Saturday, July 5, 2014

100 Lovable Things about Noodles

This was scheduled for midnight July 4. Lesson learned - do not use the
Blogger scheduler.

  1. Ears
  2. Her soft, velvet ears
  3. Eyes
  4. Eyelashes
  5. Nose
  6. Snores
  7. Fold
  8. Muzzle
  9. Wrinkles
  10. Butt wrinkles
  11. Left/Right Tail
  12. Playing mode
  13. Ready stance
  14. Panting
  15. Growl
  16. Paw
  17. Fingers
  18. Paw print
  19. Sleepy face
  20. Confused face
  21. Tongue
  22. Yawn
  23. Sneezes
  24. Pouty face
  25. Prance walk
  26. Happy face
  27. Sad face
  28. Pissed off face
  29. Trotting
  30. Leave me alone face
  31. Licking
  32. Whimper
  33. Begging
  34. Sleep growl
  35. Curliness in Tail
  36. Curliness in Tongue
  37. After bath crazies
  38. How she runs to our pillows when she gets in trouble
  39. Puppy dog face
  40. Craziness
  41. Dream twitches
  42. How she has to be in the middle of the mommies
  43. How she always steal our spot
  44. How excited she gets when we say the word:
  45. -bye bye
  46. -walk
  47. -treat
  48. -wanna go to bed
  49. -auntie Bev
  50. -wanna go to the park
  51. Head tilt
  52. Bouncing ears
  53. Smile
  54. Goofy ear
  55. When her tail straightens when tired or exhausted
  56. The way she poo poos and pee pees
  57. How she always pees on the edge of the pee pee pad
  58. How she lays on her pee pee pad like a bed
  59. Her diamond wrinkle
  60. The frog
  61. Spaghetti dog
  62. High fives
  63. Shakes
  64.  Knuckle touch
  65. Lays down
  66. How she looks at the treat
  67. How she will always be under Mommys feet
  68. Softness of fur
  69. How she sits on our heads and hair
  70. Her butt thigh
  71. Soft, pink tummy
  72. Pug sit
  73. how her eyes close when people massage her neck
  74. Ear twitches
  75. Nares twitches
  76. How she sneezes when you pick her up
  77. How she will be under Auntie Bonnie's feet
  78. How she would always be under the table when we eat
  79. How she will always be under peoples feet when cooking
  80. Curlie Qs
  81. How she come to you when you call and the sits on you
  82. Wattle
  83. Sighs
  84. Eye color to black to brown
  85. Any ear Movements
  86. Her Freckles
  87. Back twitch
  88. Jealous Mood
  89. How she plays
  90. Her snores
  91. Tummy
  92. How She Looks in Clothing
  93. How She Gulps Her Water
  94. How She Always Has a Wet Face when She Is Done Drinking Water
  95. How excited she gets when someone gets home
  96. How protective she is,
  97. Her forehead Rub
  98. Her Face when She is waiting for her treat like a good girl
  99. Her mask
  100. Her "Leave me Alone" face
  1. How her ears look like butterflies flapping their wings when she runs
  2. How she helps to get her harness on


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We are sorry that it didn't pop up when it SHOULD have... We use that Calendar and Time thingy... all the time... and now and then... it does Mess up.

LOVE your list of LOVE today.

Millie and Walter said...

There is, of course, a lot to love about Noodles.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Isabelle pees on the edge of the pad too! Drives mom bonkers! Our kitties like to lay on the pads though.

It's hard to stop at 102! Every day is a blessing with you.
Happy birthday again.

Nancy Medina said...

Wunnn-derful!!! Give her a birthday kiss for me and the fatties in Flower Mound!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love all these wonderful things about Noodles!

Idaho PugRanch said...

There is definately a lot to love about Noodles
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Two French Bulldogs said... are very special
Lily & Edward

Hilary said...

noodles you are the best-est!!!

stellaroselong said...

Ahhhh we loves all these things too.
stella rose

Payton's mom said...

And the list could go on and on! We love you Noodles!
Christy said...

You certainly have a plethora of amazing qualities, Noodles! My favorite was "Prance Walk" - I have a little bounce to my step, too. People seem to enjoy it! :)