Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hanging Twenty With The Lucy Pet Foundation

When I left you yesterday, I had mentioned DRINKING water at the Lucy Pet semi truck in the Coliseum parking lot. This is newsworthy because even when I am really really really thirsty I do not cotton to sharing some other puggy's SPIT in a water bowl. Apparently this one was fresh and spitfree because I walked right up to it and started to gulp. Mommy stood by - dumbfounded.

While I was drowning my overheated self with water, I noticed these SURFBOARDS. Yeah, I've been to the beach. . . I know what they are all about. And I wondered what they were laying around for. Then Mommy talked to some DUDES and before I knew it (like THIRTY minutes later) I was walking up those stairs to THE TANK.

But first, I want to share a thing or two about Lucy Pet Foundation that I learned while waiting. . .

Joey Herrick, who gave me all kinds of love during our wait, founded Lucy Pet. He used to work for Natural Balance Pet Foods (as co-founder and President) and while there the company donated food and money to local rescues. Mr. Joey has a long history with helping pets. Even though he sold Natural Balance Pet Foods, he still stays very active in the animal rescue community. Lucy Pet, named for his rescue Chihuahua Lucy, strives to reduce the unwanted pet population through spaying and neutering. Large unwanted pet populations lead to overpopulation in the shelters and results in thousands of pets being euthanized because of the overcrowding. The Lucy Pet Foundation accomplishes this goal with mobile spay and neuter vans that provide services throughout the Los Angeles, California area. The dream is to have these units in every major city in the country. If you want more information about this organization, click HERE.

In addition to fundraising activities, Lucy Pet has a some pet products that are making their way into pet stores around the nation. This division is called Lucy Pet Products and they are products with a CAUSE - All NET profits from Lucy Pet Products goes to the Lucy Pet Foundation to help fund spaying and neutering. It is worth it to shop these products for this reason alone!!!! Locally, I know they are in An-Jan Feed Store and Petco.

Right now they have two SMELLS of dog shampoo and two SMELLS of conditioner. These products are called Surfin' Jack and Berry Berry. I have not tried them YET but I understand the spray conditioner is super surfin' good.

The other product line is Cats Incredible (get it?) kitty litter. It is a clay based litter with minimal dust (which is sooooooo good) and high absorb-ability. And it reduces the SMELL of . . . you know . . . because it has an ammonia blocker. It is healthier and more efficient. We are definitely gonna try this for Sunshine's little box.

I snagged this tidbit from the website but honestly, I couldn't say it any better

Wherever possible we strive to reuse, recycle and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Our Grooming Products for Dogs are made in a 100% solar powered facility in California.
  • Our Cats Incredible™ Litter for Cats is made in the USA and follows environmentally friendly procedures.
  • All of our product packaging is recyclable and non-pollutant, so please recycle when you can.


Back to ME. . . As I said, I was standing around with Mommy for what seemed like an eternity. I met a pitty mix named Remy and a great dane almost as tall as Mommy (I was too intimidated to ask his name). Plus I got to talk to Mr. Joey, like I said, and all of the team members kept coming over to say I was CUTE and SPECIAL and DO I KNOW HOW TO SWIM (?????) and stuff like that.

Mommy kept assuring the team that yes, I liked water. . . yes, I love the beach . . . yes, I know how to swim. . .yes, I know how to sit and stay (but I'm a pug so it is anyone's guess if I will). . . They seemed very hesitant to include me in the fun - but Mommy persisted so they relented and signed me up.

The line to get into the park was moving and I was a little worried I would MISS MY SWAG. The team from Lucy Pet was taking WAY too long with this labradoodle who DID NOT want to be anywhere near that tank. Harrumph! I said very very loudly in hopes of hurrying the process along (I sprayed Mommy's glasses as a result). That worked!! Next thing I know that labradoodle was dripping down the steps and it was MY TURN!

We walked up to the tank and the nice ladies there put a life jacket on me. The professional photographer who was taking pictures left ( Was I unimportant? Did she run out of film on that labradoodle? We'll never really know) so it was up to Mommy to document my attempt at surfing.

First they made sure I was comfortable on the board. NO BIG DEAL DUDES AND DUDETTES. Then we tried a wave. . . COWABUNGA!!!!!!

I am pretty sure the Lucy Pet lady caused that wipeout. I've run the video in slow motion a number of times and yes. . . she pushed too hard. . . I am sure. . .

Instead of the ONE WAVE the team members initially said I would get, I got to ride THREE. Because I WIPED OUT on the first one, Mommy decided not to video any other attempts. Too bad cuz the next time I totally CAUGHT THE WAVE and rode it til morning!!

Just call me GIDGET! 

It was a lot of fun and COOLED me off in the process. The Lucy Pet people let me ride a couple of times and then they had to move on. No one wanted to MISS THE GAME to surf. Well, maybe I would cuz now I am totally hooked.

Thank you Lucy Pet for making this CALI GURL'S surfin' dream come true!


Christmas & Robin said...

BOW WOW, you're a pug of many words!

Pug Slope said...

SHOOT THE CURL, NOODLES! I am in awe! Look at you riding that surf board like it ain't no thing. You truly are a California pug! I'd love to try that sometime - I'll have to see if there is a surf-mobile around here. What neat way to cool off (and show off your talents!).


Louis the Blogging Dog said...

OMD Noodles! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! You are a lucky dog!
Peace to all animals and especially you,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Surfer girl!

Julie said...

WOOHOO!!!! Noodles you are soooooo brave. Look at you SURFING!!! I am sooooo impressed.
What wonderful peeps they are at the Lucy Foundation, great work
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Anonymous said...

We can hear the Beach Boys in the background. You are a brave pug and good on your mom for insisting you get the chance to surf. E ety California girl should try it once.

Love you surfer girl,
Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Two French Bulldogs said...

Whooa! Hang Ten!! That wave had to be 87 feet high. You were awesome
Lily & Edward

stellaroselong said...

Wow noodles Wow...wow we are so proud of you and so impressed, you looked super cute in that life preserver, and yes, you are the new beach girl we will probably be seeing you in movies next.....woowzer.
stella rose

Southern Fried Pugs said...

How much fun was that? Too cool! And yes, mom is old enough to get the Gidget reference.