Friday, February 14, 2020

Old Yeller . . . As IF

Mommy keeps calling me “Old Yeller” and I thought she was giving me a “CUTE” nickname - as she often does.

And then I heard there was a movie by the same moniker and I was flattered although it is a sad sad story about a faithful dog. THAT I am. Not the OLD part, just the faithful. That is where the similarity ends. I’m neither old nor a retriever, as in the movie.

My FURS are F-a-w-n, Mommy! Not Yellow!

It was bugging me so finally, during our evening cuddle, I asked “Mommy, why do you call me Old Yeller?”

Because, she said sweetly, you have been YELLING all the time lately.


My box bed is looking pretty comfortable about now.


Kinley Westie said...

Around here, everyone is always yelling, BOL.

AnnieBelle said...

Keep talking to us all!