Monday, June 13, 2011

Do I GOTTA Have FURiends?

This is a picture of my furiend Riley. He intimidates me some so we bark, bark, bark at each other and have not reached a place where we can play. But we are trying and overall I do like Riley. He is just bigger than me and kind of excitable.

Kinda like my Mommy #1's friend's dog Louie. Louie is about the same size as Riley but TEN TIMES more excitable. Really!!!! I have seen him jump as high as the TOP of their screen door. Whoa! Anyhow, I was visiting their house yesterday, getting some lovin' (and smoked gouda) from the daddy when the next thing we all knew, Louie was IN THE HOUSE and totally had my butt IN HIS MOUTH!!!!! Wha'????? He didn't bite me and he wasn't gonna eat me . . . but he had my cute lil pug butt in his mouth before anyone could react! I was a little scared by it and CLUNG to Mommy's shoulder when she picked me up. But I wasn't hurt at all.

All I was trying to do is be furiends.

Before this even happened, though, we had gone to the park.My usual park with my usual ducks, pigeons, and geese. I was having fun chasing birds and trotting along the paths. That is - until my Mommy spotted some friends and their dog - Callie.

Callie is a poodle.

A vocal poodle (she is 9 mos old).

She scared me to pieces. I was doing my SCREAMING bark which I reserve for really scary things like SHADOWS and DOORBELLS!

I really really really wanted to be furiends with her too. . . but she barked so loud. . .  and she lunged at me. I was CLINGING to Mommy #2 and burying my cute lil PUG NOSE in her shoulder. SAVE ME MOMMY!

These adventures gave me NIGHTMARES - all night - visions like THIS



Payton said...

Oh, no! Noodles, that is just plain horrible to think of! I am like you and would be cautious of dogs that are excitable and loud. That last picture is giving a whole new meaning to when Pug goes poodle. I think I'm going to have nightmares now! Better luck with your furiends next time.

Corbin said...

Oh Noodles!!! Hehe my uncle Harley Pug has the same bark when the doorbell rings! No worries, I'll be your furiend. I'll even lay down so I don't look so big and scary, okay?

Barbara said...

Oh man, Noodles...that poodle picture is so scary!!!

I think Louie was doing what Minnie does to Jeep. Your butt just smells so good they can't stay away!

Bruschi said...

OMD that is so scary! Your poor cute pug butt in another dog's teethers!!! I am sure he was just trying to be furiends, but geez!!!
Those poodles sure don't look furiendly!

Kitty+Coco said...

Oh dear, that Poodle was skeeeeery!!! Stay away from the butt candy dude! I do know that there are good pups out there that will play nicely. At least my mom tells me so..

Kitty and Coco

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Poor Noodles! Klausie is scared of anydoggy who is bigger than him. He goes poodle before they even have a chance to get his pugbutt in their mouth! Natty, on the other hand, totally wants to be furiends...but if someone gets too rough with her, she just flattens like a pancake. It's a good strategy, I think. :)

Benny and Lily said...

My Lily loves to scream at other pups too
Benny & Lily said...

Those Poodles are FREAKY! Noodles, I think you've been focusing too much on the scary things in life and instead need to focus on the good things - and by that I mean treats. Tell your moms that you deserve some extra this week! Also my parents said they want to see more videos of you. Love, Sid.

Suki said...

Oh no Noodles!

How very scary. So glad you weren't hurt.


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Noodles we hope you get to be friends with the scary dogs soon. Maybe they are just hard of hearing and think they need to 'yell' really loud at you. Many hugs to your cute pug butt!

ForPetsSake said...

Those poodles are terrifying! You will all work it out in style :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh my gosh Noodles.,, you must have been so afraid!
The photo of the poodles,, looks like a nightmare to me,,, yes a bad one,,, and jeepers,, all you wanted to do was be friends,

Bailey said...

How scary. Bailey and I have friends that don't bite or bark in our ears. They just play.

Misiober said...

Having friends is good :) but this poodle girls is scary!!!!! there is type of girls which are angry and loud and she's one of them, so Noodle have friends but maybe not this one :) pugo-hugo :)