Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Hiding


Don't tell ANYONE where I am. I am in hiding for doing something so silly, so HEINOUS that I must not show my face until the COAST IS CLEAR.

I must confess that at the time I THOUGHT what I was doing was right.

I THOUGHT what I was doing would win me PRAISE and NOT punishment.

But I was apparently wrong.

I know you are all wondering what could have been so EVIL as to send someone as CUTE as ME into hiding?

Well . . . uh . . . I am almost embarrassed to tell you . .  . I . .  uh . . . DID THE DISHES!

There, I said it. I feel a little better getting it out in the open like that.

Once I did it, I trotted over to Mommy so happy and smiling! I told her "Look, Mommy! I HELPED you!"

How was I to know that plate of food on the coffee table was MOMMY'S DINNER?

She was sooooooo mad . . . let me know when La Tormenta blows over.

Oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo which is only relevant as a dia de celebracion but a very very good reason to Eat a TAMALE!


Barbara said...


Kitty+Coco said...

RUT-ROH! I tell you, mommies just don't appreciate a helping hand these days. I try to help mom by being the official "crum catcher". I snark up any crumb that falls onto mom's TV tray eventhough I'm not supposed to.


MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

We won't tell anyone where your hiding no matter what Noodles. They can do the water torture and we still won't spill the beans.

Chicco said...

Oh Noodles!!
You're a good helper to clean the dishes! cute!!
Woof, woof,


Anakin Man said...

Oh Noodles,

me tinks you was only trying to helps... you was just doing what you thought was cleaning up a food mess... me tinks 'dat it was a case of dem misunderstandings..

Me sure it won't happen agains ;)

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you~

Anakin Man

Treat Lover said...

Noodles you are SO funny! I LOVE to help with the dishes too, but not before my mom eats her dinner. I'm also not supposed to tell anyone that I help with the dishes. My mom thinks other humans will be jealous that they don't have a pug to help out. :)


Payton said...

I always try to help with the dishes, but mom rarely let's me. Should our moms be greatful that we want to help?

dw said...

Oh Noodles! I think this falls in that 'no good deed goes unpunished' category! You were just helping! Your hiding place is our secret!

Frankie Furter said...

shhhhhhhh i'll say everythingy really little and quiet like... ok? i think your mom should be happy about you having helped her. peeps are just so very much confusing.

seeeeeee i was really quiet stay hidden.. where ever you are.

tweedles said...

I thought you were so smart!

Bowie said...

Noodles! No wonder you have to go into hiding BOL...! My Mom never leave her dishes unattended for fear I might do what you did!


Benny and Lily said...

does mom know you gotta eat too?
Benny & Lily

Joan said...

Oh My Goodness!! How funny is that...(well at least to hear about it - it was. LOL....) You are way too cute, Noodles. And it is probably a good thing that you are too (poor momma...hope she planned for extras!)
Joan & Little Janie
P.S. Awesome photos and storytelling !!!