Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fodder and Frenzy

I am smilin' so much my JOWLS hurt!


Woke up this morning quite early because I wanted to get a gander at my BLOG. We were teetering on the brink of something FANTASTIC yesterday and I just wanted to verify to myself that is was true. TO MY SURPRISE it was BETTER than I imagined! I hit 200 followers and then 201 followers JUST LIKE THAT!!!!! I am humbled and happy and and and GRATEFUL to all of you who let me share my corner of  BLOGVILLE with you. Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me. I promise to ALWAYS share with my FURIENDS!


I am coming up to POST number 500 soon and I need to do something special. Maybe a contest, maybe a special post, I DUNNO. It WILL be special though cuz all of you are SPECIAL to me.


Thank you The SOL for bestowing on me the Kreativ Blog award. I will be writing more about this next week. I appreciate that you consider me, Noodles the Pug CREATIVE!


It is FRIDAY and a good day to just cut loose - but in a GOOD and SANE way, mind you. I have lots planned this weekend and the weather appears to be cooperating. Today, unlike yesterday and the day before and the day BEFORE, dawned sunny and bright. It is COLD right now but is supposed to warm up really nicely. I have my spot all picked out for sunnin' and snoozin' this afternoon. What's on tap for me this WEEKEND, you might ask? Well, the usual WALK, NAP and EAT, for sure. And lots of time with my Mommys who work and go to school all week. Then on Sunday we plan to drive NORTH to the City (San Francisco) for PUG SUNDAY! I have never been although we have planned a few times to attend. This time we are so determined to make it happen. Right now there is GAS in the car, SUNSHINE in the forecast, and PLANS to meet a friend there. Hopefully we will also meet some FURiends there as well.
I cannot wait. If you happen to be at PUG SUNDAY look for me. I am the cute GIRL pug in the METRO black harness and leash. 
This is how I will look running to GREET you.


Sabrina PugTails said...

Congratulations Noodles! 201 followers, that's so awesome!
Have fun at Pug Sunday, tell your Mommys to bring a camera and take lots of pictures to share with us next week.
I'll be a shut-in again all weekend. We just got another dump of snow last night and it's still snowing. Oh, and Poppy and I both have Kennel Cough so no socializing for us until this is gone.

Helen P. said...

Congrats! Here's to another 200 followers and 500 posts!

Payton said...

Wow! Noodles, those are some pretty awesome milestones. Congratulations! And have fun at pug Sunday, I'm so jealous.

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

What a way to end your weekend. I'm sure whoever you greet at Pug Sunday will be thrilled to meet you.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Kippy Marrie said...

Noodless amiguinho querido...
Passei para dar oi e desejar um ótimo final de semana a voce com muita saúde, paz, amor e diversão.
Cheio de alegria e muitas brincadeiras.
Fica com o Papai do Céu.
Aus 1000 e beijos 1000 com amor e carinho das amiguinhas do Brasil...


Pearl and Daisy said...

Congratulations on all your followers and on the upcoming 500th post!

Have a pugtastic weekend!
Pearl & Daisy

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

Congrats on these many milestones.... 500th post, over 200 friends. Wow you sure are pretty popular.


Bunk said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Not only do you have 200 friends but also 500 posts!!! Thats awesome. I can't wait to see the fun contest/etc you have planned!!! Speaking of which, I am having one for St.Patrick's Day. I would love for you to participate!!!::)

P.S. Friday Frenzy is so PUG-LICIOUS!!!

Stewey said...

Congrats on your milestones, Noodles! That is pawsome news :)

Shane Kent Louis said...

Congratulations for that awesome number of your followers. I know that before this year end you follower will be x2..who knows?

love lots;
Dog Fence