Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Healthier Than SOME Horses

This is ME waiting for the DOGTOR. I was just weighed and my temperature taken. As you can tell, I am NOT HAPPY about having to do those two things. My weight was good - slightly up from all the land sharking I have been doing to Lulu's dish. Nonetheless, my weight is right where the DOGTOR likes to see it and HE was very happy about that.

So then the DOGTOR and Mommy talked about my general well being and things that perhaps were worrying Mommy. Nothing, she said, because I am perfect. But she HAD to mention to the DOGTOR that she, Mommy, was pretty sure it was TIME for a DENTAL - especially since my breaths have been a little stinky lately.

So he checked my chart and SURE ENOUGH I am due for a dental. So that meant BLOOD WORK just to make sure all systems are go for anesthesia. WHATTHA??? I was already going to get some shots and now THIS?

This is me "SMILING" because I was done. BUT not really as I had to still get the BLOODWORK and the shots. And down the road there is that dental. . .

But the good news is I am very very healthy and the DOGTOR agreed that I do not look or act like I am almost 10 years old. But I am. I know this because I was BORN in 2009 on the FOURTH of JULY.  

And this is me SMILING for reals because after the DOGTOR we went shopping for PAWTY supplies for my upcoming TENTH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

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Matilda the Boxer said...

At least you could try to wipe out the memory of the dogtor with PAWTY PLANNING!! Holy cats, double digits!! That's going to be one pawesome pawty, I know!