Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreamscape Escapade

So the other day I was dreaming
I was dreaming and scheming
And I was relaxing and chillaxing
Through the window a smell wafting
It smelled of sun and a lot of fun
Flowers, food and more than one
My nose was twitching wildly, madly
My muzzle quivered ever so grandly
Before I knew it I was a-runnin'
My legs lifted, my heart a thumpin'
I scampered and dashed here
O'er lawns and gravel I went there
Sounds raced through my ears
One lifted and wiggled so's I could hears
When all of a sudden my eyes opened up
I think the time had come to sup
I groggily gathered myself, nose still a-twitchin'
out of my room and into the kitchen
I looked around - emptier than it had been seemin'
Huh, I thought. I musta been dreamin'


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet poem.
In my puggy dreams there are no fences and no leashes, just free-running playtime with all my friends - both two and four-legged.

Barbara said...

What a great poem! I dream like that too!

Charlie said...

What a great poem, Noodles!
- Charlie

Payton said...

My mom says that a dreaming dog is a happy dog!

Benny and Lily said...

Benny & Lily