Monday, March 13, 2017

Rachel Ray's Nutrish Peak 30 Day Challenge - It's a Wrap! #chewyinfluencer

I have finally finished my THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE for Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK Woodlands Recipe I have to say this was a successful challenge - with one exception. . . I have developed the BELCHES. But I have reasoned it out and I have decided it has to do with one ingredient in the food which is making me make smelly belches - the PEA PROTEIN.

So I did some research* and this is what I found out
Pea Protein is

  • a Vegan protein
  • lower allergy profile than soy or egg
  • Non-GMO which is a biggie in my book
  • filled with lysine, glutamine, arginine, leucine, isoleucine, and valine which support a healthy digestive tract lining 
  • pea protein is generally satisfying
  • easy to digest
There seems to be nothing to back up my claim. In fact, the pea protein, according the the above list, is LEAST likely to be causing my belching. 

But taking a different approach, I asked the question "Does Pea Protein Cause Belching?" Taking the direct approach is sometimes necessary, you know. The truth is, peas are largely carbohydrate and that can cause bloating (i.e. belching and farting). So VOILA, there it is. The fact is that the Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK uses THREE kinds of pea proteins to ratchet up the protein in the food (a good thing). For a sensitive PUG like myself it could be the 1 or 2 kinds of pea protein TOO much.

To counter it, Mommy did a lot of talking to dog food venders at the Natural Products Expo West that she just attended. She has some ideas on how to counter this BELCHING problem AND let me eat the Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK again sometime.

So in the end, I gotta say the Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK is a really good food. It is HIGH in protein and the ingredient list is the WHO'S WHO of real foods. It also has a generous helping of real fruits and vegetables that I love and that make me the healthy and NOT-AS-ROUND pug girl that I am. I have enjoyed each and every scoop of it and if push comes to shove (what ever that means), Mommy said she would definitely buy it. Not a first choice, but certainly a second or third choice PUG FOOD.

**Thank you for providing me with this food to try for 30 days. It really does help create a complete picture of the food. We were not paid for this challenge nor told what to write. We received 30 days worth of food to try and to develop a qualified opinion thereof.



Christmas said...

I have a sensitive stomach and I didn't do well eating some Rachel Ray wet food on top of my kibble!

Julie said...

Sounds yummy to me Noodles…butt then I am renown for eating anythingy and everything, particularly what I shouldn't, he-he
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

That's some good stuff you got there
Lily & Edward

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We are glad that you had your mom do some Extra Lookin Into stuffs... so now you (and WE) know the answer. We think that the Rachael Ray foodables are ALL good... very much jam packed with Super Stuffs fur our full nutrition...HOWEVER... sometimes too much of a good thingy.. is NOT good. We were wondering if your mom could MIX the R.R. with half of your Regular foodables.
OUR mom does that with our usual foodable... flavors... so we get some of the good stuffs from every Flavor (protein) Source... Each and EVERY day.
Remember that Rachael Ray foodables are made at MEADVILLE, Pencil Vane E Ah which is just Up the Road from our home.
Chewy.Com is so Fabulous to allow us to TRY thingys and then tell our furends about what We think.
We are actually doing a 30 Day AMERICAN JOURNEY ( Exclusive) Foodable... and so far we are doing good with it... we have to do our Half Way Repawt in a few days... Just Sayin.

Idaho PugRanch said...

I did not have any problems with this same food but Hazel seemed to. We did not have Bailey try it.