Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Couch Thingy

I was on Facebook last night (yes, I DO have a Facebook page) when I came across the most wonderful-est picture in the world! It was a COUCH PICTURE of the Texas 1000Pugs posse (I don't have permission to use the photo but I am sure it will appear in a blog or two soon). Yes, you heard me. It included some non-Texans like Payton and Tiffy . . . but, you know, all of us Blogville Pugs are in the SAME posse, after all. It was a great picture and I just kept looking at it and comparing everyPuggy. Mommy #2 came by while I was looking at it and she thought it was just the best thing ever.


Mommy #2 let out what I can only describe as a SQUEAL and the ran away muttering something about
". . . I know I put that picture somewhere if only I can find it."
Sometime later (by this time I had moved onto websites about FOOD) Mommy #2 came back to me with a photo in hand. This is really special, she explained to me, because it was taken when my Mommy #1 was a baby.

Chinese for DOG

Mommy #1 was adopted from China. It was a special time for Mommy #2 because she would finally have the little girl she always wanted. At one time, all adoptive parents and their new families stayed at this famous hotel in Guangzhou called The White Swan. It hailed back to the early part of the 20th century (maybe even older) and was a beautiful colonial style luxury hotel. It is walking distance from the U.S. Consulate and going there was the final step in the adoption process. The hotel had (and still has) this red couch in the lobby area and it had become customary over the years for all adoption groups to photograph their children on this couch. The photo was a symbol of their rebirth into a new family and the good fortune it would bring them.
I looked at the photo and tried to pick out Mommy #1. It was not easy because NONE of the babies looked like Mommy #1 does today.

Purposely blurred

I completely understood NOW why Mommy #2 had SQUEALED and MUTTERED when she saw the Texas 1000Pug Posse picture.

I got such a warm feeling looking at that photo, kinda like the way I felt looking at the COUCH PICTURE from the 1000Pugs posse.


Sabrina PugTails said...

Hey Noodles, I saw that pugs on the couch picture as well and can't wait for it to appear on someone's blog - maybe Payton's once she feels better.
What a cool idea to do a group shot of the adoption group in their baby finery. Not only is a great symbol of their rebirth, but I bet it's a nice keepsake to remind them of their beginnings.

Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Hey Noodles!
Maybe us Cali pugs should find a red couch somewhere and take a pic with all of us! I love that pic with the Texas pugs, as they are all my friends. Psst...none of those Texas pugs have a hermaphrodite among them though!
I have met both your moms and they are super awesome! It looks like your Mommy #1 is smaller than you!!

Noodles said...

Hi Bella
I think you might be on to something! That would be so cool. And you know, red is a good luck color for the Chinese. Mommy #2 said that Mommy #1 was 14 pounds and about 24 inches long. So she was twice my length but almost 2 pounds lighter. She was almost 8 months old, too!
Love Noodles

PugSlope.com said...

That was a cute story, Noodles. I can't wait to see this photo of you, Payton, Tiffy, and other pugs all chilling together on a couch! Keep us posted if someone puts it online.


Two French Bulldogs said...

How cute Noodles, love the picture We'llhave to check out the puggy picture
Benny & Lily

Payton said...

What an awesome story Noodles! The pug could pic is on my blog today for your viewing pleasure!