Friday, April 17, 2015

'Cause That's How Stubby Would Have Done It

EDITOR'S NOTE: This was originally scheduled for next week, Wednesday April 22, which is the actual EARTH DAY. But since so many cities and towns around NorCal are having EARTH DAY activities over this weekend, I thought I would print it NOW. SO enjoy. . . 5 days early.

Tomorrow, April 22, 2015 is EARTH DAY 2015; and I always like to spend time thinking of my FURiend, Angel Stubby, on EARTH DAY. Why on this day in particular? Well, simply put, Stubby was all about caring for our beloved PLANET and preserving her treasures. He spoke often about the importance of recycling and repurposing.

His blog is still accessible here in Blogville even though he is now residing over the Rainbow Bridge. Check it out at He was a wonderful citizen of this Earth and I miss him and his smile A LOT.

So I got to thinking "What would Stubby like to talk about?" and I really couldn't STOP thinking of things. I had a lot of trouble limiting the theme to just a COUPLE of things. So I asked his Mama what she thought Stubby would like to talk about - and she said


Well, I hadn't even given THAT a thought since usually we focus on things like TRASH and AIR QUALITY on Earth Day. But here in CALIFORNIA we are in our FOURTH year of drought and perhaps we SHOULD be focusing on WATER and how to preserve it. Water - is life. Without it we would all perish and our beautiful BLUE DOT floating in Space would become a brown wasteland.

Here's a link to this wonderful website I have discovered: 100+ Ways To Conserve Water

It is the little things we do that can have a big impact on how much water we have NOW and into the FUTURE.

  • Low Flow Toilets (those are like litter boxes for humans)
  • Low Flow Showerheads
  • Gray water (from laundry) diversion systems
  • Rain Barrels to catch the FEW PRECIOUS drops that fall
  • Buckets next to the bath tub to carry used water to the garden

I do realize that you in the EAST and MIDWEST might be having a hard time focusing on lack of water and really you kinda have the opposite problem. That DOES NOT mean you do not have to be mindful of the water you use. While it is important to not WASTE water in case of bad times, it is also important to PRESERVE the QUALITY of that water.

We all need to be vigilant against WATER POLLUTERS.

  • Chemicals we put in the soil end up in the water
  • Air pollution affects the cleanliness of water as well
  • Use soaps and cleaning products that are biodegradable so they don't linger in the water affecting the ecosystem
  • Don't throw trash into storm drains or water ways. That trash can affect the quality of the water
  • Check out the companies you buy products from - do they monitor how much their manufacturing affects local water? 

Here is a link to some fun (and scary) facts about THE EARTH'S WATER.

As I was DICTATING this post to my ASSISTANT, I felt as if Stubby was by my side guiding me along, sending me in the right direction, and whispering little tidbits of information in my ear.It was as if we are writing this together and KNOW WHAT? It felt good.

So this EARTH DAY - Think of Stubby and what he would do to conserve and preserve our water supply. I bet you will come up with many more ways you can make a difference.

Do your part to Preserve Our Earth


stellaroselong said...

What a sweet picture and how kind of you to carry on his campaign of taking care of Mother are a good friend NOodles.
stella rose

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is exactly how Stubby would have done it!