Thursday, May 24, 2012

FOUR more . . . and the PRES comes to TOWN


Today is a special day. There are only FOUR MORE POSTS until I hit the magical 500 posts mark (I am including today's post). I cannot wait! My plans for a celebration are moving right along. I have so much to do.
Remember to send in your CAPTION for SUNSHINE the CAT's contest. We, Sunshine and I, will be taking caption submissions through midnight Pacific Time FRIDAY 5/25/12. So put on your thinking caps and send yours in now.

Being in the SF Bay area has been very exciting over the last couple of days. Yesterday, President Obama came to Redwood City (near where Mommy #2 works), Atherton, and Palo Alto for fundraising dinners. Then he went down the peninsula to SAN JOSE, MY hometown, to sleep a little and then have some fundraising breakfast. Today he will fly out of Moffett Field Air Station (near where Auntie T works). Traffic was all cloggy last night and again this morning wherever he was/is appearing. But that is okay. No matter what your politics are, it is still EXCITING when the PRESIDENT comes to your TOWN.

That said, Mommy #2 was a little late yesterday because of the excess traffic around all of her routes. That is the part of his visit I did not like.

So I am planning on ANOTHER CONTEST to commemorate my 500th post. I just don't know yet what it will be. Hang in there. The big announcement is coming in THREE MORE POSTS!!!!!


Puglette said...

Hi Noodles!
I grew up in Redwood City! I went to San Carlos High School. I miss it all so much!! WA is beautiful, but there's no place like home.

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Noodles, how extremely exciting! That is awesome! Love, Licks and Hugs from your friend Frank X x x x x X

Idaho PugRanch said...

Hi Noodles!
Our mom grew up in Redwood City too!! She went to Sequoia High School. Her mom and sister live in Sunnyvale not far from San Jose! Pretty exciting that the President was there. I don't think that he has ever come to Idaho.
Bailey, Hazel and Greta

Corbin said...

That Obama dude was in my city a few weeks ago and his peoples blocked the way for the momma's to get home to see me for lunch time! Stupid president dude. He made me miss out on my lunch time snuggles.

tubby3pug said...

Awesome 500 posts, woo hoo!

urban hounds

Molly The Wally said...

oodles of licks Noodles remind me of d-day 500 posts , paw ready on keyboard to say congrats.....
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You are soooooooo correct... no matter what.. THE President is OUR PRESIDENT and THAT is exciting.

Can't wait to hear what ELSE you have planned fur your 500th post!!!

Keith Andrea said...

.,so excited,..can't wait...

Dog Fence said...

Just a few more posts, Noodles!

That's so cool that Obama was in your 'hood. My mom took a video of his convoy when they were driving through Manhattan a week or so ago. I guess there were a lot of cars so she didn't know which one actually had the pres in it.

Can't wait to hear what this contest will be!