Friday, March 13, 2015

The FARCE Awakens

Star Wars. . . . I'm thinking about Star Wars . . . like this is unusual. I am a Star Wars junkie through and through and often think on how I can incorporate it into my daily life.
I even go so far and imagine a Star Wars episode that maybe I, Noodles the JEDI Pug, could direct and maybe even star in. It would be like really major COOL to have the plot center around a planet of pugs. That'd be funny, don't you think?

It occurred to me there is a Star Wars quote especially apt for this plot as it describes PUGS perfectly

"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter"

I get it. Pugs are UNUSUAL looking to say the least. But it is in our uniqueness that we are special.

  • Because of our short snout we tend to be couch potatoes
  • Because of our mask we are expressive
  • Because of our wrinkles, we look wise
  • Because of our strong hearts, we know love

For this reason, I see a storyline where the FORCE is needed to free the Planet of Pugs from the evil clutches of the Empire. I am stuck on whether this would be a SEQUEL, PREQUEL or just a QUEL. . . is that a word????

Anybody have some plot ideas to add? Add them to the comments and we can build a story from there. It'd be kinda fun, don't you think?

On a more serious note -

HAPPY PI DAY (tomorrow).


Julie said...

Oh if you are a Jedi Pug, can I be your Princess Leia?
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Noodles said...

Dear Leah
I'm a GIRL Pug and I like boys so you can't be MY PRINCESS. BUT you can be THE Princess of the Rebel Alliance.
Love Noodles

Noodles said...
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Anonymous said...

Noodles! We will write the script with you. We love the idea of Planet Pug (maybe you would want to call it Planet Noodles?). Daisy would like to be Princess Daisy and Scooter would like to be Scooter Skywalker. You could be like Obi Wan, because you know about the FORCE of pugs. Send us a writing schedulel!

Love, Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Two French Bulldogs said...

Is that Princess Leah? BOL
Lily & Edward said...

Great idea, Noodles! I think you should pull an Eddie Murphy and play all the roles yourself. I know you have the range. :)