Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine's Kitty Korner

Sunshine the Cat here to let you in on my alternative view of Blogville. Yes, that is right . . . we are talking CATS here and there is nothing you DOGS can do about it. So while Noodles is off doing something MORE IMPORTANT than her blog, I decided to sidle in and stage a COUP-for-a-Day.

Let's see - the latest news in Blogville is the inclusion of a refreshingly genuine and appealing new blogger called Tigger from Life of Tigger. This little ball of FUR has quite a lot of energy which can sometimes get her in trouble. Mostly though, she just ends up discovering more and wonderful things about her world and her forever family. Check out her blog (click in the blog title and it will link). Although she lives near my house I have never met her. But I know her humans and they are wonderful.

I had quite a laugh last week at the 'rents' expense. I was THROWN into a bedroom while some workers were in the house. They were going in and out of the front door and the pseudo-powers-that-be tossed me into the closed bedroom for "safekeeping." HA!!!! Well, I showed them! I figured out how to open the door (it does not really latch well) and PURPOSELY left it ajar. Then I found the tiniest and darkest hiding place and hunkered down for a nap. Well, of course once the workers left they tried to find me and couldn't. They looked everywhere they could think of and no ME! They tried the old "SHAKE the treat Jar" routine and I resisted the temptation completely. Then they started looking outside because they were positive I had ventured out while the workers were there (see, this is where the door left ajar comes into play). I just sat in my corner snickering while in the distance I hear "Sunshine. . . where are you Sunshine?" By this time they were kinda getting frantic. They decided to look around ONE MORE TIME (I doubt it was the last time they would have looked). Just to appease Noodles, they looked at the wall side of the bed (there are drawers on the bottom so no "under" the bed for this bed) and there they spotted me. I sleepily looked up at them, yawning. . . "Oh," I said "I didn't know you were looking for me."

I got so much attention all night from the whole family- the prodigal CAT returns. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh, I gotta go now. It appears Noodles is giving up on her mission. Take a peek at what she was trying to do. . . and I TOLD her she needed thumbs for that. . .


harrispen said...

Sunshine you are one funny cat, but you shouldn't scare your humans like that.


Sabrina PugTails said...

Silly Sunshine, it's not nice to scare your family like that.
My cat-brother, Shinobi gets out of the house once a year or so. He's usually out long enough to realize it was a very bad idea and them screams to come inside - usually right after the door shuts behind him.

Casey said...

My kitty sister Pigeon did that to Mom once when she was moving to a new apartment. (Back before she got me, or I would've sniffed her out for Mom!) Mom looked all over the apartment and all over the whole complex outside, shaking food and treats and calling her name and looking like a crazy lady. Finally she's crying because she thinks Pigeon is lost forever... and then she hears a bell and looks up to see Pidge sauntering by, the bell on her collar ringing softly. That darned cat!

Two French Bulldogs said...

send over instructions how to open doors
Benny & Lily

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You are playing tricksters on your family! Well I know how happy they were to find you! What a silly kitty you are.

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Sunshine, you need to have your own blog or a designated day for your cat kindda view of the world, I laughed so hard I fell off the sofa and Mum said she enjoyed your hide and seek naughtiness so much she nearly peed her pants! I could see everything unfolding and your poor Pawrents worrying about you! Good job Noodles found you, how long would you have left it before you came out if hiding if they hadn't spotted you then?? Love and Tummy Rubs (do cats like those too?) Frank x x x x x