Monday, March 18, 2019

Jade the Parakeet Has an Opinion - #chewyinfluencer's March newsletter was just CHOCK full of great stuff for pets. And that doesn't just mean CATS, DOGS and GUINEA PIGS! Nope. When says PETS it means ALL kinds of pets.

I am pretty sure all of you are aware that we have a BIRD in the house. This is Jade the Parakeet. We used to have Jade and PEARL; but sadly, PEARL flew over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. AnyHOOOO, to shorten the narrative a little, the newsletter included some interesting things for BIRDS. So Mommy decided to VEER away from Cats and Dogs and have Jade review something. This is what she chose, The Polly's Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch. It looked like fun for Jade. I mean, if Jade ever really has fun. He/she sleeps and eats most of the time. He/she sometimes sings at the top of his/her lungs during tv shows Mommy wants to watch. But that is about it. 

The Polly's Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen is COMPLETELY edible! Yes! Really! It is made from calcium and bee pollen so it provides needed minerals, amino acids, and Omega3 fatty acids to keep Jade healthy (and maybe a little more active). We don't KNOW how old Jade is so it is even more important to provide healthy food and snacks. And because it is abrasive, when AND IF Jade sits or walks along the perch, it helps to trim down the claws. And chewing on the perch, aside from being the ULTIMATE act of defiance, also serves to keep his/her beak trim and neat.

This is Jade IGNORING the perch that Mommy put in the cage. This is where he/she sits ALL of the time. Mommy logged his movement over the first week the perch was in the cage and this photo pretty much summed it up.

It does not appear that JADE has any interest in the Polly's . . . Perch. But I caution to not take it personally. Jade does not like change, as a rule. See that TENT looking thing? Jade has never used it in the THREE years it has been in that very location!!

Over the last weekend, however, Mommy noticed that Jade was a little CLOSER to the perch. She decided to put some of his/her favorite treats (millet sprays) on the perch to see if MAYBE Jade would climb on top and get them. So far no. This photo below was taken a FULL DAY after Mommy put the treats there. And the treats remain there TO THIS DAY!

But Mommy is not deterred. She is thinking part of the problem may be that the perch is TOO BIG for Jade. She realized she inadvertently ordered MEDIUM instead of SMALL and it is therefore more suitable to a Cockatiel than a Parakeet. Luckily we have a cousin who is a Cockatiel and might like it. So Mommy ordered a new one for Jade and hopefully it will be more interesting to him/her. We will ship the larger one to Cousin Cockatiel.

Jade is warbling right now as if to dictate to me what to write. I think perhaps he/she is happy to be so well cared for . . . AND to have the sunlight drifting through the windows. Who doesn't like a sunny day after all of that RAIN?

I think Jade will eventually come around to sit on the perch. It takes time for him/her to accept any change. Nonetheless, we at Casa de Noodles think this is a fine BIRD product and would not hesitate to recommend it.

**Jade received ONE Polly's Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch free of charge from in return for an honest opinion. Granted it is I, Noodles the Pug opining here as it is MY blog. All opinions belong to ME, the page owner and I am never paid to say ANYTHING good or bad. I don't play that game.

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Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We didn’t know birds were so stubborn! We only know the magpies that come for food.