Monday, June 16, 2014

Bath. . . Betrayal . . . Bribery

I had a bath on Saturday. I don't mind baths at all as they make me feel so good and clean. Plus I smell better so I get extra cuddles and pats on my pretty puggy head. After cleaning up my furs, face and ears, I tend to get the crazies and run around LA CASA DE NOODLES at full speed.

Once I had calmed down, I was treated to a PAWDICURE. I do not like those a whole lot because the Dremel makes my tootsies tingle. Especially my back right paw - it is insanely ticklish and Mommy usually begins any toenail grinding with that paw. She is so good at it that my toenails look spiffy in no time flat. I was feeling and looking good by this time.

Then Mommy #1 grabbed my harness and leash and put them on me. I was thinking "This day COULD NOT get any better."  AND THEN we went to the car. OMP! I loves loves loves car rides almost as much as a walk in the park. Off we drove in our little Pugsley car.

All was well until I trotted out of the car thinking we were at a NEW DOG PARK (of which we were indeed parked in front) when Mommy redirected my trot to the building adjoining the DOG PARK. It looked familiar as we walked to the door. It smelled familiar when we walked in the door. I came to a GRINDING HALT digging my newly manicured toenails into the linoleum. . . "HEY! This is the place where I GET those nasty shots! This is the place where I had my lady parts removed. This is the place. . ."

Shudder. I immediately tried to leave but that did not work. So when Mommy #1 sat with me on a bench I huddled as close to her as I could - she thought I was being sweet. . . but I was really trying to hide from the V-E-T.

My name was eventually called and even though I insisted I did not NEED to go into the office, Mommy picked me up and MADE ME go in. Once up on the examining table, the V-E-T hugged and kissed me. She looked into my liquidy brown eyes and murmered reassuringly. The she had Mommy cuddle with me while she petted me with one hand.

I never saw it coming. I never suspected anything until I felt a light pin-prick on my front leg. It was over before I knew it. And then the V-E-T gave me a handful of treats. Maybe a handful is a slight exaggeration - but it WAS more than one.

As a final gesture, she weighed me. "Oh No!" Mommy gasped. "Noodles you are THREE pounds overweight!!!" It HAS to be that extra food you get when you go all LAND SHARK over Molly's uneaten food.

Betrayed! Betrayed by a bowlful of food. Sigh. My rations have been cut. The treats all but eliminated. Molly has one shot to eat and if she walks away WHOOSH her food is taken away.

We walked out of the clinic and over the the Humane Society store where MOMMY bought me this tasty HEDGIE as a reward for being a good girl. It was taken away after this nibble.


HAPPY THINGS #88: Hedgies. Bribes or no - they are the best treat.


Two French Bulldogs said...

All we could say is thank God treats were involved
Lily & Edward

stellaroselong said...

Oh Noodles do you think the Vet tech accidently put the toe of her foot on the scales, I mean what else could it be????????
Stella Rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

Noodles, I went to the vet last Thursday for my check up and I had gained 2 lbs since last year. Butt the vet did not complain, guess it is cause I was still growing.
I loves me some hedgehogs!
Bailey & Hazel too

Hilary said...

oh noodles… the injustice… having a perfect day to end this way… I was going to say at least you got a treat but does a nibble even count. if you need to get revenge let me know. Lucy and I will help!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh Noodles, you poor thing. I feel for you. Mom didn't feed me nearly enough after my adventure yesterday, but I am sure she will make up for it today.


Casey said...

Noodles, there's no reason to be skeered of the vet. My dogtor is super-duper nice. She's always talking about how pawfect I am, and she gives me So. Many. Treats!!

Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy said...

Well, there was a lot of goodness mixed in with the bad, Noodles. I think you'd better focus on the good so you don't get yourself too worked up.

Love, Gampy said...

Aside from getting tricked into going to the V-E-T, it sounds like you actually had a pretty awesome day, Noodles. Your nails look fabulous - the color goes really well with your vibrant harness! I'm not allowed to have those hedgie things because the first (and only one) I ever got I ate in like 10 minutes (it's supposed to last like a week) and then puked all over my great grandmother's kitchen floor.