Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wound Up Like a SPRING

It's Spring! Spring! Spring!
I feel as tightly wound up as a bed SPRING today. I just have so much energy that I cannot stay still. While Mommy was busy getting ready for work this morning I was wandering back and forth, back and forth. . . I was jumping up onto the couch and back up again . . . I was climbing the stairs and dashing back down again.
All of this in a space of 20 minutes! What is it about the first day of Spring that gets me so wound up?


Funaek said...

Haha I love your spring-like tail!

Stewey said...

You must have spring fever, Noodles! Your tail is adorable :)

Payton said...

Hi Noodles! Oh, I am having a good day too, playing with toys and enjoying the sun outside! Spring has sprung! Good riddance winter!

Helen P. said...

Curly tailed dogs are the best! :)

Tamara Watson said...

Noodles, that is one tight pug curl you have there - love it!

Shane Kent Louis said...

I like your springy-tail. Curls!

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PugSlope.com said...

I felt the same way, too, Noodles! This nice weather can really perk up a fella.


P.S. You've got a fantastic double-curl!

haopee said...

Hi! Nice meeting you.

Maybe it's your calling to inform everyone that it is spring... and what you're doing is actually the SPRING DANCE ^_^

Huggies and Cheese,


Frank The Tank said...

Sprrooiing! I too love the spring and feel more alive! I love that award winning curly tail of yours! The spring has sprung the grass has ris' I wonder where the birds is? My Mum she says the bird is on the wing, but that's absurd, I always thought the wing was on the bird! Love Frank x x x x x

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