Friday, June 10, 2011

Monster in the Machine

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Do not adjust your dial. What I am about to tell you is vital to life AS WE KNOW IT! I know this sounds fantastical but you must believe me . . .

There are MONSTERS in  washing machines!

I HEARD it! I SAW it make the machine shake! I SHUDDER to think of the HAVOC it will cause should it escape.

Oh DOG! I hope I am STRONG enough for this challenge!

I am doing what I can -
  • I BARK for as long Mommy let me!
  • I jump at the washing machine to let it know MY FURY
  • I bare my TEETH (they look so cute in that window) to prove I am serious
  • I GROWL deep in my little puggy chest to establish my TURF
There will be NO MONSTER invasion! NOT on NOODLES' watch.

Are YOU up to the CHALLENGE?



Benny and Lily said...

You are like my Lily. She has punted like 64843 monsters already, get'em!
Benny & Lily

Payton said...

Oh, Noodles...I'm scared now! Do you think we all have those monsters? I had no idea of the danger we are in. You can count on me! I'm going to take a nap now and rest up for battle. Have a great weekend!

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

We're with you Noodles. We'll go eat and nap until you call us to arm.

Corbin said...

Just as long as you don't climb in there!

Frankie Furter said...

Sic it Noodles!!

Anonymous said...

OMP Noodles! Thank you for the heads up.
Our washing machine is on the other side of the Pug-Free Zone barricade, somewhere deep within The Cat's domain.
Do you think the monsters could be The Cat's minions?

Noodles said...

Hmmmmm. . . Well Sabrina, I tell you my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat does not seem as worried as me.
Love Noodles

Suki said...

Hi Noodles,
Stay safe and keep that monster at bay. I use to think there was a monster in the vacuum cleaner, till I chase it away, now I don't even bark at the vacuum.


Southern Fried Pugs said...

It must be that you have the swanky washing machine. Ours is a plain old top loader. No monsters here. But they are probably too scared of us anyway. said...

I'm sure glad we don't have one of those scary things in our apartment. My dad says he takes the laundry to a place that has lots of those scary machines all standing right next to eachother in formation. That sounds like a nightmare! Sorry, Noodles, didn't mean to scare ya! Love, Sid

Archie and Melissa said...

hi noodles!
oh will you come over and teach me how to get the monsters out of our washy machine, tv set, vaccum cleaner and lawn mower thingies?
i need help over here!
thanks in advance!
baby archie in colorado

Pup Fan said...

Thank goodness you're there to keep the monsters in line!

Misiober said...

My Fredzio says that in our washing machin only ikea bear lives ;) but in our microwave there is a some king of monster for sure :) Fred's sending pug hugs your way Noodle :)