately. 


Kinley Westie said...

Just as long as you're getting your cuddles in!

AnnieBelle said...

Good to hear from you! I love reading about your adventures, even though life is pretty calm right now!