Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Forgive the OVERUSE of this photo.
Mommy #2 is obsessed with it

So. . . . . . .

I really had no idea what I was going to write about today. It is Thursday, which is a not too exciting kind of day. It is early September so there are no monumental season changes going on. And it is mid-day so no one but Mommy #2 is home with us. That means there is no drama to speak of.

But it also means I am alone-ish with my thoughts - and I have plenty, believe me.


=>  Why does our BIRD, Jade, always have to "sing" during the most intense scenes on television? It is a for sure thing that he (or she, we don't know) will sing the ARIA to end all ARIAS just when the whole PLOT is revealed. That means none of us ever really knows what happened.

=>  It is a rule in this house that one must DO HER BIDNESS prior to getting breakfast. So. . . . Why does Molly go "out" before breakfast and then IMMEDIATELY has to go out again once she finished breakfast? I am thinking she is FAKING it the first time. What do you think? For the record, I never fake it. I might not go all the way outside, but I do something.

=>  Why do the humans get ALL EXCITED about a game. ANY game, really, but mostly sports. They cheer, get angry, cry, and so on. All in the course of one game. What is up with that. Give me something MORE IMPORTANT to get all that emotional about - like an extra TREAT or something.

=>  Why does MORE food NOT fall on the floor when Mommy cooks? I mean, I am standing RIGHT there to pick up the pieces - and yet, she drops little to nothing. And she stands RIGHT up to the counter to prevent anything from rolling off the counter. What's with that? Is there something WRONG with a little sharing?

=> Is there ANYTHING more fun than getting a PACKAGE in the mail? I get very excited when it is something for me. Mommys 1 and 2 get GIDDY when a package arrives for them. I mean, it really is the coolest thing, right?

=>  Why does the full MOON make humans AND animals crazy. It is a real thing. I see it all the time and I just have no idea why it happens to be true. Not me, of course. I am perfectly normal ALL THE TIME.

That's all for right now. I know I will have plenty more to puzzle over since it is only Thursday - and as such not much is happeneing . . . as I said before.

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