Monday, October 24, 2016

Sumptin' About Punkin That Just Sends ME - #chewyinfluencer

This time of year I am all about PUMPKIN. I love the look of those lovely ORANGE orbs (yes, I admit there are some white, blue, green versions). And the pulp tastes so so so good especially dolloped atop my kibble. Oh yes, I am a true fan. My Mommy #2 is NOT A FAN. I don't get where she is coming from there. I mean - what's not to like? Pumpkin is sweet and intensely flavored and what is even better . . . it is GOOD for pups. Yes, you heard me. Something sweet and delicious that is good for us.
There IS a Heaven.

So when's October newsletter came out, it was a NO-BRAINER for me to choose the Weruva Pumpkin Patch-up. A no-brainer. It looked like a win win for me. Before I tell you about Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up, though, I want to share with you some of the benefits of adding PUMPKIN to your diet. I think I mentioned some of them last week. Here are some more according to GOOGLE
  1. Loaded with fiber and beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A
  2. High in fiber, low in fat and cholesterol 
  3. Contains significant amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamins A and C

 It is most definitely a GOOD-FOR-YOU-TREAT. Like most things, moderation is the key to getting the most out of PUMPKIN. Anything from a TEASPOON for small pups to a couple of TABLESPOONS for BIG dogs is plenty to give your pet maximum benefits from eating Pumpkin.

Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up is a meal SUPPLEMENT not a meal in a pouch. It is portioned out for average dogs and cats so you, the FEEDING PARTNER do not have to cook, measure or store fresh or canned pumpkin. One pouch is one serving (or two for smaller pets). The selling point of this product is its CONVENIENCE and controllability. If you are like my Mommys, sometimes that refrigerator pumpkin stays in too long. Maybe she too has discovered a bit of green mold when she pulled it out. It happens (and a lot faster to fresh cooked pumpkin) because PAWrents tend to get the kind with little to no preservatives. And they get busy and kibble is good enough and if only it was easier to store. . . I am making up excuses here BUT all PAWrents do think this - RIGHT?

So, you might ask, with PUMPKIN so abundant this time of year AND available in canned versions ALL YEAR LONG, and MAYBE this time I will use it before the mold sets in . . . 
Why would I need this product?

  • Because it is STORABLE without needing refrigeration.
  • Because it is one serving so there is none left over
  • Because there is NO WASTE 
  • Because it is convenient
  • BECAUSE IT IS ALL PUMPKIN and water. That is all! No sugar, no fillers, no preservatives

 And has it ON SALE right now and that makes the price very competitive to the cans you buy in the grocery store. Click this link to order yours today LINK

Mommy admits to having some problems opening the ALUMINUM PACKAGE (rinse it out and recycle it). It did not tear open too easily and she squeezed too hard and KABOOM!!! Pumpkin went all over the counter, the floor and her Golden State WARRIORS tshirt.

So as you can see from the photo ABOVE (like two photos above) she recruited MR. SCISSORS to aid in opening the package. She still SQUEEZED too hard and juice spilled out a little. BUT this time she was positioned over MY bowl. This is not a FAULT in the packaging. No. This is a fault in MY Mommy that despite pretty good UPPER ARM STRENGTH she still could not manage to open a pouch of PUMPKIN.

She plopped it into my bowl and I ate it up. END OF STORY, It was just enough and made my kibble THAT much MORE tasty. Yes, I begged for more - but I didn't need it.

Another reason Mommy suggested I choose WERUVA PUMPKIN PATCH UP is something we small dogs and . . . especially pugs . . . there, I said it . . . Are you HAPPY, Molly? . . . Is that little ANAL problem we have. You know - Stink Butt, Juicing, Anal Gland Discharge? 

In my house we call it "Noodles! Not Again! I just washed (these pants, that blanket, the pillow. . . insert what applies)!"

PUMPKIN addresses this ISSUE (yes, pun intended)! It sorta. .  uh. . . moves things along and naturally helps express those anal glands. Expressed glands mean no Stink Butt. Or at least less of it and less frequently. This is a MUST in a pug house. I'm not gonna say the problem is GONE, Gone, gone completely. But since we got the shipment of Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up from I have not slimed anything or anyone. And that is a HUGE relief for all of us.

So get the PUMPKIN rolling and add it to your diet. And go to and get it on SALE!!!! I know you will like it as much as I do. Unless you inexplicably HATE pumpkin like my Mommy. In that case - well, the PACKAGING is cute.

**We were not paid for this review nor were we paid to say positive things about the product. No money was exchanged at all, okay? We did receive enough product to review over a couple of days or weeks and form an opinion about it. All opinions and findings are OUR OWN and ours alone.


Murphy said...

Great review! Too bad the hoomans made you dress up BOL!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Henry said...

That looks so yummy!! Might have to try it hehe thank you for sharing with us :)


Two French Bulldogs said...

Lily & Edward

Louis the Blogging Dog said...

I luv pumpkin. And the color orange. And your Hawloween look!
Your Furend
Louis Dog Armstrong

Julie said...

Oh I LUFFS your outfit Noodles!!!
I is hoping to try pumpkin this year...I'm a bit slow on the pumpkin gravy train!?!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Robin + Christmas said...

My mouth is watering......

Anonymous said...

Wesa gonna try dat! Thanks for the review. Banish Stink Butt. Yes!

Daisy and Scooter Pugman