Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sunshine Says TREAT Me, Woman!!! #chewyinfluencer

Sunshine is PUGLIKE in her devotion to TREATS. Whenever she is hiding and the 'rents want to get her to come out, they shake her treat container. Lickety-Split here comes Sunshine. Works every time. She sneaks outside and refuses to be corralled? No problem, shake the treat jar. So you would think she is not picky about treats. Well you would be wrong. There are many brands she does not care for and they are collecting dust on top of the fridge just to prove it.

So when offered some cat treats for their December reviews, Mommy jumped at it. I was a little peeved because I am always in the mood for a good treat. But Mommy said no to dog treats because, as she put it, I am getting a little portly. PLUS, she pointed out, I am testing in order to review an awesome carrier. So. . .

The treats were ordered and arrived at our abode in a scant 2 days. Yes! Just like that. . . ordered, BOOM! Arrived, BOOM!!

I believe those are for ME

Sunshine had picked out the very festive looking Temptations Holiday Dinner flavor. There are Turkey and sweet potato flavors and the treat nuggets are red and green.

I told Mommy she was wasting her time because Sunshine has never shown interest in turkey or sweet potato.Well, true to form, Sunshine totally proved me wrong. She went absolutely CAT-CRAZY for them! And she is STILL going whack-o when the container is opened!!!! She loves those treats! Most of you may not remember the Halo Chicken Live-a-Littles incident. Well, WE were testing them for review. We all (except for Sunshine who stayed home) happened to be out of the house for the day and when we got home, the Live-a-Littles container was on the floor, broken, with 3/4 of the treats GONE. Well, right after the Temptations arrived, we all went out for grooming. When we got home, the container was knocked ON THE GROUND. But this time, the container not only stayed closed, but it also did not break. My POINT is, Sunshine likes them enough to COMMIT A CRIME for them!!!

These treats are made in Canada, eh (heehee - see what I did there?) and contain vitamins, minerals and extra nutrients to make them a healthy treat for adult felines. The crispy crunchy outer shell is good for tarter control and the meaty interior is very flavorful.

And the snazzy SAFE container looks quite nice on her counter top. (She eats on the counter top because somepuggy tries to EAT her food because she is always trawling for food!)

In summation, We all agree that these treats are a great deal. They are reasonably priced, festive, good for kitty, and tasty. What more can one ask. Sunshine says she gives them FOUR PAWS up and would definitely do MORE of she could. Oh, though, she wants to request an EASY OPEN container so that she can help herself once in a while rather than making MOMMY do all the work.

** Sunshine, not me, received FREE OF CHARGE a container of Temptations treats for the sole purpose of  trying them and developing an opinion of them and then writing a RUN-ON SENTENCE about them. Haha! JK!! No, no. . . just so she could review them. All of the opinions on this blog belong to ME or are supervised by ME. And I don't even get paid for it. Noodles the Pug

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