Monday, October 20, 2014

Casa de Noodles is on a Health Kick – Nuvet Plus Review

Ages 12, 5 and 2

Backstory: In truth, pets of all ages can benefit from a lifetime of good health practices. YES, our HUMANS invest time and effort (not to mention money) in finding us the BEST food possible. Making it from scratch, while healthier by far, is just not doable with our crazy busy household and lifestyles. So good kibble along with extra helpings of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and so on is what we get for 2 meals a day. Our humans also make sure our weight is kept in check (I got up to a tubby 20 pounds  at Christmas time but now I have trimmed down 3 pounds to a svelte 17 pounds).  We take walks and go to the Dog Park. Turns out this is apparently not ENOUGH, though, to maintain MAXIMUM wonderfulness.
To Make a LONG Story Short: We wrote back to Nuvet Labs and agreed to test the vitamins. In exchange for the vitamins they asked us to give our HONEST opinion of the product. Anything you see in this OPINION PIECE is straight from the PUG’S mouth.
Our Mission: To consume regulated quantities of NUVET PLUS vitamins and see what happens. At first, Molly and I argued about being way way way too young for vitamins. We are only 2 and 5, after all. To back up out point, we took to the INTERNETS for proof that young and YOUNGISH pups DO NOT NEED additional vitamins. Old lady Sunshine the Cat, on the otherhand, we ALL agreed would definitely benefit from some extra KICK in her KIBBLE.

So we tried them for THE WHOLE SUMMER. (Dosage is based on weight and we have a wide range of weights in our house even though we are all roughly the same height and length). We are STILL trying them. Why?

  • Because when they arrived at our house we went Lady GAGA all over the box BEFORE it was even open. I mean all THREE of us were seriously vocalizing and jumping and acting all weird . . . and Mommy was trying to open the box with the three of us jumping all over it. 
  • Even now we act like we are getting treats when the tabs are put into our food bowls. No need to hide these in peanut butter bread (yes Mommy, I know peanut butter bread is hiding a pill but at that point I don’t care – just gimme the peanut butter). They are totally breakable, edible and yummy.
  • The results have been amazing! My coat is more softer and healthier looking than ever before; Molly’s skin is not so dry and itchy and her tear stains appear to be a little lighter; and Sunshine the Cat is acting more like an EIGHT year old cat than a 12 year old. And, according to Mommy, her fur looks shinier than it has for a long time.

But for me . . .  this alone is not enough to give these Nuvet Plus vitamins a paw or two up! As we all know, I will eat ANYTHING. No ma’am and siree. Let’s take a look at what goes into these vitamins – you will be amazed.  I was.

Alfalfa (Canine formula only) ,Alpha Amylase ,Amino Acids, Beta Carotene ,Blue Green Algae ,Brewer's Yeast ,Cat's Claw ,Chicken Liver, Copper, Evening Primrose Oil, Folic Acid, Iron, L Methionine, Magnesium, Manganese, Oyster Shell , Papain,  Phosphorus, Pine Bark, Potassium, Selenium (Yeast) , Shark Cartilage,  Taurine (Feline formula only),  Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C (Ester C™), Vitamin E,  Whey Protein (Feline formula only),  Zinc

I looked up some of these ingredients because they looked a little fantastical in a FANTASY way and not a YUMMY way. Take for example Cat’s Claw. Is this something like EYE OF NEWT? No. Cat’s Claw is a herb know for aiding digestion as well as being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. And what about Pine Bark? Well it turns out Pine Bark is good for your heart as well as being a pain reliever. Who knew? And that weird stuff called Papain?  Turns out this is also a digestion aid which helps break down protein to more useable parts. So, in a nutshell, IT’S ALL GOOD!


You know we are all about the ETHICS of the company we are reviewing. So imagine our happiness when we found out the Nuvet Labs is an avid supporter of rescues and pet help organizations. I could not even begin to list all of the places that have benefited from the company’s charity but click here and you will go to a page which will show you. The LAB is an FDA registered facility which uses human grade ingredients for their products. Human Grade. That is the best of the best.


We are pleased with Nuvet Plus and are glad we went out on a limb to try them. They meet all of our minimum requirements for ONE PAW UP just because they are
1. Yummy
2. Easy to administer
3. Produce real results
4. Yummy
5. No discernible side affects
In addition, we want to grant an additional ONE PAW UP because this is a company that has the right idea – Pet health and well-being.
Thank you Nuvet Labs for this opportunity. If you ever go into the TREAT business, give me a call. I want to try THOSE for sure!

The opinions in this review are mine. . . and
Molly's . . . and Sunshine's. . . and My Mommys's
. . . We were not paid for this review but were
given Nuvet Plus vitamins to try out and 



Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Getting PLENTY of GOOD Vitamins and Minerals is IMPAWTANT at EVERY Age.

stellaroselong said...

Thank you for letting us know about this noodles, we are gonna order our momma some asap!!
stella rose

Anna the GSD said...

Cool! Vitamins are awesome! Full of extra good super powers and stuffs!

Idaho PugRanch said...

Greta was trying this, mom was hoping it would help with her allergies and itchies
They seem like a good company
Mr Bailey & Hazel

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

HEADS UP.... ATTENTION NOODLES.... You need to get in Contact with our furend SUGAR.... You WON somethingy and she wants to get it to you...
We just sent her Your EMAIL ADDY... butt we don't HAVE your SNAIL MAIL one...

Two French Bulldogs said...

We call our NuVets vitamins
Lily & Edward