Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Final Chapter - Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost

My NEW BFF (Best Food Forever)

When approached me to try a new food over the course of a month and report my findings in two posts, I said SURE. After all, I had some experience with the brand based on samples from Bark in the Park 2014 (The company was one of the sponsors for the event).

But I hadn't tried the newest formulation, Raw Boost, nor had I done any serious testing of the food I received in samples. I had mostly used them for travel food or emergency food. And face it, I will eat almost anything labeled, however loosely, F-O-O-D.

So I repeat, I said SURE, I'm game - and Ms. Sydney promptly sent the food my way. I was expecting small sample bags . . . or at best a small bag of food to try. What I got was MORE THAN ENOUGH food to eat for a month for both Molly and Me. I was Ecstatic, to say the least. Exuberant to say a little more. Exultant to be precise!

We dutifully ate said food every day - 1/3 of a cup (2.66667 oz or 83.3 grams) TWICE a day. Mommy wanted to use my regular portions to test if it made me fatter or not. I was happy because I did NOT want to be limited to a teensy tiny portion. Usually Mommy added veggies and fruits to the meal - but nothing different than we usually eat with meals. She did not want to skew the results by introducing a few new things.

So that is how NV Instinct Raw Boost lamb and salmon came into our lives.It looked amazing. It smelled heavenly. It tasted delectably out of this WORLD. Even Molly, who is notorious for turning her little black nose up at even the most expensive food, loved it. Small crunchy kibble flavored by lamb meat. . . all meat. . . and salmon. . . all salmon. What a combination! And mixed into that delicious kibble were melt-in-your-mouth chunks of freeze dried meat (could be either lamb or salmon or both. . . Mommy can't tell). Over the MOON flavor.

You may have noticed a couple of posts this month about this food espousing some of it's benefits as we saw them.

Even though Ms. Sydney only wanted before and after posts, we were just so excited about what was happening while eating this food that we HAD to WRITE the few more posts detailing those discoveries. Otherwise our final post would go on for DAYS and our readers would RIOT in the STREETS of BLOGVILLE because the post would be THAT long. I think you get the picture.

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So in summation, what I want to say about Instinct Raw Boost is IT WORKS for ME in so many ways that it is going to be our GO-TO food from now on. It is pricey - a little out of our budget if truth be told - but we told Mommy we'd be willing to go without vacations and more clothes and more toys IF WE COULD eat this food all the time. 

**OPINIONS ARE mine, Molly's Mommy #1's and #2's, and Sunshine the Cat's. We were not paid to FAWN over this product. Nor were we paid to say nice things about Ms. Sydney who totally deserves the nice words. NOPE!!! We are just as broke now as we were before we got this job. We did receive the bag of Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost lamb and salmon free of charge in order to allow us to test it. But believe you me, it was totally worth all of the time and sacrifices it took to thoroughly test this product.


MilitaryPugWife said...

I've got to get Belle to try some of this. You've sold me!

stellaroselong said...

Our momma after reading ALL your wonderful reviews contacted the company and told them what horrible picky eaters we are and how we only want to eat food that is not so good for us and asked them if they would be willing to send us a sample to try. They said they would. We hope we love it as much as you did. Mom said we may have to give up stuff, or do extra chores for her, but we are willing to try.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

WE have already told you how much we love this brand of food. Mom tried some different ones (because of price too) but we have gone back to NVI. Except for Mabel's puppy formulas, We have not in the past gotten the varieties with the Raw Boost (it raises the price a little). But this sounds so good that mom has put it as our next autoship from Chewy
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Chewy.Com and MISS SYDNEY are such Fabulous Folks that we KNOW they will NOT mind that you posted more than the Two they asked fur... We have been able to tell that you were Loving the flavors and the Textures and the RESULTS... So it NEEDED to all be put together in SEVERAL posts...
WOW we are SURE that this is a GRAND BRAND fur you and your Likes and Needs...
Sometimes you just have to say... you GET what you Pay Fur... and spend a tad more... fur your Health and Wellbeing...

Julie said...

Sounds like the pawfect foodables fur you!!! Shame Chewy doesn't ship to the UK, all I can do is look and drool at the yummyness of it all!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx