Monday, September 30, 2019

Lost and Found and Fun

The talented Cousin E made my hat

Did you notice I went all missing on Friday? I hadn't planned to but, you know, life! This was a very IMPORTANT weekend because my Mommy #1 turned TWENTY-ONE years old. She really did. And that is Cause for a big celebration. Mommy #2 and I were very very BUSY getting things prepared for her celebration. Oh - no. She was NOT having a PAWty. I am afraid that turning 21 is when you celebrate with your FRIENDS and not your mom and dog. It was hard to accept. But, you know . . .

BUT we did have a FAMILY DINNER to celebrate. It included my Cousins E&C and Cousin E's fiance J. It also included Aunts B&T and, of course Mommy #2. The HUMANS went out for dinner and then brought BUNDT cakes home for the candle blowing.

I was so happy for Mommy #1. I only wish I could have stayed with her at university. She didn't think it would work out this time. It is a touchy situation because I am not her official comfort pet. If I were then I could go pretty much everywhere with her and when she needs to calm down (she gets anxious) I'd be there. HOWEVER, the school year is still young.

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY MOMMY. I loves loves loves you so MUCH!

Molly no longer needs to wear a protective collar - plastic or flower - because today she got her stitches out. She is doing great. It turns out they also removed this rather large fatty tumor she had on her chest along with half a pound of bladder stones. She dropped over half a pound in weight right after the surgery! But she is doing great and TOMORROW she gets a bath. This may not be the most exciting thing to her, but for the rest of us - believe me it is.

We are so happy MY VET came through and took care of her problem. Molly is a much happier puppy now.

Me? I am just trying to figure out what to do next. I have so much I WANT to accomplish today, but it is MONDAY and you know how that goes. Maybe I will take a mini nap and think on it. Yes, that seems like a good idea.

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