Friday, June 13, 2014

It's The Noods and Molly Show

I like this picture because Molly looks so much bigger than me!

Molly and Me. . . Me and Molly. . . it seems like there is a lot of this going on these days. Before she came into the family it was all about ME! Noodles do this. . . Noodles you are so. . . Noodles, Noodles, Noodles.

Now it is all about ME and Molly.

The Noods and Molly Show

(Audience laughter. Fade in to kitchen scene)
Molly: Hi Noods. Howya doing this fine morning?
Noods: Oh Molly, funny you should ask. I tried to get a job yesterday.
Molly: Wow Noods. What made you do that?
Noods:  I was walking down the street minding my own business when I saw a "Help Wanted" sign. It     said must be able to type, must be good with the computer, and must be bilingual. So I went in.
Molly: What happened next? Did someone shoo you out?
Noods: Well a lady tried. She CLAIMED she could not hire a dog. So I pointed out that the sign said the     company was an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Molly: I bet she didn't like you pointing that out.
Noods: No she didn't. But I put on my best PUG MUG with the liquidy eyes and the lady relented; but         not before she told me she needed someone who could type.So I walked over to the typewriter               and wrote "The Quick Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" twenty times. 
Molly: I bet that really impressed her! What's she say then?
Noods:Well she said she was impressed but she needed someone skilled with the computer.
Molly: I bet that was a bitter pill to swallow. Most dogs do not know computers.
Noods: But I AM NOT A DOG! I am a PUG so I do know computer. I calmly trotted over to the computer and showed her my prowess with several programs. 
Molly: Oh you sure showed her, Noods. She HAD to hire you then - right?
Noods: She said my computer skill was impressive, to be sure; but she still could not hire me because she needed someone bi-lingual And with a smug smile she turned to escort me out the door.
Molly: I am sorry you didn't get the job Noods.
Noods:What makes you think that, Molly? I simply ran to the door to block her from opening it, looked her squarely in the eye, and said "MEOW!"
(Audience laughter crescendos as scene fades out)

HAPPY THING #87: Jokes


stellaroselong said...

bahahah yu showed that womens for sure!!!!!!
angus mac

Mason Kern said...

BOL! Poor noods

Mason said...

HA HA! Nice one, you two. I definitely think you need to do a regular series of The Noods and Molly Show. Your comic timing is fantastic. :)

Sid. said...

HA HA! Nice one, you two. I definitely think you need to do a regular series of The Noods and Molly Show. Your comic timing is fantastic. :)


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