Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Molly's Spa Day

Molly is a high maintenance dog. She has that long furry stuff that catches on everything if she gets too shaggy. She doesn't shed much at all - but she does get really shaggy and sloppy looking. Like many fancy pups, her fur is definitely something that defines her.

She was getting a little grimy and unkempt when Mommy suggested a SPA DAY. Molly thought about it and thought about it.

Molly said "Sure" and so they planned it. Little did Molly know she was in for a treat. We had just received a NEW BRUSH from Chewy.com called the Furminator Dual Dog Grooming Brush. It is supposed to take care of all of the problems with long fur like Molly has - Tangles, Snarls, Mats, and so on. Me with my perfect SHORT fur - not so much. I do not have these problems. But I shed a lot and the Furminator DUAL DOG GROOMING Brush is supposed to help with that as well. Only we are talking about MOLLY'S SPA DAY and not mine, ahem.

So Mommy unwrapped the Brush. It is kinda cool looking, if you ask me and has two sides to it. Once side, the PIN BRUSH is for long coats as it works best on tangles and matted furs. This is the one for Molly. The other side is more for sleeking and shining up the coat so it is usable on all shapes and sizes of coats. And notice the triangular shape. This shape allows the brush to follow the natural contours of a dog's head and body. We aren't SQUARE, after all.
First, Mommy gave Molly a BATH. She needed it. Like I said, her long fur is a magnet for stuff like weeds (thank you Spring) and dust BUNNIES.

Then she SPRANG into action with the FURMINATOR DUAL DOG GROOMING BRUSH using the PIN BRUSH side and easing out tangles and making Molly's hair look all long and straight. Then Molly laid down to relax a while and let her coat dry. As she did this, all of her natural curls SPRANG to life. But she was not done yet!!!! Al little ear cleaning and some eye fur decoloring was needed next.

Here is where the Furminator Brush really sold itself to us. Mommy brushed and shined up Molly's coat with the bristle side of the brush. Then she smoothed and styled Molly's fur just so. At the end of this session we had a "NEW" Molly. Mommy gives the FURMINATOR DUAL DOG GROOMING BRUSH a FOUR PAWS up for ease of use and overall quality. The handle of the brush fits comfortably in her hand and the pin brush side made tangles almost melt away. She also likes the fact that it comes with a cover to keep the bristles from getting flat when shoved into out grooming basket AND for keeping said bristles clean.

Furminator is an American company that was founded in St. Louis. The original product, The FURminator, was designed to eliminate up to 90% of pet shedding by trimming the loose undercoat. Since the success of the original grooming tool, Furminator has branched out into other grooming tools and hygiene products for pets. In addition to their large and growing product lines, Furminator is active in pet rescue, especially in the St. Louis area where the company was founded. Check out their website for current activities and inspiring stories. http://www.furminator.com

*We are not paid to say anything good or bad about this company or this product. Chewy.com provides us with the product free of charge to test it and then write about out results.


Pug Slope said...

Hi Molly! You look so fluffy after your bath and brushing. Glad the new brush is working for you!


stellaroselong said...

Molly you look great after your bath, we are glad you liked that new brush!!
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

We definitely need one of those brushes
Lily & Edward

Julie said...

Molly, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Four paws up for the new brush, Miss Beautiful paws!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH MOLLY..... you look AMAZING... BEAUTIFUL... and you LOVE the Furminator Dual head brush... JUST LIKE WE DO... Isn't it just SUPERIOR??? We have used it on CLEAN furs and on our furs when they are sort of Matted with Stuffs from the yard... and it works GRRRREAT in both situations...
We TOTALLY agree with you about EVERYTHINGY you said here.
Our MOM is crazy about the handle and the shape TOO...

Susie and Sidebite said...

Molly you look awesome....thats new brush is the thing to have......looks like every body in Blogville got one but us!..........we are jealous!

The Mad Scots

MilitaryPugWife said...

Great review!! We love ours too!! People need to buy this!