Thursday, October 23, 2014

California Groovin' With Tiffy

California Dreaming. . . .

Hi all. Tiffy, again.
This is the life! There is always so much todoing around this place that I am never bored and never starved for company. I miss my 'rents and my own home, don't get me wrong - but aside from all that, a vacation at Casa de Noodles is really a treat.

Speaking of treats, I have had some good ones. Sid, you are SOOOOO right about Noodles having a bunch of DELISH treats at her house. The variety is amazing. Not that we get a lot of treats because, as any regular reader knows, Noodles is always watching her waistline. I savor those times we do get treats because they are amazing. Last night we had steamed sweet potato. It was still a little hard, not crunchy, though. Oh so sweet. I could have eaten it all. Then there are these JERKY TREATS that Noodles and Molly are testing for . . well they can't beat my DAD'S homemade jerky but they are mighty fine eating.

Yesterday was so lovely and warm that we spent a lot of time outside. I like to sun and there were ample places I could recline and shine. Noodles also likes to sit in the sun but she is much less obvious about it than I am.

I triple dog dare you to find me

Molly, being the somewhat free-spirit that she is, was no where to be found (by the camera). Truthfully she was also reclined, under the magnolia tree. It was just that kind of day where outside was the place to be.

When it was time to go inside, I had some difficulty finding the door. See, my eyes do not adjust to the change from light to dark too well and I was totally flummoxed as to where the door opening was. I stood there for a minute trying not to panic when out of the door comes Molly. She walked up to me and nudged me a little with her nose. I looked at her like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MOLLY? Well, she walked around to my backside and nudged me again - very gently, mind. She did that a couple of more times until I found myself in front of the door! That, dear readers, is a real FURiend.

This is Noodles but you can
easily imagine it is me


Two French Bulldogs said...

We are so happy you are enjoying your stay
Lily & Edward

Julie said...

It sounds like you're having a lovely time
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx